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How do B2B cruises work?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by iluv2go2disney, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. iluv2go2disney

    iluv2go2disney Please Oh Please! Can't we live at Walt Disney Wor

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question........
    I've seen people taking B2B cruises. How does that work? Do you just book 2 cruises that are back to back or do you what? Wasn't sure if you got some sort of a discount or not. Do you stay in the same room? And do you get off the ship when the first cruise is over?
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  3. Iceman09201

    Iceman09201 Member

    Yep you book two cruises back to back. There is no discount. You can stay in the same room if it is available for both cruises at time of booking. If your moving rooms, stateroom hosts will move your luggage for you. You do have to get off the ship for about an hour and re check in in the terminal but then are let back on after the ship fully clears customs.
  4. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    Yes, you book 2 (or 3) consecutive cruises and that's considered a B2B. No discount, each cruise is a separate cruise - same price as 2 separate cruises.

    If you can book the same room for both cruises, yes, you can stay in the same room.

    If the turnaround day is a US port, yes you will disembark to re-checkin for the second cruise. Foreign ports, generally you will just re-checkin onboard, but you could be required to disembark. We did the last Med/WBTA in 2010 (all 300+ of us!). We were escorted off the ship and through checkin again and then allowed to reboard the ship immediately (about 15-20 minutes).
  5. iluv2go2disney

    iluv2go2disney Please Oh Please! Can't we live at Walt Disney Wor

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. :)
  6. ksloane

    ksloane Active Member

    Just wanted to add that we did our first b2b this past summer and loved it. It is something I will consider for all future cruises. Not always possible, I know, but I'm going to look. We made sure to find a room available on both cruises (thanks to a great TA, that is no problem for me). My daughter LOVED the quiet time after we were allowed to reboard before other customers were allowed on the ship. She had the pool to herself for a while and then was joined by one person. I loved the extended time without packing, unpacking, etc. We also made sure to hit all of the shows on the first cruise and then took the second one more relaxed. :love:
  7. weemom

    weemom Member

    So they don't make you pack up your stuff and get off with your luggage and re check-in if you have the same stateroom? Thanks!
  8. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    If you are in the same stateroom for both cruises, you will not have to pack up. You will need to take any documentation you need for the new cruise checkin - IDs, signature sheet, etc.
  9. ksloane

    ksloane Active Member

    That's one of my favorite perks of a b2b. :goodvibes
  10. sorceressk

    sorceressk Member

    So what if u r in 2 different rooms? Like one room for cruise one and another room for cruise two. U have to pack up and then they move ur bags right away? Or do ur bags get delivered throughout the date like everyone else's?
  11. Tinked

    Tinked Active Member

    As for how does b2b work? It works great!!! You would have to pack up if you are not in the same stateroom but the stateroom hosts would take care of moving the luggage and would probably do so before the other luggage comes. I did b2b out of New York last summer and they escorted off ship to check-in. We waited a short time and they were allowed to go back on with an invitation to have free refreshments at the cove . What a quiet, enjoyable time. We were also allowed back to our rooms earlier than those arriving. Hope they sail out of NYC again.:goodvibes

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