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I forgot to introduce myself!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by plumsiren, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Hi everyone! :wave2: My name is Amy and I'm from Northern NJ just outside of NYC. I'm doing long-ways-away planning (2015!) for (I hope) myself (28), mom & dad (65), BFF (28) and her hubby, and their DDs (currently 2 & 4, hence the delay in travel). Current top choices are Nov/Dec/Jan non-holiday periods and staying at CSR, but everything's still up in the air!
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  3. ParrotBill

    ParrotBill <font color=red>A parrot's life for me<br><font co

    Welcome! Have a great time planning and ask for whatever help you need on the boards here. Lots of great advice for little kids too. It's great to get them here before school starts and you become restricted to going on school breaks!
  4. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    I'm thinking it'll also be that much more magical, seeing their little faces awed by things before they become jaded! :wizard:
  5. Starclassic

    Starclassic ‎"The way to get started is to quit talking and be

    :welcome: & happy planning!
  6. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Thank you!
  7. It'sOffToDisneyWeGo

    It'sOffToDisneyWeGo New Member

    Welcome and have fun planning! :goodvibes
  8. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Thanks! :)
  9. njmom47

    njmom47 <font color=blue>He's such a fiend!<br><font color

    Hello, from fellow New Jerseyan (although I am in Ocean County). I have an Amy (dd#2), and am also trying to plan a 2015 trip. :goodvibes

  10. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Hi! I'm in Hudson County, so a good distance, but hey, still Jersey! :cheer2:
  11. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    :welcome:Aboard - :disrocks:
  12. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Thanks! :wave2:
  13. jesswindsor

    jesswindsor New Member

  14. plumsiren

    plumsiren New Member

    Thank you!
  15. Turbanator

    Turbanator Disney Fan


    Welcome to DisBoards Amy :thumbsup2
  16. Pooh2

    Pooh2 New Member

    Welcome!! That will be fun to have little ones along!

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