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How long has Biergarten been there?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by JennaDeeDooDah, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Luvchefmic

    Luvchefmic New Member

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  3. larryz

    larryz A few of my favorite turrets...

    They're only strangers until you introduce yourself... ;)
  4. meggiebeth

    meggiebeth Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow

    It sounds fun to me. We love meeting new people and the band looks like great fun. :)

    Are there some good vegetarian options does anyone know?

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  5. DonaldTDuck

    DonaldTDuck New Member

    I first ate at Biergarten in Sept 86 and it wasn't a buffet yet. By 91 it was. In 86 we had a 9 pm ressie and left the restaurant after midnight. The band played nearly continuously and were still playing when we left. Besides the band there were two women who danced with the band and my buddy spent most of the night dancing with one of them. He spoke pretty good German and she just wouldn't let him go, not that he wanted loose. We were served Mickey head butter and the sausages were as good as now. I've eaten at Biergarten about 15 times and would say it's my favorite place to eat in the World.
  6. Aaeolien

    Aaeolien New Member

    Exactly. We ate there in September and loved it. S much fun and the food was good too. :)
  7. DisneyHardin

    DisneyHardin New Member

    We ate at Biergarten this past fall for the first time and my DH loved it. He has already requested we eat there again this fall.

    We aren't very outgoing, social people, but sitting with people we don't know didn't bother us because we just talked to each other. A mother and her teenage son were seated next to us and I don't think they realized about communal seating and they were pretty aggrevated when the host seated us and he asked them to sit across from each other instead of side by side.
  8. disnut8

    disnut8 New Member

    That's too bad. Oh well, next time we eat there, we won't have to concern ourselves with grumpy people at our table (which has happened once and when they left, the others at the table had a very good laugh and continued the great conversation we were having).
  9. disnut8

    disnut8 New Member

    Yes, there are. A menu link - http://allears.net/menu/men_ger.htm

    We've taken a vegetarian here - a PICKY vegetarian - and he was very satisfied.
  10. disnut8

    disnut8 New Member

    The seating is explained when making the reservation and/or when checking in at the podium. They had to know or else they just weren't listening.
  11. chloelovesdisney

    chloelovesdisney New Member

    We ate in Biergarten when I was a child, over 30 years ago. It was not a buffet back then, it was a table service.
  12. Luvchefmic

    Luvchefmic New Member

    What a wonderful day I had ! I'll start with lunch (I probably won't eat for a week :-) ) The cheese / beer soup I had 2 servings fabulous can't even describr the taste so different than anything I've ever tasted before Then I sampled practically everything most I can't recall the names the weiner snitzel delicious the carving station had a pork roast I tried a wine reduction sauce that everyone at my table loved too The beet salad was sweet but not too much so , the cucumber salad nicely tangy, pretzel rolls & butter yummy
    so much food ! Worth every penny The band was fun, people at the table ver friendly our server Elfi very friendly, courteous, and at our side beforr we even knew we needed anything :-) I was very impressed with how the restsurant looks like you'e eating outside in the middle of a village. For me it was also very special as I spotted a large mural of a castlethat looked very familiar to me I had mentioned my Dad had been stationed in Germany I have a picture of him sitting at the top With goosebumps I was telling the story to he mgr Eddie & he kindly took a few pics of me in front of it I will go back again & will highlyrecommend it Oh Desert that Bavarian Cheesecake WOW !

    This post has turned into a mini-novel so please forgive & understand all that heavenly food miles of walking and the cold weather and my eyelids are drooping I'll have to tell you about CP & Trace tomorrow
  13. Luvchefmic

    Luvchefmic New Member

    The man was amazing I can't quote him veratim but he was so down to earth and real
    Upon entering and standing behind the podium (and after our welcoming applause died down ) he remarked about respect for the event & his need to remove his hat
    (more applause)
    Now for the record (as you probably can tell from my sig I am a deeply religious person but I am also very emotional about certain things in life .....lump in throat tears streaming down my face type..esp this time of year

    He narrated and I forgot who he was & that I like him so much his voice took on to me an angelic quality telling the story It was beautiful Making eye.contact with people around me it wasn't just my emotional ole self

    Maybe the CP event is always like this I don't know this was my 1 st but I can tell you this
    Trace was emotional too At the end he from the heart said he was honored & felt very humbled to be a part of WDWs CP and that while he is used to performing compared to this he realizes he is just making noise

    I hope he is invited to come back next year

    Merry Christmas all :-)
  14. Mickey'sApprentice

    Mickey'sApprentice <font color=red>Shamelessly demand, it works bette

    Biergarten was traditional TS when we went in '94.

    As for sitting with others, I will say it depends a bit on your seat mates.

    I will ask this from our last visit...if you really don't like meeting new people -- please tell the wait staff you don't want to sit with other parties.

    We sat down with people who looked at us, gave us a dirty look, and never spoke to us. Then, I admit, I didn't speak to them either. A few minutes later, a very nice woman and her adult son sat down, and we had a nice conversation with them. I felt really strange that we were friendly to one set of strangers and not another...but I think the body language made the situation clear.

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