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How to get a room at beach club villas?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by kellyjf, May 27, 2013.

  1. kellyjf

    kellyjf New Member

    We really want to stay in a 1 bdr villa at the beach club for our next trip in Augut 2014. When can non-DVC members book rooms? I have read conflicting things - is it only 60 days out? Are the rooms hard to get? Thanks!
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  3. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds New Member

    You can either book through WDW, at 12 months (just like booking a hotel room, considered a cash reservation), or through DVC (renting points from a member) at 11 months (if they own BC DVC) or 7 months (own DVC, but not BC).

    There are a certain # of rooms reserved for cash ressies vs. DVC owner reservations. Just because there are reservations available through the WDW website, doesn't mean there is availability renting points with a DVC member, and vice versa.

    Good luck!
  4. limabeanmom2003

    limabeanmom2003 New Member

    I use David's dvc vacation rental. You may pay a little more vs. renting directly from an owner, but I like the security of booking through David's. you should put in your request 11 months out.
  5. figment_jii

    figment_jii New Member

    There are some differences if you book through Disney's CRO and through a DVC point rental place. If you book through CRO, you'll be a hotel guest. If you rent with points (through a DVC point place), you'll be a DVC guest. The biggest difference is that hotel guests get daily house cleaning (towels, shampoo/soups, beds made, room cleaned, etc.). DVC guests do not get daily house cleaning (I think towel service happens on the 4th day and a full cleaning on the 7th, but I don't remember the days for sure).

    The BC is a pretty small DVC, so they sell out relatively quickly. If you know you want to stay there, make the reservation as early as possible. Note that because of the relatively small size, there often aren't very many room included in any discount promotion. If you can't get BCV, then BWV are a pretty good option. The rooms are fairly similar to BC, just different coloring.
  6. rt2dz

    rt2dz New Member

    The only thing I can add is that booking directly with an owner should cost the least and booking through CRO will cost the most. I would not pay more than $10-$11 per point booking with an individual. Anything more than that, I'd book through a broker ($13 pp). You get a moderate more security using a broker, such as David's, but there is still some risk. A broker is just a go-between, the owner still owns your reservations at all times. An unscrupulous person is an unscrupulous person. If you rent through an owner, just get references.

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  7. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    Also, there are major differences in the payment deadlines and cancellation policies and penalties between booking through Disney (CRO) or renting points from a DVC member or broker.

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