I wish I was still at BLT!

Discussion in 'DVC Trip Reports' started by DISNEYFOURME, Sep 3, 2012.


    DISNEYFOURME Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2008
    So its been a few weeks since we've gotten back from our 9 night stay at BLT and I sit here reading all the different posts and I am "home" sick..lol. Actually BLT is not our home resort. To be honest I didn't think I wanted it to be...until I stayed there! I loved the place and mostly the location. We unfortunately arrived early morning on a rainy day and had to wait until 4:00 for our room. We sat under the covered area by the pool hoping for it to stop raining or for an early check in. It turned out the wait was worth it! We stayed in a 1 bdr ..7904. The view of the lake was perfect and we could also see SM and the castle from our balcony. The fireworks were also great to see from our room, as we would find out. It was myself, my dh and our two girls (10 & 15).

    We had ordered a bunch of groceries from garden grocer and by the time the room was ready our luggage an groceries came about the same time. My dh used the grills and cooked some chicken, hamburgers, etc. to have for later in the week as quick meals.

    We all freshened up and went for our first time dinner at Ohanas. Food was great! Service was a bit slow but not enough to ruin the dinner. We then went down to the beach to catch the fireworks. It was really crowded..perhaps too because they were showing a movie that night as well. We had been up since very early that travel day so we headed straight back afterwards. That was the beginning of my appreciation of the monorail!

    It turned out we had friends who were also here on vacation so we spent time doing the parks with them. My kids would tell you that made for the best vacation yet! Guess having other kids there is more exciting than your parents? Anyway it was so cool to invite our friends back to "our place" (they stayed at the swan). I had thrown in some tolllhouse cookies right before they got there so the smell of that when you walked in was heaven not to mention how nice having a real area for everyone to sit and not on beds like a regular hotel! It gave us another reason to appreciate our dvc membership! Anyway the kids played tennis, swam and hung around in the community center. When it was time for Wishes we all watched from our room with the tv piping in the music...so perfect!

    This trip we also did another first..we did the hoop de doo revue! All our prior trips it seemed to be a pain to get over to FW to see it. This time only ashort boat ride. It was fun and food was tasty. I was glad we finally got to see it though it was a bit costly and probably we won't be back.

    The greatest part of BLT is that it really limits the places you have to take a bus to. I could really get spoiled with that! I never disliked buses but have found a new love of the monorail. However the walk from MK is really long after a full day of doing the parks...we unfortunately found that out!

    The other great part of BLT was enjoying the sunrise and the boats all coming out in the morning. What I wouldnt do for a view like that right about now!
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  3. dapod423

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Sounds like you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to stay at BLT one day!

    DISNEYFOURME Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2008
    Forgot to mention we also went to the TOTW to watch fireworks one evening. It didnt impress me as the wall is so high my 10 year old couldnt see over it and the outside lights really seemed to attract the misquitos and etc. The marina at the contemporary is very nice and we did rent boats a couple times. Another plus for resorts on water! ;)
  5. bbn1122

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    Oct 4, 2009
    I am so glad you had a great time.

    I could not help but laugh....we had our first stay at BLT in 2011 and stayed in 7902 right next door to your villa and we had dinner at Ohana's the first night.

    We loved the view from our balcony. We watched wishes from our sofa. I loved watch the EWP go by on the lake each evening. I used to hear it from my room and then go to the bridge and watch it from there.

    We like the TOWL, but did not watch fireworks from there.

    The location cannot be beat. We had lunch at Whispering Canyon one day, we went from AK to WL and then took the boat back to BLT, how convenient!!!

    I also love having both resorts to use. We found that the pool at BLT was a bit crowded with little ones in the afternoon, so we would just walk over to CR pools.

    BLT is our home resort and we are looking forward to our 2nd stay next June. I booked a standard 1 bedroom to save points. My oldest is now in college and will probably not be with us next June due to school/research.

    We are very happy we bought into BLT.:cool1:

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