How much is your 2014 WDW vacation going to cost you?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by sea nymph, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. hsmamato2

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    Mar 28, 2005
    AAAHhhh :rotfl2: now you've got me dreaming about 2014!!! oh,the addiction....:rotfl: I know ,barring unforeseen stuff,I'll at least take ds2 back,(and DH)probably next Fall/winter,and watch for discounts.... as usual,I'm gonna try for 8 nights,and try to keep my total under 2,500.... (that's all inclusive pricing,air,room,food,etc etc) we shall see.....:cool1:
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  3. Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina

    Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2008
    Our non-Disney Orlando trip:

    4 people (2 adults, 2 teens)

    August 16th park-and-fly hotel in Syracuse, NY: $145 tax incl.

    Return airfare for 3 via JetBlue which includes seat selection, baggage, etc.: $1000 (DS's GF rec'd her airfare from her parents as a Christmas gift, so we only paid for 3 seats vs. 4)

    Two full weeks (August 17th to August 31st) at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in a two bedroom, two bathroom villa: $1726 ($863 yearly maintenance fee on each unit)

    Car rental (midsize SUV with National): $533

    Gas: $100

    Disney waterpark tickets: $0 (we purchased annual passes last summer which will still be valid for this trip)

    Admission to Discovery Cove, dolphin swims for all 4 of us, a private cabana, the ultimate photo package, and an assortment of "elite package" inclusions (personalized buoy, photo frame, DC backpack, etc.): $1485

    14 days admission to SeaWorld: free with Discovery Cove admission

    14 days admission to Aquatica: free with Discovery Cove admission

    All-day dining passes for 4 at both SeaWorld and Aquatica (one day dining at each park): $163

    Food and misc. attractions: $1500

    Trip cancellation, interruption and emergency medical insurance: free with credit card (Visa) benefits

    Total: $6692

    Translates to $111 pp, per day (15 days total)
  4. WendyWuWu

    WendyWuWu Mouseketeer

    Jul 27, 2009
    I usually attend a conference each year at the YC the week after Thanksgiving. We extend our vacation for a few days before and after. Here are our plans for this year:

    2 Adults
    Yacht Club (conference rate) $1480
    Park hopper Tickets for 2 for 7 days(conference rate) $730
    Flight on Southwest for 2 appx $480 (but hoping to find a sale to make cheaper between now and then)
    Conference cost $650
    Appx food costs for 2 $1200

    Total: $4540
    (receive $2500 from employer to help with conference OOP is actually $2040) for 9day/8night Yacht Club Disney Vacay!!!:banana:
  5. gtpoohbear

    gtpoohbear DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2008
    Oh I don't want to know, lol! This was not supposed to be a Disney year... It started as just a single character breakfast on our way through Orlando...and somehow blossomed into this:

    3 adults, 1 child (kids are 10 and 3, lucky us)

    Part 1- 3/21 -3/24
    AKL DVC rental (3 nights) ~ $700
    Park tickets ~ $480 (bought 10 day NE tickets, prorated amt we will likely use on this trip)
    Car rental ~ $200
    Food ~ $1000 (not sure if we will do DxDP or OOP, cost is about the same)

    Part 2- 3/24 - 3/26
    Holiday Inn Titusville (2 nights) ~ $140
    KSC annual passes ~ $250 (will likely be back for a day or two in Dec)
    Food ~ $250

    Part 3 - 3/26 - 3/28
    AoA LK suite (2 nights) ~ $680
    Food ~ $300

    Airfare ~ $1200

    Grand total ~ $5200

    But in all fairness, we would likely have flown to FL that week anyway to visit my parents (which we will also do while we are there), so the airfare doesn't really "count", and we would have rented a car as well. And we were already planning to do the KSC portion of the trip. And we would still have needed to eat...and we always end up eating out a lot anyway.

    So... I'm going to say my "adjusted" total is really closer to $2800. Sounds better, even if cheating a little. :)

    But still a lot more than a character breakfast...

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  6. CWdreamer

    CWdreamer Mouseketeer

    Jun 25, 2013
    2 Adults
    Room & Tickets: 3 Nights BWI Water View with 2 day PH tickets $2,240.80 (waiting for a discount)
    Airfare: $517.70
    Food: $300 budgeted

    Total $3058.50
  7. DisneyMomLJ

    DisneyMomLJ Earning My Ears

    Dec 29, 2013
    Trip # 1

    Late April or early May (waiting on a baby to be born before we really know our dates) for 7 days.
    Annual passes for 2 adults, 1 son (4), daughter will still be 2 so she's free for now. (And the baby will be free, obviously) $1830
    Waiting to see if there's a good deal during the time we want to go if so we'll stay on site and get the dining plan. If not, we'll stay in a vacation home for about $700
    Food $500
    Gas $300 round trip

    $3330 total

    Trip #2

    December 17-27, 2014

    Annual Pass for the girl who will have turned 3 in August $609
    Vacation home for ten days: $1700
    Food: $800
    Gas: $300 round trip

  8. KaLyn

    KaLyn DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2013
    For our girls first Disney vacation and likely their last for 5-10 years....

    2 adults, 2 kids
    6 nights/7 full days at CSR
    6 day hopper tickets
    6 night regular dining plan
    $3376.34 (was $3751.54, got $375.20 taken off due to a promo)

    Non-stop from Pittsburgh to Orlando
    Early Bird Check-In
    Free bags woooo!

    PhotoPass - $149
    Single City Mini Stroller Rental - $94.23
    Night at PIT airport hotel w/8 days parking - $150
    OOP Meals - $250
    TS Tips - $250
    Dessert Party - $80
    Driver tips - $20
    Taxi Fares and Tips - $75
    Housekeeping Tips - $25
    Laundry - $25
    Souvenirs - $200

    Total $6049.77 EEK! That's a bit of a shocker because when we started planning we were at a value, with 3 day hopper tickets, a 4 night stay and packing our own meals and trying to stay under $3,000.

    $864.25 per day
    $216.06 per person/per day.
  9. cavesrus

    cavesrus Mouseketeer

    Jul 30, 2012
    Sept ak sav $4000
    Ap cost 1800
    Food $2200
    Air fare 2200
    Prob 2000 in trinkets and trash

    Off disney part
    Car rental 1000
    Hotel on beach sanbel island 1200
    Other food 1000
    More trinkets and trash 1500

    Grand total. Prob $18,000 Wow that hurts looking at it that way!!!!!!!!! Also this is 4 adults and 2 kids
  10. DisneyBliss7

    DisneyBliss7 ''Wish upon a star''

    Jul 11, 2011
    We aren't going in 2014 but just went this past October(and planning our 2015 trip;)

    Family of 7(2 adults,5 kids with one being under three)
    rented points at AKV--$2950
    5 day base tickets--$1750(AAA)
    stroller rental--$72
    flight--$1545 + $100 for gas to airport and $265 for parking
    Garden Grocer--$250
    food--$525 for three table service meals
    $500 each day park day for QS/snacks

    Grand total=$8757
  11. AgentGabs

    AgentGabs Mouseketeer

    Sep 13, 2009
    January 2014-

    3 Adults
    2 day Park Hopper - 776.40
    2 nights at All-Star Music- $68 a night. Total 152.92 with tax
    Car Rental - $178 for 4 days
    Food/Souvenirs - $300-ish

    Total, adding in Gas and any other Misc cost - $1500-ish

    This year it's just my younger brothers and myself, was planning on dragging my parents along with but they're a little Disney-ed out. So for my 28th birthday it's just me and the boys. Also waiting to see if I can get the park tickets for cheaper, can't seem to find FL Resident 2 day passes anywhere!
  12. njpyro

    njpyro Disney Addict

    Jul 23, 2013
    2 adults
    POFQ, DDP, 5 day park hoppers
    Roundtrip air fare Newark to Orlando on jetblue: free! (Covered by capital one venture card reward miles: originally $98 per person each way, plus taxes and fees)
    Parking at airport: ~$50
    We are light eaters, so we don't need any food off the dining plan, but tips: ~$75
    Souvenirs: $50 ( we have $125 in gift cards, which will cover the cost of tips and a few small souvenirs)
    Grand total: $1986! Better than i expected :)
  13. nimbuscat

    nimbuscat Mouseketeer

    Jun 12, 2012
    January 2014 (Jan 3-10)
    2 adults, 1 infant (2 yrs old)
    Wilderness Lodge Woods View
    Deluxe Dining Plan
    6-day tickets (no hoppers)
    Airfare "free" with Delta FF miles

    Add in Memory Maker and La Nouba tickets, and we're over $3K, but those were clearly optional add-ons.
  14. AliceandAriel

    AliceandAriel part of your world!

    Feb 23, 2013
    So far only a February trip is planned as followed; 3 night/4 day stay at Pop Century Resort
    1 Adult, 0 Kids
    Room cost: $213
    Airfare: $274
    Park tickets: ---
    Current Total: $487

    I have yet to buy park tickets, as I'm trying to figure out if buying an AP between this trip and a upcoming 10-12 day October trip will be worth it or not.
  15. jenineh

    jenineh Mouseketeer

    Aug 14, 2013
    May 13-19
    2 adults, DS15, DS10
    Coronado Springs standard room
    Regular dining plan
    5 days park hopper
    Round trip air fair from Newark NJ
    Vacation insurance

  16. bookgirl

    bookgirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 22, 2006
    I'm doing a RO winter Discount at AllStar Sports for $477.36

    3 day Base tickets for 279.03

    Total: $756.39

    Minus: $175 in gift cards from work incentives and a $25 dollar gift card from Santa

    So OOP I'll pay $556.39

    My cost for airfare was $321.00 (part of this was to use up a credit from SW, so technically I had already paid it but it hurts less when its a credit :rotfl: )

    Total $877.39 +

    food which I have budgeted at $100 to $150
    Keys to the Kingdom Tour which was around $65 so lets round it to approx:

  17. monkee04

    monkee04 Bow Ties Are Cool!

    Nov 7, 2006
    May 2 -May 8
    3 adults
    POP Century, standard room
    Regular Dining plan
    5 day Base Ticket
    Trip Insurance
    Round Trip Airfare from College Station, TX
    Total = $4151.86

    Extra meals are paid for with Visa Disney points.
  18. BelleBeautyandtheBeast

    BelleBeautyandtheBeast <font color=red>Disney Dreamer<br><font color=blue

    Dec 29, 2000
    It's interesting to read everyone's budget. For 2013 I spent $5,000+ for 2A3C and we stayed offsite :eek: 9 nights/10 days.

    This year I am sneaking in a quickie with 1A/1C for 3nights/4 days.
    Stay, play, dine package $857.15 (3 nights at All Star Sports, 2 day tickets, Quick Service Dining Plan)
    Plus airfare, which I haven't bought yet. Right now it's at $600 for the two of us. I'm hoping it goes down.

    Current total $1357.15
  19. KELLY

    KELLY DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    Here is ours
    2 adults and 2 kids
    UsF Cabana Bay 4 nights 5 days
    4 day ticket IOA and universal 1160.00

    POR standard room for 13 nights 12 days
    7 day myw with Wp&f
    Free dining
    memory maker 4076.00

    Limo around 110.00 round trip

    Air is not out yet. We aren't doing any extra's like PL or BBB this year. So basically tips and food at Universal. I think we will take 1000.00 with us.
  20. PrincessesX3

    PrincessesX3 Mouseketeer

    Aug 24, 2010
    August 2014
    Contemporary resort
    Standard garden wing
    8 day/7 nights
    8 day basic tix
    Free dining (bounceback)
    Airfare approx:1100-1200

    Upgrading to annual pass: $1200

    Adding 3 nights to front part of trip but waiting for discount either AOA OR POR
  21. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    Sep 5, 2012
    For my part of the trip (going with friends), my total will be about $1800. 2 nights of that will be at a hotel in downtown Orlando for a conference at $99/night.

    So $1800 for flights, 11 nights at a Value, and food/drinks/souvenirs. Have an AP so tickets are covered.

    We were going to go for a shorter time, but it'll be our last trip to WDW for a couple of years, boo

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