"I'm NEVER going back! "

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Lorilais_mommie, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. PrincessSamanthaC

    PrincessSamanthaC Mouseketeer

    Jun 28, 2012
    Unfortunately you are not the only one who hears it! I hear it all the time, "Don't you guys want to try something different?" "You're going AGAIN?" "Aren't you too old for Disney"? You just have to brush it off and laugh! Just think, that will be one less person in the parks! lol :cool1:
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  3. OklahomaTourist

    OklahomaTourist Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2008
    Funny thing for us is this - neither my wife nor I were big "Disney" kids. I mean, yeah, we might have had one or two Disney movies, and I did have a Pooh my mom actually made for me when I was little, but it wasn't like we were wrapped in Disney theming throughout our childhood, and we didn't have stacks of Disney art and animation on the walls.

    We had a mutual friend who WAS "that person." And they went to Disney every chance they could get, on an extremely modest income, which they leveraged with friends, families, and someone who had a timeshare. And she went again the next year. We couldn't figure out a) how she afforded it, or b) why she went so frequently, not from a "she SHOULDN'T" be doing it, just more from a curiosity standpoint. We realized, of course, the particulars were none of our business. We just didn't "get" going to WDW that often.....

    ...until we went.

    We went in 2001 when the kids were little on a teacher discount to the Swan, and loved it. Only mistake we made was not going back for too long.

    We're going back this summer for what we suspect may be our last trip for a long while with the kids getting older. We've made my mom a Disney nut, too. :) It isn't any *one* thing, its more like "everything."

    So now we "get it."

    Can't wait for the summer :)
  4. ErinsMommy

    ErinsMommy DIS Veteran

    Apr 20, 2011
    I think the only time we ever uttered the words "we're never going back" is the day before last when our feet are crying out for mercy from all the walking. :upsidedow
  5. leafE

    leafE Mouseketeer

    Oct 10, 2012
    To keep ours $2000 and under- we stay at values (since we're theme park commandos and barely use the resort except for bathing and sleeping), try to go when there's spring and fall room discounts and don't usually do hoppers. We do only one TS meal a trip, and pay for it with reward points from the Disney Visa card. We drive most trips, but when we fly we use ME and don't rent a car. We try not to go overboard with souvenirs, (though that took a hit last time because we bought pins for the first time.) :rolleyes1
    It doesn't have to be that expensive if you do your research and plan. If you don't- well, you've got no one but yourself to blame when you paid $10,000 and had a miserable time.
  6. Princess Katherine

    Princess Katherine The Yeti's Girlfriend

    Jul 22, 2012
    Complainers. What she should've done is focus on the positives. You have to be a smart planner to have a good time in Disney. Some people don't understand. I start my planning as soon as we get back to plan another vacation. If you don't plan if well you're not going to have a good time.
  7. Tropical Wilds

    Tropical Wilds The Command considers us a bunch of losers.

    Mar 17, 2008

    That was like touring with my parents this last Jan/Feb. I consider myself a Disney expert, they are just people who like Disney. They do things totally different then me... It was such a shock.

    I was floored when I traveled with them and they got in a 40 minute line for HM. I said there had to be other things that we could do, and my father said "I don't know what you expect... At some point you're going to have to get in line if you want to do a ride."

    I was totally floored. I really was. Personally, I've always felt that if I'm getting in a standby line that's over 20 minutes, I've screwed up somewhere. I can't REMEMBER the last time I did that. But for them, it was nothing.
  8. ness0905

    ness0905 Mouseketeer

    Sep 10, 2010
    This happens to us all the time I hate it the looks and remarks we got when we said we are doing Disney for our 10th anniv. Without the kids you would of thought we grew 2 heads. I agree that Disney holds a stigma more then anywhere else if we went to the beach for 2000 for only 4 days every year that would be OK. The dis is were I feel like I'm not crazy haha
  9. CT Yankee

    CT Yankee Earning My Ears

    Jan 26, 2013
    It really does come down to this: Disney is not for everyone. If on your vacation you like to sleep in, be totally spontaneous (read: no planning ahead), and lounge around a beach or pool all day, then you should consider going somewhere else. That's not a criticism - that's just how some people roll and that is totally fine. We have had some vacations so laid back that dressing up for dinner means wearing the "good" flip flops.

    When we go to Disney, however, that is a totally different experience. There are so many things to do and so much to see that you can't just show up and fly by the seat of your pants. That essentially guarantees an awful time. You could buy a nice hi-def tv or a decent used car for the price of some Disney vacations. I'm sure anyone buying a car or a tv would do at least some research and comparison shopping first to make sure they were getting the best value. For some reason, though, people just can't be bothered to put that same amount of forethought into their Disney vacation. I can't figure that out.

    Thanks to proper planning, utilizing EMH and vigiliance with the FP system, each time we have gone to WDW we generally waited no longer than 20 - 30 minutes for any ride. The only exceptions were when a ride broke down while we were in line and when Fast Passes ran out for Toy Story Mania. During EMH, we were able to just walk on most rides - MULTIPLE times.

    I advise anyone who is going to WDW for the first time to buy a good travel guide and learn as much as they can ahead of time and know what to expect. The unofficial one should practically be read cover to cover. Also signing up for various Disney newsletters and checking out sites like this one are great ways to get tips and information about The World. Some people just don't like the idea of having to do "homework" about their vacation.

  10. KingofSwing3000

    KingofSwing3000 Mouseketeer

    Jul 29, 2008
    I feel your pain. Been going to DW for 23 years -- no lines, affordable, amazing stays, budget, see everything -- and I learned awhile ago that giving advice, ESPECIALLY when they ask, never pans out. They love hearing it. They take notes. Than they go, forget everything (or choose not listen), and come back and complain!! Every. Single. Time. Ugh!
  11. lucifie

    lucifie DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2012
  12. Lorilais_mommie

    Lorilais_mommie " They can drink pepsi, but they can't pee in the

    Jan 10, 2010
    We get this to.. When DH and I were 1st married, he said this to me..
    So we went to Canada.... And we spent $1700 over budget! :-( $4500 in total.. .

    We had an OK time, but it just wasn't disney.. Even DH said, where is the magic?

    7 years later.. We can not wait to be treated like royalty!
    We don't have to drive anywhere! ( this is a big selling point)
    Every CM as a smile!
    Coffee is drinkable!
    Rooms are clean...
    And every where we go people call our DD princess..
    But if you ask DH, he says.." That means I'm the king!"

    These are our fav. Little things about disney, you don't find other places..
  13. khaoskat

    khaoskat Mouseketeer

    Feb 21, 2013
    I would gladly take any advice/help you Dis fans have to offer. My head is swimming with all of this and I have only been doing it for about 3 weeks.

    We don't have a lot to spend, but we are a family of 6 (2 adults; 4 children)....

    Trying to do this with the least expense, take in as much as possible, and treat our children to a wonderful time.

    I have already found ideas of autograph books (home made) and Epcot passports (again home made)...

    But man, the options of where to stay, how to stay, etc...my head is spinning.

    When: We are looking around the end of August to Mid September.

    My husband is a big eater, My oldest (9) is also a huge eater; my next oldest (7) is very picky and will have to work around his eating issues some; the other 3 of us are normal eaters.

    Transportation - We think we will probably drive, 6 airfare tickets might be extremely more and the drive will be used to see things and do other things....

    Length of Stay -- look at around a week....
  14. WMorganS

    WMorganS Flapping My Ears

    Feb 4, 2013
    You'll get lots of advice on various aspects of your trip, but driving with 6 is a good start! Your next big money saver will be to use one of the public discount codes. In late August/Sept, you might get 40% off plus free dining.
  15. POOHsie

    POOHsie DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2010
    PP's trip is difficult because it's a family of 6. She might have to look off-property for affordable accommodations. If she is looking at 2 value rooms or a value suite (ASMusic), or a FW cabin, those discounts are in the area of 15-25%. Also, if there is a FD offer, the room rate charged is full rate. You can't get a room discount plus FD at the same time. Wish it worked that way. It's either/or. With her number of children, FD might work out better.
  16. khaoskat

    khaoskat Mouseketeer

    Feb 21, 2013

    So far, I have looked at doing 7d/6n at POP with DDP and it was close to $5,000, with park hopper tickets.

    I have not done the full price of booking 2 Value Studios at AKV, except that through a DVC rental, it would be about $1,500 for room only.

    Are the family suits in POP full kitchen or just micro, sink and mini fridge? What about the value studios at AKV?

    Our other option is that my husband would qualify for the Shades of Green in September and January (Veteran, but not Disabled or retired).

    We are wanting to stay on site, if possible, because of the youngest two napping in the afternoon and using the afternoon to explore the pools vs in the park.

    We are used to doing Cedar Point, we usually get there during passholder hour early (so like 9-10 am) and then leave around 2; then go back about 6-7 (after dinner) till park close...each day we are there for a full day...
  17. POOHsie

    POOHsie DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2010
    Pop doesn't have family suites. Art of Animation and All Star Music do. The AK Villa Studios don't have stoves or in-room laundry - only 1-2 BR units. Have you considered a 1BR unit? Or, you could get 2 Value Resort regular rooms vs a Value Resort family suite.

    Here is a layout of the All Star Music family suite: It's got a microwave, not stove. No in-room laundry. It does have 2 full baths. http://www.mousesavers.com/family-suites-at-disneys-all-star-music-resort/

    Here is the layout of the Art of Animation family suites: http://www.mousesavers.com/best-values-at-the-walt-disney-world-resort-hotels/#valueplus

    Here's a look at Fort Wilderness Cabins for 6. (Layout on page 2): http://yourfirstvisit.net/2009/10/26/review-the-cabins-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort/

    General info on large family accommodations: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2010/12/2...e-layouts-at-walt-disney-world-resort-hotels/

    You can google "xxxxx resort room layout" to get diagrams to help you.

    Shades of Green is a nice hotel, the rooms are gigantic. You need a Junior Suite to take six people. Cost $250. This would be higher than Disney choices available to you. At SOG, you could take their transportation or walk to Poly and get Disney buses and monorail from there. I like this resort, except not elaborate food choices. But your young family is probably not concerned with "dining."
  18. csummerlin55

    csummerlin55 Mouseketeer

    Jan 20, 2008
    We do a 13 hour drive each way (with stops making it 16ish) and we only spend about $400-450 in our mini van or SUV. Are you sure on your gas estimate? If so, I agree flying is a no-brainer. If not maybe you should look into driving.
  19. Lorilais_mommie

    Lorilais_mommie " They can drink pepsi, but they can't pee in the

    Jan 10, 2010
    So I did some more looking into this...
    I would love to take her with us... She would be a huge help..
    But the real problem is, she has an older sister 17 ( special needs) an although she not a big disney fan, it just wouldn't be fair..

    And I wouldn't even know how to bring it up to my friend..

    " I know you hate WDW, but I want to take your DD." :-(

    I'm open to suggestions on this tho!
  20. LaurenT

    LaurenT DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2009
    Just complain to your friend about how hard it is to travel with the baby, then, in the middle of complaining say "hey! I just got an idea! If your DD would be willing to cone with us, she could help me with the baby!"
    Voila! The older sister isn't being left out because you're sort of "hiring" the other DD, not just taking her on a vacation. And your friend doesn't get insulted.
  21. Sur

    Sur Love the Dis

    Feb 11, 2013
    I'm not too happy with you quoting me on the DIS boards!!

    just kidding

    I have friends that never seem satisfied either.

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