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    Jul 7, 2010
    We are checking into the HRH Thursday morning. It's our first visit to HRH and universal studios. My questions is what is the parking/ unloading situation at the HRH? Looks like the parking deck is a mile away. What is the most efficient way to park,unload and get checked in?
    thanks In advance Leebo
  2. glocon

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    Feb 16, 2010
    You can pull up to front entrance and check in, the bell hops will get your bags, than you park and don't go back to your car again until you are leaving UO. The parks and Citywalk are close enough to walk to, or you can take the boat or pedi-cabs if you do not want to walk.

    Not like the Motherland. Everything is close, and transportation is easy.

    This will be our second stay at HRH in two weeks, and we can't wait. It is a pretty walk to US and just a little farther to IoA. A fast walk can get you there in 5 min, a more leisurely walk 10 min. You are in for a treat!
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    Love that map Damo - added it to my favs - Thanks!

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