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Discussion in 'Community Board' started by mbw12, Jul 20, 2009.

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    I did read over at the DVC forum also.....but thought some others that may not read that forum may have some suggestions. Looking for budget friendly OR discounts on Hilton head Island restaurants. We will be staying at the DVC resort. I already got a $25 gift cert for $4.00 on restaurant.com (gotta love when they run their 60% off special!!!!) for Little Venice at Shelter Cove (our hotel is within walking distance of Shelter cove) just wondering any suggestions for a family of 4 on a budget??? (also discounts on mini golf or activities)
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    When you get there you can pick up the discount booklets (they are everywhere) and get mini golf coupons. They have larger books with restaurant menus as well.
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    May 9, 2003
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    Jan 16, 2006
    We were you just a few weeks ago: Family of 4 looking for good deals. We weren't interested in fine dining (or even casual fine dining). We looked for inexpensive ways to keep our dd4 and dd7 happy--particular since we were so busy with activities at the Disney resort and it was often too hot to eat huge meals.

    Here's what I suggest for meal options:
    Giuseppi's Pizza-
    It is take out or eat in. Very good stuffed pizza. A large pie was about 20.00 with toppings. They also have something called a "weggie" which was like a folded pizza (except with toppings like buffalo chicken, etc). These were about 7.00 each and served with ranch dressing. 2 of these served all of us--although we did order salad as well. Anyway, we often found that we were still full from lunch at campfire time. So we would call for pick-up as we walked back to the villa and then sent DH to pick it up for a late dinner.

    It's Greek to Me-
    Serves lunch platters until about 4pm. We've picked them up before five and brought them back to the villa to eat at dinner time. They also have great gyros!

    Right near the resort. Burgers for about 7.00 each--kid's meals too. You can get a good meal for four for between 25.00 and 30.00.

    The Sea Shack-
    This was great seafood (with a long wait)....but well worth it. We had a meal for two adults and one kid (the other one shared) for about 40.00.

    Crazy Crab-
    We decided to go here for a late lunch because it was the same menu but several dollars less expensive. It was about 35.00 for all of us. This included a seafood meal for me, a club sandwich for DH, and a HUGE Caesar salad for dd7, and a kid's meal for dd4.

    San Miguel's-
    Mexican restaurant in Shelter Cove. It was good Mexican food. Not the best ever....but not bad and reasonably priced (and a convenient walk). Again, we ate for about 35.00 for three of us (dinner salads and combination meals were about 10-12 dollars and one kids salad). Dd4 ate tortilla chips and then fell asleep.

    You get a couple of restaurant guides with menus in them--so you can get a good sense of what a meal will really cost before you go. We tried some new places this way (including a cajun place we liked, but I can't remember what it was called). I looked for menus that appealed to us at my price point. I didn't find a lot of coupons in them for the more inexpensive places--but it was a good guide. They list "early birds" which are a good deal, I'm sure, but still more than we wanted to pay and/or time we wanted to spend on dinner with two children.

    Shannon Tanner- We went to the Shannon Tanner show in Shelter Cove twice (free) and then did the Wacky Whizzle Cruise (15.00 per person). We did not end up going to hear Greg Russell in Harbor Town this time because we didnt' want to bother paying the gate fee when we didn't plan to eat in Harbor Town (and spent a lot of time there last year).

    Star Spangled Tuesday- We did pay for the picnic and I regret it. The food was fine, but they called the kid's to do activities right when we sat down (and we arrived early). So they had no interest in eating. Next year, we're going the games and fun and then getting pizza before or after! That way, the kids can have fun without mom saying "Come eat---I've paid good money for your meal and there won't be another meal later! =)

    Note- With 3 nights of campfires, Star Spangled Tuesday, and Shannon Tanner--our evenings were pretty full. I planned to do mini-golf, but we never made it. There are coupons for Pirate's Cove online.

    Have fun! We're already planning for next year!
  6. damo

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    Jan 1, 2001
    There are a lot of early bird specials. When you get there, get the restaurant guide. It will tell you about the early bird specials and will have partial menus of a lot of restaurants. Also pick up the activity guide for discount coupons.
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    Aug 8, 2002

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