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I don´t want to bring bad news but....

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by danny25, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Shaden

    Shaden Mouseketeer

    I don't think there is really any question here, disney COULD offer the vacation packages cheaper to those in the US/Canada, but they don't. Not sure what the strat behind offering the Euro packages is, I would also venture that a lot of EU visitors end up getting APs since they are probably cheaper over a longer duration of stay.

    Even we Canadians sometimes get deals that the US residents don't. So too Florida residents get discounts.
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  3. jgperkin

    jgperkin Mouseketeer

    No.. we booked a standard view at POFQ... I think the only value not available was AOA... everything else was available.. :)


    Thank you, we are only staying one night at AOA since I found out that there are no promos at all for AOA even if any come up for August.
    I am going to book 3 more nights at POR in a RR room, I guess when and if the promos come out I'll know then if I have to change to a different category to qualify or what the minimum stay will be.

    Thank you again for all your help :)
  5. amos07

    amos07 Member

    My take on the whole thing is that since airfare is high enough there has to be some kind of drawl to get them to go to Disney. Disney itself is quite an expensive vacation and I think they fear that if they don't offer some kind of incentive that Europeans may just decide to vacation somewhere else. So even if they aren't making up the difference in the discount they are still getting their business over somewhere else.
  6. rainynight

    rainynight Member

    I have no problem with Disney cutting back on discounts. In fact I've always said I would much rather pay double the price for a Disney vacation and have the place less crowded than to save money and have to deal with shoulder to shoulder crowds. My issue is why they offer better deals to people overseas rather than us American's. Offer the steep discounts to American's first, then if the rooms don't get filled start offering elsewhere. It seems pretty insulting to expect north Americans to pay more than others. I get that it's an incentive to get people to travel and yada yada, but money is money so why not focus on American families first and the money we are willing to spend at Disney?
  7. amos07

    amos07 Member

    I wish they would think about us too because some families really need discounts to be able to enjoy something like Disney. The difference is we aren't as likely to spend 2-3 weeks at Disney whereas Europeans are, so Disney has more incentive to give them larger discounts. I know I would certainly spend more time at Disney with a larger discount but definitely couldn't swing 2-3 weeks because of days off with work.
  8. suedaisy

    suedaisy Member

    I feel like a crazy person. After cancelling a Spring Break trip due to lack of discounts available (and now we have a family health issue, so it worked out for us), we decided to plan a trip for October. The plan is that we could go for two weeks for the price of our one week. (My nephew has off two weeks in October, so why not live it up and enjoy a longer trip?) I was hoping for the regular free dining and a room at French Quarter. I started calculating/recalculating/re-re-recalculating... you get the picture. What if no discount. What if CS only. What if...

    Finally, I just stopped. I went ahead and did a points rental. I have used points many times and it has worked well for me and my family. I know and accept the risks and the commitment. I prefer two beds and mousekeeping everyday and being able to book directly with Disney, but we will be at some pretty incredible Deluxes for a reasonable price. We will add the dining plan on to one of the reservations (we are resort hopping) and go to our favorite places. I have enjoyed this time with guys on this thread- other Disney crazies- you know who you are.... I SOOOO appreciate the hints from Danny as in the end this is a "better" deal for my family. Also, the early notice allowed us to still get studios at an Epcot resort during Food and Wine. Had we waited, we know that this would be unlikely. THANK YOU
  9. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Mouseketeer

    That still doesn't add up to me because I don't think all European families who come to Disney spend their whole vacation at the World but explore other parts of Florida and the Caribbean as well...IMO. Also, for the $4,000 Laketravis gave as an example for a 7 day vacation for a family of 2 adults and 1 child, they would have tons of other options for places to spend their money as well so the competition still exists to draw American families from other vacation spots.

    I guess in the end it's all hypothesizing and we won't know unless a Disney rep comes on here and tells us their logic. Whatever they are doing is working. I've posted on other threads a news article where Disney stated it make record profits last year. And I always travel at 'low' season and feel like crowds are always getting bigger so that there's really no 'low' season really.
  10. Karebear

    Karebear Member

    My thoughts exactly. We live in the northern part of CA. We are not eligible for the discounted So Cal AP to Disneyland (it is much cheaper than the regular AP). I was "like fair enough, we don't live in So Cal". Then, I found out the people who live in Northern Mexico were eligible to buy the discounted AP. That really make me mad. How about offering it to the whole state of CA first before going to Mexico! OK, rant over ;)
  11. Nutbean

    Nutbean Member

    You went through exactly what I'm going through. I'm looking to go the first week in December and I will need to make my mind up soon if I'm going to risk it and hope for free dining or some other kind of discount or rent points for DVC. Apparently December is a really popular time for DVC too so I may be SOL for that already. :sad1:
  12. 5boyz

    5boyz Mouseketeer

    Have not gone past this post so I am sure someone corrected you...they are that on off season...for me to go in July they are $148 weeknights and $173. weekends!!!!!
  13. g3pak

    g3pak Mouseketeer

    I LOVE Disney discounts- we have been the last 3 Septembers with FD. I hate to see the discounts fade away. That said, I realize that Disney has people working for them that know how to get the most money out of us. Don't forget- Disney is a corporation and their goal is to make the most money they can. Yes, we buy into what they sell- they exist to make our dreams come true, etc, etc, (again, I LOVE Disney) but they would not be doing these things if they did not make money doing it. Think of Disney as the Matrix and they have several Oracles working- they know us better than we know ourselves and know how to get us to open our wallets.

    I didn't think about it until reading this thread: perhaps us U.S. folks get less discounts because of the DVC. Who is more likely to buy into the DVC? Someone from South Carolina or someone from Canada? When I hear people justify investing in the DVC, they always say "Financially it makes sense because I get a better place for the same amount of money." If the best deals for Americans aren't that great, then the DVC looks better and better.

    Not sure if that makes sense, but that is my 2 cents.
  14. hollygolitely93

    hollygolitely93 Mouseketeer

    Travel weekly and to NYC often...never paid more than 300 for a luxury hotel in NYC and in LA, Chicago, Dallas it is usually under 200 for luxury...with corporate rates. 500 for Polynesian or grand Floridian during regular fall season is well, pretty high. But, they get it! So...still it is high...
  15. Rileyf

    Rileyf Earning My Ears

    GEEZ. I have never checked the price on the values we always stay deluxe, but that is really overpriced. Have you considered staying offsite like Bonnet Creek. I have never tried it, but I have read great things about it. It's where we will probably stay when I get sick of Disney prices.
  16. Srbright

    Srbright Member

    Why do I need to be corrected? Of course that is in off season, end of September actually. High season is $173 and that's high? Right now in May, the lowest 3 star hotel in NYC is $174 per night and does not include a pool, airport shuttle or parking. That is even looking at Hotwire (not travelocity or expedia). Chicago for the same time period is $160 per night.

    And if you chose to go in high summer in Chicago, current prices are $190 per night (for a Doubletree of all places) and $259 for the Hyatt Regency. July in NYC the Econo Lodge is $165 and the Sheraton is $225.

    Now, that being said the Deluxes are way over priced. When I can stay at the Waldorf in July in NYC for $299 per night or the Conrad for $314... I am hard pressed to pay $500 for the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian.

  17. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Mouseketeer

    My two cents on the matter is that the value resorts are not the equivalent of a Hyatt Regency in NYC or probably any 3 star hotel in NYC. In fairness, I've never stayed at a value but the theming looks awesome! I travel to NYC all the time and you are right that hotels are extremely expensive but there is a lot of competition and not a lot of other options for travelers. Plus outside of hotel costs you can vacation in NYC fairly cheaply. The subway is easy around town transportation and even taxis are relatively cheap for places you can't just walk to. Also, while there are many, many expensive places to dine in the city there are just as many cheap places to find really, really good food. The major attractions like Statute of Liberty are pretty cheap. With a city pass you can see a lot for a decent price.

    Now at WDW almost everything is ridiculously priced and there are a lot of comparable hotel options nearby for much cheaper. So...in the end I think there is some validity to the argument that the values are overpriced when looking at the whole vacation experience than just looking at room A in one city and room B in another city.
  18. keishashadow

    keishashadow <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    1st two weeks book quickly for DVC since the points requirements are a bit lower. Note: i have no points to rent, nor is this a soliciation to do so but when checking for my own dates in June (which are sold out for resorts i'm willing to book) I checked the 1st week of Dec as to availability at my home resorts (WL and BW) for a studio. As expected, currently there were only a few days at each for the week. OKW and SSR especially may still have openings, best way is to commit and then request a quote on rental board to see what's out there. Good luck
  19. 5boyz

    5boyz Mouseketeer

    Ok maybe not corrected! I was only saying not all the time are they that price . I should have read thru before I said anything..:confused3
  20. 5boyz

    5boyz Mouseketeer

    We have actually stayed at Bonnet Creek. It is beautifu and much bigger for a lower price but there were things we didnt like about it. Thanks for the suggestion though!!!!
  21. Srbright

    Srbright Member

    Stay at ASMo and then go to the Apple Hotel on 38th street that bills itself as 3.5 stars and compare. The Apple used to be a Super 8. They laid marble in the entryway and changed the color of the bedspreads and went from $85 a night in November to $360 a night.

    NYC as a destination is great and cheaper overall than Disney. All day subway pass is like 7$ and all week was like 28$. Things like Soho and the village are free entertainment. What kills you are paid entertainment.... $16 for a movie or more. The tiered theater in times square was great. I saw the mummy returns twice in a row because I went to the bathroom and misses Evie being killed.


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