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I think I'm ready to book my first solo trip!

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by ariamac, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. ariamac

    ariamac New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    ... It's been about 14 months since I've visited Disney World and I feel like I'm in withdrawl lol... especially after seeing how fantastic Fantasyland looks! Last week I was thinking about booking a week trip in June in order to attend a scrapbooking convention @ Coronado Springs but I feel I can't wait until June.

    I found awesome airfare for the end of January and I think I'm gonna take the plunge and book it!! (Tomorrow though, I have to make sure I can get the time off work).

    I've only ever been to Disney World twice, the first time was at the young age of 22. Both times I went with my then boyfriend, but we recently broke up (after 5 years) and I think I need to create some Disney memories I can call my own!

    I'm not a very "solo" person, at least I haven't been for the past 5 years so I think it'll be very hard for me to go on vacation alone but it's Disney World! How can I not have a great time! I'm also hoping that it will cement that I can have fun by myself :)

    Any advice???
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  3. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Hi and welcome. You will have a great time. Your at Disney! Plus, you never know if there are people that are gonna be there at the same time as you and want to meet up! My friend is staying late Jan as well (27th-29). SO I will be down during that time to see her. I'm sure you can join us if you go during that time! There are ton of other locals as well on the board and I think there are even a few on here going late January.

    Even if you don't want to meet up or cant; you will have fun! Being solo might seem bad when you first think about it. But, you can go at your own pace. Ride whatever you want as often as you want. A lot of the times, you might get to jump ahead in line because they need a single rider! Happens a lot on Toy Story Mania.
  4. TheoDawg

    TheoDawg New Member

    I had a blast when I did a solo trip one year at Thanksgiving, although eating alone was a bit boring, but only at the sit down restaurants.

    I got up and was out the door in 15 minutes instead of 50-70 minutes.

    Sometime I would just sit and people watch or ride the same ride over and over again, without the whining of "we already rode that".

    I say Book it!!!
  5. ludari

    ludari New Member

    I say do what you heart tells you. Personally, I am more relaxed and enjoy doing what I want when I go solo. If you have some reservations about going alone what about asking a friend to go with you? You can also post the time you are going solo on this site and possibly meet up with others to hang out. 14 months is too long to be away from the WDW.
  6. spiceycat

    spiceycat <font color=blue>Own at BWV, VWL and BLT<br><font

    definitely go - but might go with Pop century instead of any of the moderates.

    It is well lite at night - and it has more people so feel less alone. and look around unless the single person you see is bringing coffee or tray with food back to his room - they are also traveling alone.
  7. ariamac

    ariamac New Member

    Well, I took the plunge and booked my airfare yesterday... so I'm going to WDW solo!!! :) So excited!
  8. Bee2u

    Bee2u ImJustBeeNme

    Grats! I'm getting very excited about my upcoming solo trip, too.
  9. ~Tonga Wingo~

    ~Tonga Wingo~ A.K.A Mrs. Dale

    I dine solo all the time so it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for me to do it at Disney. I'm taking my first solo trip next year and dining is one of the things I'm excited about. I always have a book or two I want to try to read, but reading never works out at Disney (although I may read more while waiting in line instead of talking this time). But I can definitely read a book while eating which is what I normally do anyway when I go out. I can eat fabulously and also catch up on my reading. So if dining alone seems daunting, I say take a book or magazine or even some paper (you can outline scrapbook designs) and then you have something to do while you wait. Good luck with your trip. Coronado is on my list of possible places to stay. It looks beautiful.
  10. ariamac

    ariamac New Member

    Thanks so much for your suggests Tonga Wingo! I was thinking about bringing a journal... so I can track my adventure so I thought dining and writing about my day fit well together. Also love your idea about scrapbook layouts, I'm considering scrapping this trip so any ideas I have I can jot down AND.... I have the hidden mickey book which I didn't use last time I was in WDW so I'll be reading that too :)
  11. ~Tonga Wingo~

    ~Tonga Wingo~ A.K.A Mrs. Dale

    No problem at all. And just remember if you end up feeling weird, just keep in mind that it's probably only you feeling weird or out of place. No one else is probably even noticing you at all by yourself or thinking it's out of the ordinary at all. As long as you enjoy yourself, that's what matters. Have a good time!
  12. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    Congrats! :)
  13. Shelly F - Ohio

    Shelly F - Ohio Disney Extraordinaire

    I too am thinking of a solo trip at the end of Jan. I will be solo only for 2 days at which point DH will meet up with me. I am mental thinking of what I can do to occupy me while being solo.

    I think I will grab dinner at Olivia's one night. It seems like a tame place to dine alone.

    Will rent a bike and ride around the campgrounds one afternoon.

    Plane to visit a few resorts - since we have already been to WDW twice in the last 12 months we will skip going to the parks.

    It will seem really weird to go to sleep all alone in a hotel. But at least this is one place I feel safe being alone.
  14. FLDisneyCouple

    FLDisneyCouple New Member

    Congrats on booking your trip! We are close to the parks so you want a couple to hang out with at the parks let us know! :)

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