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    May 27, 2013
    Hi guys! My name is Rachel, I'm 24, and I work as a groomers assistant in Northern IL. I'm definitely not new to Disney but I'm new to the DIS Boards. My love for Disney began, like many, as a child and I had many of the movies memorized by heart. It wasn't until I was 17 years old in 2006 that I finally convinced my parents to take me to WDW! We stayed a week that summer in a savannah view room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I was so in love with Disney from that point on that when a Disney College Program recruiter came to my high school later that year I jumped at the chance to work there! Very shortly after my graduation in 2007 I headed down to WDW to live at Vista Way and start a six month program working for World Of Disney. The experience was a once in a lifetime one and it changed me forever. Disney will forever be my second home. Someday I hope to settle down in FL near the Space Coast so I can be close to WDW and to the beach.

    I hope to be a useful voice in the community, as well as being able to answer a lot of questions about the DCP, vacation planning, and Downtown Disney as a whole. I'm excited to be here and to get to know you folks!

    Have a magical day! :princess:
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