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  1. bexevans

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Hey guys,

    We will be getting married August next year. We have been going out 6 years and we are both 24. This is the plan so far.

    Disney dream Bahamas - 11th August - 15th August
    Saratoga Springs with dining plan - 15th August - 24th August
    Sea world, Wet n wild and shopping - 24th August - 27th Augsut
    Universal Studios - 27th - 29th August

    We plan to eat in Victoria and Alberts, Cinderella Royal table, Paradis 37, TRex, Rainforest, Ohana, Boma, Chef Mickeys and Coral Reef.

    What could I do to make it really special for my DH. Tips, and ideas are welcome and will really help.

    Thank you:)
  2. laurenvic1312959

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    Jan 18, 2013
    Plan sounds really good :) I hope to stay at the saratoga springs on my next trip.
    I was at disney last week and we ate at cinderellas royal table after my friends wedding. Considering it was a wedding reception meal the service was terrible and the food wasn't particularly amazing either, we did have a late reservation for 9:20pm but none the less i expect much better service from disney. I would recommend Citrico's or California Grill as nice alternatives. we went to Citrico's and it was amazing.
    Me and my partner also looked at going to Victoria and Alberts, i don't know if you have been before but the reviews i have read on trip advisor suggest that it is not a place which is suited to young couples, especially considering the expence of it. Hope this helped :)

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