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holder for cards, camera, etc?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by dznystar, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. dznystar

    dznystar Mouseketeer

    I was going to make a key fob for my kttw and id....but then I realized I'll also be carrying around my camera or phone for camera purposes and a wave phone for my kids... what do you carry it all in? small purse/backpack??? I don't want to carry my big everyday purse all day on the ship. Any recommendations?
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  3. penel3

    penel3 Disney World Addict since 1994

    I carried all my stuff in one of those sling type backpacks....lightweight, easy and safe.
  4. stacieps

    stacieps Mouseketeer

    I've used a Vera Bradley mini hipster in the past.

    Just bought eBags Terrace Mini Bag that I am planning to use on our cruise in a few weeks (and at Disneyland later this year). The size of this new bag is perfect for the few things I need on ship (or in park) and the strap is long enough to wear cross body so I don't have to worry about putting it down and forgetting it somewhere.
  5. Henlady

    Henlady Mouseketeer

    I don't carry the wave phone, but I have a Vera Bradley Tech Case that my camera fits in perfectly and there is an interior pocket perfect for KTTW card and Drivers license and a bit of cash if I'm going off the ship - Very compact and a nice wrist strap.
  6. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    That's why I usually buy clothes that have pockets. I wear a lanyard for my KTTW card, and carry my camera in my hand, with its wrist strap on (you never know who's coming around the next corner).
  7. dznystar

    dznystar Mouseketeer

    Oh those are all great ideas!!!
  8. wendyoconnor

    wendyoconnor Mouseketeer

    Any purse/bag you can wear crossbody. I have one that is just big enough to hold my camera and sunglasses along with my KTTW and chapstick that I wear crossbody to keep my hands free.
  9. tinkerone

    tinkerone Mouseketeer

    we use string bags, the kind that you wear on your back with both arms in them. they are light weight and easy to sling on and off, don't take up much room, holds tons! we bought several at wdw a few years back and I purchased another from there last oct.
    you can purchase them at most sports stores and I suppose they would be in places like walmart. 19.99, cheap as chips. if you have a sewing machine and a scrap of material you can actually make them with little effort.
    no matter what the weight of your items, you hardly remember its there.
  10. love2disney

    love2disney Mouseketeer

  11. Ancaster

    Ancaster Member

  12. Tara619

    Tara619 Member

    I haven't been on a cruise in 9 years but I plan to use my Vera Bradley hipster bag. It's a cross body bag and holds quite a bit for its size.
  13. candfandm

    candfandm Member

  14. kristieboyd

    kristieboyd Member

    I bought a little wristlet bag big enough for wave phone, camera, kttw card, and a little cash. :)
  15. UmmGooD

    UmmGooD Mouseketeer

  16. LoveDisneyx4

    LoveDisneyx4 Member

  17. Ready to go

    Ready to go Member

    I have been looking for this all over...thanks for the link! How are you going to personalize them and when is your trip? I would hate to steal your idea and then have us in the same FE! Lol

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