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I met a Dis Member

Discussion in 'UK Community Board' started by Sue F UK, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. Sue F UK

    Sue F UK Florida keeps me poor...but happy

    Mar 1, 2002
    As some of you know, I returned from WDW just yesterday.

    While there I dutifully wore my lime green ribbon on my rucksack, even though DH called me sad. Much to my surprise whild queueing for Kilimanjaro Safaris (disabled section) at AK I get a tap on the shoulder with the question "excuse me, but are you from the DIS?".

    Behind me were two ladies who were covered almost from head to toe in pins, lime green ribbons and the like. They were Tinkerbell129 and Perdita from the US DIS. I explained that I was UK DIS and we had a good chat about DIS and DLP before boarding the Safaris. They also urged me to come visit the US DIS site!!! - How little did I know that I would end up here permanently! :jester:

    The lime green ribbons really do work!!
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  3. Aprilimgoing

    Aprilimgoing Mouseketeer

    Feb 27, 2002
    Oh i will definitely wear mine when I go.

    Quick question sue? Was it very busy while you were thier, and was thier a lot of queuing. As you know going for seven days so working out schedules ect.


  4. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    ....... that's great Sue :) ...... I've also had a chance encounter in the parks with fellow DISers - good fun!
  5. BONZO

    BONZO <font color=660066>Has been known to go off topic!

    Feb 16, 2001
    Nice one Sue,

    Glad to hear that the Green Ribbons are working well.

  6. Sue F UK

    Sue F UK Florida keeps me poor...but happy

    Mar 1, 2002
    Reply to Tanya - We went Presidents week so it was absolutely Heaving when we first got there and was dead as a doornail by the time we came away.

    You should be ok in April and should get it all done in a week (we only went for 10 days ourselves) Make good use of fastpasses carefully and you will be fine.

    Not long to go now....:D
  7. WebmasterPenny

    WebmasterPenny <marquee behavior=alternate><img src=http://www.di

    Dec 16, 1999
    That's great Sue, I'm glad the ribbon worked! I know both Tink and Perdita...as you may have guessed they are avid pintraders, LOL

    Penny :)

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