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Homeschool Chat Part III

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Disney Mommy 3, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Disney Mommy 3

    Disney Mommy 3 DIS Veteran

    Hello all!! This is the second part of our homeschool thread....the mods will be closing the other one soon,...so I thought we should get started over here!! Come on over and keep talkin "shop"!!:teacher:
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  3. Michelle and crew

    Michelle and crew I can't believe this might be our last trip to Dis

    You might want to introduce the thread as Julie did. It made the objectives clear. :) JMO.
  4. ilovepete

    ilovepete Mouseketeer

    Would love to join you! This is our first year.
  5. Mommy2three

    Mommy2three Member

    hope everyone that has started already for the year that everything is going well! and welcome to all new homeschoolers
  6. Disney Mommy 3

    Disney Mommy 3 DIS Veteran

    Since our Homeschool Thread is going to be closed soon, I thought I would be proactive and start us a new place to chat. I also changed the title since we aren't looking for folks to see if there are enough for a subforum, just looking to talk to each other and get advice on day to day school stuff.

    I would ask that if you are not a homeschooler, you be respectful of our choice to do so. We welcome any questions about the logisitics of this and especially welcome anyone who is thinking about homeschooling and has questions. What we would really appreciate is if you want to post about why on earth anyone would do this or the social problems that you are sure our children have or basically to attack us in anyway, that you start your own thread. If you haven't run into this type of thing before, it may seem odd that I am bringing it up, but we are just a group of moms who are doing what we feel is the best choice for our own family--just like any other mom. We would simply like a place to hang out and not be attacked.

    Our old thread is located here http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=840970 It is pretty long so if you haven't read it, grab a cup of coffee!

    Happy Posting!!

    I actually just copied and pasted Julies post...it is the same thread,just the next part!! Thanks Michelle and crew~ I didn't think about that! Hope this is good enough to get us going!!! LOL....
    I love pete~ :welcome: congrats! You are gonna love hsing!!!!
    Mommy2three~ yep....we have started and things are full swing!!!!
  7. McDuck

    McDuck Mouseketeer

    I'm subbing...I am planning way earlier than I need to, as my daughter isn't even 10 months old yet. For many reasons, partly because her birthday falls after our state's cutoff, DH and I have decided to homeschool her. I've already started checking state benchmarks for preschool and purchased a few preschool workbooks from Sam's Club. I'm starting so early since I'm basically going to be creating my own curriculum from scratch it seems. Knowledge is power, right? :)
  8. Michelle and crew

    Michelle and crew I can't believe this might be our last trip to Dis

    lol, you might not want to purchase a lot ahead of time. I've found over the years that stuff just gets better and better. What I bought for my first is obsolete by the third.
  9. my*2*angels

    my*2*angels Mouseketeer

    Does anyone on here use Saxon math??? This is my first year of homeschooling, and alot of people recommended this, but now I am not so sure!? We have only completed one day of homeschool, but my DD has already taken the first 4 test and made a 100 on all of them. We have not done the first lesson, I just gave her all of the test because she kept telling me"Mom I already know that!"LOL I don't want her to get bored, I am just wondering what you all use for Math, and if there is something better suited to her. Thanks!!!

  10. SGMCO

    SGMCO Vintage Style is Sweet--Rumbleseat Fashions

    Is Online School done at home considered Home Schooling? or should I start another thread? My DS is doing Online High School from home this year and
    I'm a bit scared because it's all new to me, I'm sure everything we be OK.
    Looking of other High Schoolers.
  11. wondermomamy

    wondermomamy Earning My Ears

    I'm not sure if I introduced myself on the other thread--maybe I just posted some replies. Anyway, I'm a homeschool mom of four, ages almost 7 to 17.

    We plan to start this year August 30, do school for a few weeks, then two weeks at DisneyWorld. Woohoo!
  12. Auggiedaugie

    Auggiedaugie Member

    Hello Everyone! I posted a few times on the other thread with some questions. We are officially beginning our homeschool adventure this fall and are super excited! I love the info from all of the posters on here and look forward to partaking a bit more.
  13. jannylynn

    jannylynn Member

    I think it is! Your child is at home with you, correct?

    AND just popin' in to say HI! I'm a homeschool mommy to 3. :thumbsup2 We started Aug. 2. But last week was rough because we had a tummy bug. So we are behind. :teacher:

    Mindy, most curriculum has a few chapters of review from the previous year. Peek ahead and see if there is new stuff coming up. Did you do a placement test to make sure you had the correct level?
  14. my*2*angels

    my*2*angels Mouseketeer

    NO! I don't even know anything about placement tests! I am so very new to all of this! I just bought 2nd grade curriculum and thought that was what she needed. I am going to look ahead into part 2 of the workbooks and see what is coming up. Maybe I just need to skip ahead a bit.:confused3:confused3:confused3:confused3
  15. NHWX

    NHWX Mouseketeer

    I'm a homeschooling mom to two teenage boys - one almost 15 and the other is 17. One will be a senior when we start next month; the other a sophomore. When I meet people who I haven't seen in a while I get a lot of "Wow! You're really doing it to the end" and other such comments.

  16. NHWX

    NHWX Mouseketeer

    In my opinion, you should feel welcome here! I'm sure you'll encounter many of the same questions and comments that well-meaning people have for homeschoolers.

    "But what about hard subjects like high school math?" (That's why there's online high schools, video based courses, dual enrollment in community colleges or high schools, etc.)
    "I could never spend that much time with my child/children." (I've never come up with a reasonable response to that one.)
    "But what about the prom?" (If his girlfriend goes to the high school, he'll go to that prom. Otherwise, he might be going to the Homeschool Prom. We do have one in our area.)
    "But what about socialization?" (4-H, robotics, volunteering, etc. fill organized socialization needs for us. And part of why my oldest left the high school was the socialization of drug deals at lunch, thefts from backpacks, fights in the locker room, etc.)
    "Will he ever go to college?" (This summer my ds17 had an interview with the assistant dean of admissions at a nearby campus for our state university. The short summary: send us your SAT scores, keep up your grades and courses and you'll be in with no problem. No problem!)

  17. Tink561

    Tink561 Mouseketeer

    I'm glad we're on our 2nd thread! I'm down to one student this year. My oldest son graduated in 2007- he will finish his AS in December, my middle son graduated this past year and will start culinary school this fall. My youngest son went back to school his sophomore year. He graduates this year and has recently enlisted in the Marines. He will go to basic about a month after graduation.

    So, that leaves me with my 4.5 year old daughter. We're going Kindergarten this year. I'm using Sonlight P4/5, McRuffy Math K and McRuffy Phonics K. She is also going to take an American Girl class for younger girls, ages 5-7. They will be studying Felicity this year. I think she needs a new doll and I can count it as a school supply.:rotfl:
  18. PoohBear

    PoohBear Member

    Definitely take the advice of PP...take placement tests and there may be some review in the first few weeks. But I can speak from some experience with Saxon Math. My kids have been in catholic school, homeschool and cyberschool. I used Saxon Math on my oldest and what I can say is that he just took placement tests at a couple of colleges last week. He scored off of the charts on both of their exams in all subjects and he is 16. So, I am guessing that the Saxon Math did the job. He never had any problem understanding any of the videos. I did have my kids take the placement tests on Saxon's website before ordering the appropriate one and it seems to work out for us. Hope this helps :)
  19. polkadotsuitcase

    polkadotsuitcase Disney-loving mom! Approved Advertiser

    We use Saxon. We switched to it last year (kids were in 4th and 6th). We ended up modifying it just a bit -- skipping through the chapters that had a lot of review until we got to a point I felt they would be learning new material.

    We just started this year's, and we're doing the same thing--moving ahead to the material they're ready for.

    It only works this way, of course, if you know they know the material inside and out. It's just the way my guys work best -- I just don't see the point in making them go over and over and over material they already know. A little review is fine -- too much completely turns them off.

    That said, they don't adore Saxon (it's more serious and less fun and colorful than their elementary work), but it definitely does the job -- they did great on end-of-grade testing last year.

    Hope you have a great year!
  20. polkadotsuitcase

    polkadotsuitcase Disney-loving mom! Approved Advertiser

    I thought that thread was pushing the limit -- thanks for opening this new one! Love "talking shop" with people who are also Disney-philes!
  21. Jacoby 46

    Jacoby 46 Run Disney in November!

    We are going on our 2nd week of HS for the first time and we are doing wonderful!! It is such a great feeling to know I am helping my children with their education! :)

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