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***Illuminations Cruises-what they are and how to book one-Find one to share***

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by nativetxn, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. mysT711

    mysT711 New Member

    Looking for Illumination Cruise for 2 on 12/14/12 (Will be at WDW 12/12/12 - 12/17/12 if anyone has dates in this range)

    Would be 2 Adults in mid twenties.

    Thank in Advance
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  3. greenleaves7579

    greenleaves7579 New Member

    You can book 180 day advance by ringing the recreation number (found on Disney website) apparently there really hard to book and sell out quickly but I've always managed to book one,
    But I do ring at 11.59 (UK time) and 6.59 (Orlando Time) Disney do really have the best phone operator, they should come to UK and speak to our call centres!!
    Booked my second one today for the summer :) excited! Never done illuminations one but booked for wishes again, it's magical and you don't have monorail trouble!!
  4. sokerfrog

    sokerfrog New Member

    We have an Illiminations Cruise booked for June 3rd. We would LOVE to share it. The boat holds ten and right now we have three/maybe 5 people.
  5. DrGras

    DrGras New Member

    If anyone is interested in sharing an Illuminations Cruise on February 22, 23 or 24th, please let me know ASAP. We would also consider Wishes...

    We have 6 in our party so we are looking to hook up with a party of 4. :)
  6. fizbobunny

    fizbobunny New Member

    I'm interested in sharing an Illuminations Cruise. We are 2 adults in our 30's. Our dates are Sunday Sept 29, 2013 and Monday Sept 30, 2013.

    If park tickets are not required I'd consider Saturday September 28, 2013 as well.
  7. Onalise

    Onalise New Member

    Cruise booked for my birthday March 1st 2013. We have 3 of us going. Message me if you are fun!
  8. kkar

    kkar New Member

    Does anybody know if there is a discount on the Illuminations Cruises for Seasonal AP's?

    Also, are all the boats now equipped with on-board audio?

  9. DisneyLvr55

    DisneyLvr55 <font color=darkorchid>The thing swooped down, hit

    I'm so happy I've found this thread! I've posted on two forums asking for info, and though I've gotten a good responce at one, I'm excited to find this.
    I was just wondering though - The info on the first post os very outdated (though I would be beyond thrilled if those were the current prices...). Is there another post with more up to date pricing and info?

  10. sokerfrog

    sokerfrog New Member

    I don't know about the audio, but I do know there is no AP discount. :(
  11. egyptes

    egyptes New Member

    We are two adults looking to share an Illuminations cruise with someone that has already booked. Please email me at egyptes at sbcglobal.net


  12. fizbobunny

    fizbobunny New Member

  13. windchime

    windchime New Member

    The Disboards work like a charm! Received response and we're all set for Epcot fireworks cruise!

    Thank you Patty57!


  14. cyndilou01

    cyndilou01 New Member

    I am looking to see if someone has a cruise booked May 4th-11th that they are willing to share with my husband and I ... we will not have any kids with us..

    my email: cyndilou01@aol.com
  15. grovberg

    grovberg New Member

    So it looks like the original post that started this thread is closing in on 12 years old. Is the advice still valid? It's hard to believe that the menu system for reservations hasn't changed in over a decade. Can anyone who's booked a cruise more recently share the experience a bit?
  16. Jmacsmom

    Jmacsmom New Member

    I just booked for mid-July trip and I secured ressie with CC. Charged once we arrive for cruise. There will be 4 of us on the boat, they include snacks, soft drinks/water, but you can call private dining for food. Total cost was $375ish
  17. grovberg

    grovberg New Member

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, but I guess I was looking for more info about the process of actually making the reservation. That initial post has a lot of very specific directions and makes it seem like you need to know the phone tree by heart to have any hope of securing a reservation. Is that still the case? Is there even still a phone tree?

  18. rockchica

    rockchica New Member

    Hi I'm a solo traveler and interested in going on the cruise March 14th if someone has a spot available.
  19. Jmacsmom

    Jmacsmom New Member

    Sorry, I missed that part of your post.

    Call 407-wdw-play to make a reservation. Have your credit card handy. Press 1 for English if that's your native language, then 1 again at the next prompt. It's not called Illuminations Cruise, just a fireworks cruise. Also, the CM will tell you that fireworks are not guaranteed but that you'll be in the world showcase during Illuminations. Boat leaves at 8:30 from Yacht Club Marina but they ask that you arrive at 8:00pm.
  20. patty57

    patty57 New Member

    Hi, Looking for a spot for two adults on a booked Illuminations cruise for May 2nd or May 6th. Please PM if you have space.
    Thanks. Patty
  21. BradleyB

    BradleyB New Member

    Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    We have 3 adults booked on Monday, 4/15/13 Illuminations Cruise from the Yacht Club. We are looking for more fun folks (older teens are ok too) to share the cruise and split the cost. we leave from the Yacht Club marina at 800 pm.

    Please pm or respond if you want to join us

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