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If you play words with friends

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Tiggeroo, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Tiggeroo

    Tiggeroo <font color=blue>Grammar Nazi<br><font color=CC00F

    How bad would it look if people could see the words you try hoping they are real
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  3. meliss8599

    meliss8599 New Member

    We all do it.

    And a lot of times those words are surprisingly real!

    I'm an avid reader and consider myself well-educated yet there are so many words on WWF that I never knew existed!

    Just a funny side note, when I first started playing, I was freaked out that I had a stalker on the game. Someone called "zyngawf" was always changing his user name to new numbers thinking I would think it was someone else. I couldn't believe this person kept stalking me to play me! I even told DH how weird I thought it was.

    Well........"zynga" is the game's maker and wf is "Words with Friends". Wow, did I feel stupid, but I got a good laugh and so do others who play Words. A lot of them thought the same thing for a while! LOL
  4. tinatark

    tinatark New Member

    Drives me crazy when people use cheat apps - and I can tell when they do - one of my friends plays words I KNOW she doesn't know!
  5. Jennasis

    Jennasis <font color=red>It's a miracle! I stayed awake du

    I'm in the middle of a WWF game with a cheater right now. Always starts the same...first few words are so elementary, but once I start pulling ahead suddenly they start playing words fit for an English Phd.
  6. HeatherH

    HeatherH Earning My Ears<br><font color="darkorchid">Okay,

    Totally agree on the cheat apps! Why play the game if you are going to use an app to play for you? :confused3. And yes, I can tell those who do too. :rolleyes:

    I often throw words up to see what sticks...and am often surprised. :lmao:
  7. eduk8r26

    eduk8r26 New Member

    I play with the same person--we usually have 5 or 6 games going at the same time. She is someone I used to work with, and I can't believe some of the words she comes up with. I keep meaning to write them down in a little notebook so I can try them next time.
  8. dahirsh

    dahirsh Guest

    I play a similar game, Wordsmith, with one person. We have an agreement anytime one of us play a word we don't know, the person who played it have to look it up and share the definition. At least we are learning something as we play.
  9. RhondaL

    RhondaL New Member

    I am enjoying Ruzzle. It counts the "bad" words I am forced to try when time is running out.
  10. Nolcrest

    Nolcrest New Member

    I like WWF but you definately know when someone has "help" when they continually use words they never in a million years would ever use in a sentence. That takes all the fun out of the game and I'll never accept a second game from them.
  11. meliss8599

    meliss8599 New Member

    Do you really think people are cheating or are they just trying to see what works and get lucky? I've never heard some of the words I've used let alone be able to define them, yet I'm definitely not using a cheater app or dictionary.
  12. Teresa Pitman

    Teresa Pitman New Member

    Yeah, I try random letter combinations and see what works. I also learn from seeing what my opponents put up and try to remember some of those. I didn't know "vav" was a word until somebody used it while playing me, for example, but now I remember it and I've used it since. I do have a list of 2-letter words that I keep handy because they are so useful!

  13. Marionnette

    Marionnette <font color=deeppink>Wishing On A Star<br><font co

    My favorite WWF word was 'zarf'. It was one of those times when I was just throwing letters up to see if anything worked and it took! 108 points! My daughter had a fit at the time but she's used it often enough to get back at me.
  14. bdcp

    bdcp New Member

    I play multiple people and there is one person who I know is cheating. I know her and she is smart, but not that smart lol. She's the only person I have never come close to beating. I have a pretty large vocabulary. I read a lot. But, there's no way she comes up with some of the words she does. Really short words, I believe people guess, but when you start getting 6 and 7 letter words that are very unusual, it probably means they are using a cheat app. One of my favorite words is QI. It's my go to word when I have a Q and no U and can find an I. :rotfl:
  15. LBIJim

    LBIJim New Member

    That's why I stopped playing. I discovered both my wife and daughter use cheat apps. I suspected it for a while. There's NO WAY some of those words are in anyone's vocabulary.

  16. Mickey Fliers

    Mickey Fliers (Not so)Tagless<br><font color=blue>"Sometimes you

    After my husband played "quamash", I stopped playing with him. Cheater!
  17. swanmom

    swanmom <font color=purple>Victoria and Alberts - Hands Do

    I will sometimes try a combination or two to see if it works. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised but most often my DH gets a good laugh out of hearing me talk to my phone. Things like "What do you mean 'fovay' is not a word!":rotfl2:

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