How much is your 2013 WDW vacation going to cost you?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by mickeystoontown, Jul 12, 2012.


    CHIPSTER DIS Veteran

    Jul 7, 2000
    Going /1-2/10 and staying at Pop Century, 2 adults.

    Room (poolside preferred for 9 nights) $854
    Tickets 8 day Park Hopper $624
    Airfare $$376

    Total: $1854

    No dining plan - we opted for the military discount and ill get our passes at Shades of Green.

    Made 6 table service ressies - the others will be quick service.
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  3. DonaldDuckFamily

    DonaldDuckFamily Mouseketeer

    Jul 9, 2008
    We got free dining because our arrival date was Thursday March 29th. The Free dining went through the 30th. Since we arrived on the 29th, Free Dining was for our entire stay :cool1:.
  4. CarrieR

    CarrieR DIS Veteran

    Jun 10, 2008
    I need to find my budget sheet, but I figured out that I need to make $5300 for Disney vacations in 2013.

    January: 4 nights, Half Marathon, purchase AP + TIW
    April: 8 nights, Pop
    August: 7 nights, AoA LM rooms
    Sept:4 nights at DLR, AP upgrade, half marathon
    December: 6 nights at BLT on rented points (if all goes as planned)

    There are 3-4 of us in the room each time, except DLR, so that helps with the cost. I have a two-day base I am upgrading to the AP and am able to pay for appx 50% of my flights with Southwest points. Obviously it helps a lot that I am a single who travels with friends!

    We eat for about 50% of the dining plan... TS two out of every three days, lots of snacky eating. Everything is paid for with gift cards, which garner fuelperks, so that a portion of my gas budget can be funneled into the WDW fund :)

    We are adding an impromptu stay in Feb, that is outside of this budget. My bosses told me to pick a three-day weekend to take off and my BFF had the opportunity to stay at YC for a mega-discount... so okay! That will add several hundred to the overall budget.
  5. Belle83

    Belle83 DIS Veteran

    Feb 20, 2011
    We just booked ours with the spring discount! For 2 Adults, April 18-April 23 (5 nights, 6 days), ours is:

    5 Nights @ Pop Century (Standard Room): $589.50
    4-Day MYW Tickets: $495.76
    Total: $1,085.26

    Obviously this excludes airfare, food, etc. The discount saved us about $163.50 compared to paying rack rate for Pop Century and buying tickets on Undercover Tourist.
  6. tylerzmommy

    tylerzmommy Earning My Ears

    Oct 19, 2012
    This might make me throw up because I haven't been brave enough to actually total anything up yet. However, I have been as diligent as I possibly could about finding every possible discount that I could and being as frugal as possible.

    7 nights at FW campground: $397.13
    (2) adult & (1) child 6 day MYW tickets (no hoppers): $822.25
    food budget for in-camper eating/necessities: $350.00
    rough budget for in-park eating (eating out dinner every night-YIKES!): $500
    rough idea for gas from VA to FL (driving a truck & camper): $400 round-trip
    dogsitter for 4 legged baby not traveling to WDW: $200.00
    Souveniers in WDW: $50 (my son will use a gift card)

    Grand Total: $2984.38

    So far, we have the following in gift cards to (hopefully) offset the costs a bit:

    Disney Gift Cards: $265.00
    Wal-Mart Gift Cards (to buy groceries/necessities for the camper): $380.00
    Visa/American Express gift cards: $350.00

    Possible End total after using gift cards: $1989.38 <-- not too horribly bad in the grand scheme of things, I guess

    We also have some random restaurant gift cards that I'm hoping we can use to eat dinner on our travels down and possibly back. That would be nice!
  7. 2012bella13

    2012bella13 Mouseketeer

    Nov 30, 2012
    Play,stay & dine
    3-adults & 1 4yr old dd- FEB. 24-MAR 2:hourglass
    A.O.A. SUITE

    room,quick service & 6 day tickets: $3250.00
    cinderella' table $187.00
    mousekeeping tips $25.00
    car rental (driving down) $446.00
    boarding dog $225.00
    gas d&b $344.00
    1 nights lodging? $150.00
    food o-w-d $30.00
    extras $100.00
    total $4757.00
  8. mommyrants

    mommyrants Mouseketeer

    Dec 24, 2008
    Going on Stay, Play & Dine for 2 A, DS5 and DD9
    CSR from 2/9 - 2/15 (inc 5 day MYW and DDP)
    Rental Car National - $167
    Air - $480 one way ord to MCO (Used Miles to fly home)
    Souvenirs $150
    Wishes Dessert Party $78
    Groceries and Adult Beverages $100

    Total - $3740
  9. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Travel Dates: 4/18/13 - 4/28/13 (10 nights/11 days)
    Travel Party: 2 Adults, 2 Children (8 and 6 at time of travel)
    Resort: Yacht Club, Garden View Room = $2925.48 (with 40% military discount)
    Airfare: RT from Boston via Jet Blue = $1181.40 (this includes travel insurance)
    Food and souvenirs: $1750 (we'll be using TiW card)
    Tickets: $0 (we have annual passes from this year that I've already included the entire purchase of on our last 11 day trip)
    Grand Total: $5856.88

    And, tomorrow, it will be PAID IN FULL!!!! :dance3:
  10. mousiemom

    mousiemom adam lambert lover!

    Apr 7, 2005
    to see what everyone is paying!!! i guess this is why we get the question how do yall do disney every year, well this is how:
    -we drive down(7 hrs)
    -3 adults for AOA (LM) for 8 nights 11/29-12/7
    -we never do the parkhoppers, we only do the 2 day base to get the free dining package(that we are hoping for again) the we upgrade our tickets to a 6 day when we check in.
    -we never get trip insurance(all 30 trips) i understand why people get it.
    grand total - $1,741
  11. twoplustwins

    twoplustwins DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2009
    room (6 nights), tickets (7 day), food, gas (driving 16 hours each way), souvenirs

  12. Tasha228

    Tasha228 Mouseketeer

    Jan 3, 2013
    Haven't officially booked it yet but have already checked what rates will be...

    Dates of travel: April 21 thru April 28
    Resort: AKL
    Room type: Pool view
    Our group: Just me and DFi (going for our honeymoon! :goodvibes )
    Tickets: 7 days with Park Hoppers
    Dining plan: Disney dining plan


    Plus, roundtrip airfare: $467

    This is if the best offer we use is the 30% off spring deal...which is still saving us nearly $1000 so I'm not complaining!!
  13. angelmom27

    angelmom27 DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2011
    Got the official amount today after applying the spring discount it will be $990.22. That is with 1 day passes only. Waiting for the new FL resident Discover Disney passes to come out. Then I will use the cost of the onday ticket and upgrade at check in to the 4 day passes. Should only be around $80 +tax. This is for our May trip. Still have to book our Christmas trip and pay for me and my dds trip to night of joy weekend.
  14. smellyia

    smellyia Mouseketeer

    Mar 12, 2012
    Just changed from Swan to BC for our May/June trip with the 30% discount. 2 adults, 1 3yo

    BC- 9 nights standard view with 10 day park hopper package- $3932.16
    Dining (no plan)/Grocers/Alcohol- $1400
    Fun Money- $500
    Photopass (pre-buy)- $120
    Dog Sitter- $300
    Airfare x3- $760
    **1 free from SWA

    Total: $7012.16
  15. johny3

    johny3 Earning My Ears

    Jan 2, 2012
    nearly set now. with the promotion we decided to pay the upgrade for water view at coronado
    so it looks like

    buffalo to mco flights 2 adults, 1 5 year old 1 11 month old - $600
    8 days 7 nights coronado water view
    + 5 day base ticket- $2091

    $2691 not including food and dog sitting fee. With the promotion it ended up motivating me to stay onsite for the first time.
  16. mhartel1

    mhartel1 Mouseketeer

    Feb 4, 2009
    2 adults 2 kids POFQ Easter week, 8 nights with 8 day park hoppers, disney dining plan is $4700.

    Priced airfare at $1200 so we are going to drive instead ( about 10 hours).

    We could have saved a couple hundred more by going to POR, but wanted to stay in the smaller resort.
  17. Coyotesweat

    Coyotesweat Mouseketeer

    Dec 14, 2012
    Feb 1-7 pop century. Play stay dine with quick service. Standard room, magic your way 7 day tickets.
    $1425 for package
    $486 RT airfare southwest from Austin.

    Plus a bit for tips, two table service meals, meals while on long layover in Atlanta (perk of cheap tickets) glowing drinks and souvenirs. Maybe $300?

    Very happy with pricing.
  18. squee!! disney!!

    squee!! disney!! Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas

    Jun 9, 2008
    I've booked and already paid for my trip in March.

    Just me, all by my disney lonesome (have others meeting me throughout the trip.)
    6 days, 5 nights at PO Riverside with a river view (thinking of upgrading to royal suite.)
    6 Day pass with park hopper
    Quick service dining plan
    roundtrip airfare from chicago midway to orlando.


    i'm sooo excited!!
  19. Dawson's Mom

    Dawson's Mom Mouseketeer

    Jun 26, 2008
    Here it is, this may hurt me:

    February 7-17, 2013- 10 nights/11 days
    2Adults and 1 child-(3) and 1 child (2)
    AKV-Studio Standard View-Rented Points $1860
    Basic Dining Plan $1283
    Tickets-Basic 6 day-$816.00
    R/T Flights from Detroit to Orlando-$1130- This hurt the most!

    Grand Total-$5,089:scared1:

    This is more than last year, but DS was 2 and Free, wish he was still free, atleast we have one more year to have to pay for DD :rotfl2:
    All in all not too bad, this is our only vacation of the year so I guess its not so bad, okay just trying to justify to myself!:lmao:
  20. Jenmia

    Jenmia Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2013
    Mid September
    5 nights and 6 days

    2 adults 1 child

    1 Bedroom at the Kidani Villa AKL Savannah View

    5 day Hopper Passes
    I had a PIN CODE for 30% off our stay

    Airfare $500 Roundtrip (I have airline points)
  21. Coyotesweat

    Coyotesweat Mouseketeer

    Dec 14, 2012
    Now added:
    2 tickets to Behind the Seeds tour $37
    1 ticket Magic Behind the Steam Trains tour for hubby. $51. Decided to shower him with pixie dust! Worth it though. Rather get tours than a resort with a water slide in February! So total is somewhere around $2100 for two plus some spending money and cab fare to MK for the early am steam train tour.

    Whee! It feels great to know all the important stuff is now paid for. Meals, room, tickets, tours, flights, park transportation. As a relatively low earner, I can relax more knowing that.

    Wdw here we come at last! It will be totally worth selling my scooter and all that overtime on the holidays!!


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