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I Hope It's OK To Ask This!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mouseymommy, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. mouseymommy

    mouseymommy <font color=purple>I love the smell of Pirates<br>

    My DH and I are planning a cruise for 2014 to Alaska. We are not going to use DCL though. We would like to do that in 2015 when our smaller kids are a bit older. We are hoping to cruise in The Haven on NCL, but I am having trouble finding reviews from regular cruisers. I looked on Cruise Critic, but there were only a couple reviews. Does anybody know where I could find more info, maybe a site like this one? Does anybody here have any experience? Thanks, and I hope it was ok to ask this question here. :flower3:
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  3. snykymom

    snykymom Still tagless after all these years

    Rather than just reading the reviews on Cruise Critic, join the forums there and ask on the NCL board - I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses!
  4. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    This board is for discussion of DCL cruises but I will let it remain.

    I encourage everyone to ask the webmasters for some sub forums on the cruise board to discuss other cruise lines!!! The demand is certainly there by the number of non-DCL cruise questions we get!!!


    MAJPLO Active Member

    Is there a particular place/board/thread where we should post this request to the webmasters?
  6. mouseymommy

    mouseymommy <font color=purple>I love the smell of Pirates<br>

    Thanks, I didn't even see that!!

    Thank you Moderator!!
  7. BuffaloFan

    BuffaloFan Member

    I did a NCL to Alaska this year simply because I couldn't bring myself to paid literally twice as much for Disney. Plus the itinerary on Disney isnt' as good (no glacier bay). I will however say, there is a big difference between guests and facilities between the two cruiselines. We go about 2x a year on Disney and NCL was a let down. However the food was just as good or better on NCL. Plus freestyle dining is great.
  8. Seahunt

    Seahunt Active Member

    I agree, go to the NCL board on CC for questions, very friendly over there :)

    I will be in the Haven on NCL's Epic in January. I think going for the suite life on NCL will really add to your experience.

    The Epic is a huge ship, and doesn't sail to Alaska (it does Caribbean and Europe itineraries), but here is a wonderful video tour of the Epic Haven facilities (for suite guests only) to give you an idea of what is offered:

  9. mouseymommy

    mouseymommy <font color=purple>I love the smell of Pirates<br>

    Thanks! The Norwegian Jewel also has The Haven, and I think that is the ship we will be on. I would love to hear about your experience in January. I hope it's as wonderful as I want our trip to be.
  10. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    Try email:


  11. Bear3412

    Bear3412 Active Member

    Thank you. MJ :)

    I struggled deciding between NCL and DCL when I was booking our first post kids cruise, what, two years ago. I chose DCL first, because "kids are young once" and the new Fantasy ship helped. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. ;)

    So here I am deciding on what is next. It's a tough call between DCL and NCL again ironically. The Breakaway to BDA, the EPIC or Fantasy again to Caribbean. Decisions, decisions ....

    NCL suite life is wonderful. Jewel class ships with the haven you won't regret.

    My dilemma is Epic with too many haven suites at a respectable price, or Breakaway with just the right amount of suites at an inflated price.:confused3

    BDA or Caribbean in Oct. hurricane season?
    Both risky. But odds should be with us. :)

    You have seen this site ??


    HTH :goodvibes
  12. KDvacation

    KDvacation Cruisin Fan

    I have enjoyed many non-disney and disney vacations. But I made a huge mistake in July 2012 by cruising NCL's Jewel to Alaska. It was awful.

    1) The food was terrible in buffets and main dining rooms. Consequently we spent a lot in the extra $ restaurants.
    2)The children's programming is not continuous and bad. My son refused to go after trying one program (and he had always enjoyed DCL and RCCL kids programs).
    3) The ship is decor is tired and worn.
    4) The staff is rude and lacks training. Our room was never made up until late afternoon. I didn't meet our room steward for days.
    5) The entertainment on Jewel was o.k. for adults/teens, not for younger kids.
    6) The pool area is not very suitable for younger children. Bring life jackets!
    7) The gym is very small.
    8) The spa refused to honor port day prices for my service because the ship left port before my service concluded. I probably could have argued this successfully, but it was just another example of NCL issues.
    9) The coffee bar has the same snack items as the buffet, but NCL refuses to serve them to you unless you pay for a coffee drink item.

    The best part of the NCL Jewel was the Alaska ports which were truly outstanding.

    When I boarded NCL, I had every intention to book another NCL cruise to Bermuda while on-board to take advantage of the on-board booking credit. My family and I decided the NCL experience was so bad that we did not (and have not) booked another NCL cruise.

    I understand the appeal of saving money on a less expensive cruise line, but the money we spent on NCL was really "expensive" since it was such an poor quality experience. When I planned this trip, I thought it was crazy to spend DCL prices for a cruise that didn't go to Castaway Key (which is the best private island hands down).

    We've had good experiences on DCL and RCCL cruise to Carribean and Mexico. I prefer DCL, but RCCL can be good alternative if the itinerary is *worth* it.

    I hope this is helpful. It's just my opinion of my cruise experience. Next time it will be DCL or RCCL again.
  13. ededmd

    ededmd Member

    I can only endorse NCL if sailing in the Haven.
  14. Bear3412

    Bear3412 Active Member

    :rotfl2: :thumbsup2 :rotfl2:

    I second this.

    I will say NCL's staff isn't DCL's, but they are trying to catch up. IMHO
    And they are trying to catch up with the kids clubs. Can't wait to hear reports back from Breakaway.


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