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    Dec 27, 2012
    Does anyone know where I can find the Disney character alphabet fill in letters? its a letter that is filled with your favorite character and you can spell your whole name that way.
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    Feb 9, 2010
    I saved the directions so you can make them yourself. It's very easy.

    The following is a copy of what I emailed to myself once upon a time. It works! I'd suggest going over to the Creative Disigns thread and poke around.

    Like I said, it's not hard to do (and I'm no computer expert!).

    HOW TO INSERT PICTURES INSIDE OF LETTERS...name fills!!!: Thanks Chris (CarrollChristoph) for this AMAZING tip!!!! POSTED 11/27/09

    1. Open up Microsoft Word.

    2. Go to insert > WordArt > then select the style of text you prefer

    3. Type your text, choose the size you want the text to be, then click OK. If you want the image/pattern to show pretty well in the text, you'll need a bold or big text like Impact, Arial Black, etc.

    4. Right-click on the text > Click 'format WordArt'

    5. A window should pop up, then under 'fill', click 'fill effects'

    6. Click the tab that says 'picture' > select picture > choose the image/pattern you want > Click OK.

    7. Then VOILA! You should have your image/pattern filled text! You can drag the sides or corners/box to change the size of the text to your liking.

    You can also follow the same instructions above but instead of using word art...use autoshapes and you can put disney images/wallpapers into shapes like circles, stars, squares, etc.

    Thanks to cosine4...How to remove white from around an image so that you can put the picture over wording and not have the white block show up around the picture. Added 12-1-09

    Insert the picture you want to use in Word.
    Then make sure that the picture is highlighted. You will now it is highlighted if there are white dots around the perimeter of the picture. If you don't see them, click on the image to highlight it.
    This will open the "Picture" toolbar and there is a button that looks like stick and is half yellow and half blue that is called "Set Transparent Color". For images like these that have a white background you can use this tool, by clicking on the "set transparent color" button then point your mouse on the white area and click and the background will be removed. If the background behind the picture is not a solid color/constant it is more difficult to remove what ever is around the image that you want.
    Once you have done this you can click on the "text wrapping" button to move the image around and the white block around the picture will be gone.
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    ahh... i was also wondering this!!
    thank you x

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