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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by DisneyMom5, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. SlightlyGoofy

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    May 5, 2001
    DisneyMom5, never you fear. If you need any frugal advice at all here I is to save the day! I know lots of cheap and filling and sometimes healthy meals to make too. I can no longer eat them cause I have to count calories but kids burn them right off. I used to be able to coupon/rebate ALL my food costs and did so most of the time our kids were growing up. I doubt that I could teach YOU much though. Disney World, here you come and I so hope it is when we are there again. :love:

    I am with you on the Bacon with a tad of beans. Bacon is one of my favorite food groups. Like chocolate, everything tastes better with bacon.

    We used to 'process' our meat too. I would hide upstairs with my head under a pillow until the 'noise' was over with and we had a tree to hang 'em high from. Sounds like we grew up very similarly.

    How about making some Butternut Squash Soup with the leftover squash? I will be right over. I plan on eating a bowl a day on our next trip.

    Is your hubby's friend married? Do you not think you might be doing his wife a disfavor if you delude him into thinking that it is possible to have many children and a clean house? Would it not be better for him to face the facts of life instead of being forever disgruntled because his SO cannot come up to YOUR standards. You owe it to all womankind to lower those standards. :rotfl:

    Carpet?? Man, are you sure your children are normal?? I did not have carpet until my last child left home. Wish I had had a leaf blower to clean the floors with back then. :thumbsup2

    Truck serviced, truck loaded with all the yardwaste, stuff hauled in from the garage, stuff hauled out to the garage, sidewalks, garage et all swept. I am resting now folks. If dh wants to dock my pay I say let him!! :rolleyes1

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  3. HeatherSue

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Would said bill be paid off by May, perhaps? :rolleyes1

    CARPET!?!! What happened to wood floors? You know Henry is just sitting over here with absolutely nothing to do!
  4. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    Yeah, but then NO ONE will want to visit us. :rotfl:

    Did you SEE the part about the fervent cleaning? :rolleyes:

    Besides, you need to take into consideration the international date line and all that.
    I am pretty sure you guys are like, what, a week a head of us?
    Isn't it Christmas there already?

    Yeah, that's the problem.
    Can't get blood from a turnip.
    I read some magazines that are "How to cut costs" and they suggest cutting out your daily Grande Nonfat Mochachino with Sprinkles to save money. :eek:
    Ummm, that would work if I actually spent money on that to begin with.
    We cut back where we can, but internet is non-negotiable, as well as the super cheap cable we get for reception.
    We try to eat out less and make less long-distance phone calls.
    Priorities, right? Disney trips are important to us. :wizard:

    I think we were separated at birth.
    Bacon is one of my favorite food groups also.
    To bad it takes 2 lbs. to feed my family, or we'd have it a LOT more! LOL

    We didn't actually raise the animals, a good friend did.
    So I got to avoid that part.
    But we did raise chickens.
    I got to the point where I just refused to help with that. Blah.

    I think that sounds good. No one else.
    I actually plan on making the rest of my squash into pumpkin. LOL
    Did you know that the "pumpkin" you buy in cans in the store is actually blue hubbard squash?
    Add pumpkin pie spice and you can't really tell the difference.
    I also have a delicious recipe for pumpkin ginger scones.
    I don't usually like scones but these are mmmmmmmmm!

    Actually, he's divorced.
    AND he's dating a sort of former girlfriend of John's.
    Who is also coming to dinner.

    I am not worried in the least about deluding them into thinking I am perfect.
    I expect John to tell them that I am, over and over again.
    And to dote on me like a princess.
    So that the former girlfriend has absolutely NO DOUBT how much he loves me.


    I hear ya on the leaf blower.
    I always have a problem when it gets to the snow shovel and garbage can point.

    The carpet is an absolute necessity.
    Our floor looks hideous, and we do not have the good luck of hard wood floors underneath.
    Believe me, I am getting the most durable, stain protected stuff I can find, and still afford. LOL

    Man, I hope so.
    But there will be no WDW trip in May.
    John is going back to school in January.
    I suspect there is some provisos, conditions and limitations on this offer. LOL

    I think maybe what he meant is "Pay off the cc and you can start PLANNING the next trip." LOL
    Right now we don't even dare to mention the word DISNEY. :sad2:

    I would love to go back in the winter, but free dining lures us away.
    Feb. 2009 would be awesome.

    Yeah, it just was too expensive, and that was with John and I going to attempt to install it.
    When you add up the laminate, and then the cost of the throw rugs I'd put on top....

    Besides, we just need something to get us through the next few destructive childhood years, and then we might do something different.

    BUT, if Henry wants a project, I still desparately need a sub-floor in my kitchen.
    I always figure he is in the middle of something.
    (Now WHY would I think that?) :rolleyes1

    I have to get through this week, and then I should be able to update. Really.
  5. SlightlyGoofy

    SlightlyGoofy <font color=green>I shall be forced to take you on

    May 5, 2001
    HeatherSue, you have a man with talent that is sitting around doing nothing? I want and need a walk in shower in my bathroom. Send him right over. I can even help out on the mundane and less talented parts. :thumbsup2

    DisneyMom5 , eating those beans and not having any company sure will save on the food and entertainment costs.

    I hear you on some of those cost cutting suggestions. I do not know anyone who drinks those ridiculously high priced Starbucks drinks to start with. When the government starts talking about mandatory energy conservation I cringe cause I have cut back as far as humanly possible years ago and have little, to no, wiggle room. Do you know about the 3 cents a minute phone cards you get at Sam's Club? You can have a friend pick one up for you if you do not have a membership. I just dropped long distance from our phone bill (as well as they fees associated with it) and saved several bucks a month. I keep all our finances on Money and that is a fantastic way to keep track of what you are spending and where and makes it easy to see where adjustments can be made. I know commonsense ways to save a buck. I never had many bucks to work with and am a master at stretching a dollar six ways to Sunday. How else do you think we afford our many Disney trips?? :rotfl2:

    Check out local meat packing plants for the bacon ends. Just as much flavor and much cheaper. Heck you are probably going to chop it up anyway.

    I well remember chicken slaughter day. I would prefer to forget it and love buying my chicken in frozen slabs.

    Bet you could take that leftover squash and make Squash pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Yes, I did know that canned pumpkin is usually squash. Pancakes are a cheap food that satisfies and stretches the bacon too.

    You are one brave woman. Having one of my husband's former girlfriends over would not be my cup of tea. I am friends with his ex wife though. It is not that I would be afraid of the girlfriend taking him away but with my luck she would want to move in too and not do any more work than he does. :rotfl:

    Might I suggest that you put down a good grade of indoor/outdoor carpet? I did that in my son's room when he was little to save bucks, I could also install it myself and his Matchbox cars ran better on it. I recently carpeted the upstairs hall steps with such carpet and it is fantastic. It is easier to keep clean and if it should get hurt it is cheaper to replace AND you probably could use a low powered leaf blower to keep it clean. :woohoo: Make sure to get a dirt color, it will save you so much time and energy.

    Have hubby to take bowling today. Big box of books to donate to the Community Center and a trip to Lowe's. I do home renovations after the holidays and I have found these $10 off $25 purchase coupons on line so I go in each week and buy a few things to maximize the savings. Told you, I are cheap!! :dance3:

  6. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    Heather's dh sitting around with nothing to do is a hugely rare occurance. He works full time, PLUS is a licensed contractor.
    He suffers from that disease where you build a house to live in, but then start thinking of another house you could build, and so on, and so on....
    We want him to work on our house, but he's never available. :sad2:

    They used to be our next door neighbors, and we miss them tons! :hug:

    After I wrote that I thought, hmmm, that's not too bad an idea! LOL

    Yeah, I think I have tried most of those. I guess I am working on my black belt in tightwadery. :laughing:

    True. I don't think they process near here though. I only buy it when it's on sale anyway.

    The farther I am away from the food production process, the happier I am! LOL

    We do eat pancakes, but not as often as we used to, as it is a pain to make gluten free ones for DangerBoy and Bitsy. Sigh.

    The couple each have children, so they are probably just old fuddy duddies like us also. It's just the thought. LOL
    I married John young enough that there were no ex-wives to deal with. ;)

    How funny, I DID pick out dirt colored carpet. It's not indoor outdoor, but it is a berber type carpet that is close to the ground and nubby. No shag carpet here! LOL

    Sounds like a busy day. I threw out a garbage bag full of papers yesterday. Guess we are all in the mood for cleaning out the house!


    SIDE NOTE: ****If anyone else is in the mood to clean out your house and get organized, I highly recommend FlyLady.
    She is a mentor for people who want to get rid of the chaos in their lives.
    She can be found at flylady.net.
    There is a lot of overwhelming info there, so just start at the beginning and do a little at a time.****


  7. Anne's Family

    Anne's Family Life is good... Really.

    Oct 30, 2007
    OMG, FlyLady is my hero! I've been with her for 4 years!

    Lovin' the trip report - when you get back to it. hee hee.
  8. peanut1967

    peanut1967 DIS Veteran

    May 5, 2007

    I did well last week on meat, Chicken Breast should have been £4 approx $8 I got them for 35p or 70cents...not bad eh, then I got best smoked salmon that should have been £8.89 or approx $18 I got it for 89p or $1.80, I got enough for xmas and we have eaten chicken in lots of different ways this week...in fact I now save money on eggs as the kids are now laying them:rotfl2:

    DisneyMom5, this isnt Startrek, its the dis boards and cut the rubbish and get the next lot up, I have to say if it was Startreck I would be here 24 7 and Jon Luc Picard can make it so for me any day!!!!:hug:

  9. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    Ok, may I first say, I am NOT the poster child for Fly Lady if you look at my house, and I would have to show you the before before to show you how much it's improved.
    That being said, I love FlyLady, and joined in approx. 2000, when there were only 6000 members and she didn't yet have the website.

    I take small victories where I can find them. My house and life are better today than they were then. :goodvibes

    Wow, those are awesome deals. We have chicken so much lately that my kids think all meat is chicken. Sigh.

    After a minor infatuation with Jean Luc, I figured out that the reason I liked him is because he is a British Shakespearean actor from way back.

    And Shakespeare beats Shatner anyday. :thumbsup2

    And...I'm workin on it!!!
  10. SlightlyGoofy

    SlightlyGoofy <font color=green>I shall be forced to take you on

    May 5, 2001
    Flylady is not quite up to my standards. I am German and that explains a lot. :rotfl: Actually I am far more laid back now than I used to be. I no longer use toothbrushes to clean corners. I look forward to cataracts as I will not be able to see the dirt.

    DisneyMom5, I have friends who are afflicted with a similar disease as that of Heather's hubby. They buy houses, fix them up and move on.

    Stocking up on bargains is the way to go. Any time you are forced to go out and buy something on the spur of the moment you are always charged the highest amount for the least quality.

    My grandson's favorite meal is Taco Chicken. Dump a bag of frozen chicken breasts (about 3#) into a crockpot. Top off with two packages of taco seasoning and a cup of salsa. Slow cook away for about 6 hours. Near the end whomp up a bit of corn starch with some COLD water to make a gravy and add that and a cup of sour cream and stir well. Cook another hour or so. Cheap and easy, just like me. Well, not quite but I are spicy!!! Makes a great main dish and if you have leftovers you can shred them up to make sandwiches, top a baked potato and even freeze the leftovers.

    Ever notice how many Star Trek episodes actually ARE Shakespearean?? Same for Sponge Bob. They had an episode based on Hamlet and my grandson was so impressed that grandma had memorized the one part. I also know all the songs in Lilo and Stitch. Can't say I do not stay 'current'.

    What kind of eggs do your kids lay? Just curious. Not doubting you though. :lmao:

    Cleaning the desk today and doing financials. This is where I do my best work. I spin gold out of straw and make the money stretch to DW and back.

  11. MS_mom_1965

    MS_mom_1965 Mouseketeer

    Jul 13, 2007
    Just found this thread - love it. But you people just think you're hicks.

    Central Mississippi here - beat that!

    I even live on a dirt road!:rotfl2:
  12. SlightlyGoofy

    SlightlyGoofy <font color=green>I shall be forced to take you on

    May 5, 2001
    MS_mom_1965, big deal - dirt road. I wear shoes so seldom that I can walk across a gravel road without flinching. Beat that! :rotfl2:

  13. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    Day one, Epcot, part something or other, because I lost track, entitled
    The Rest of the Stuff We Did at Epcot....

    Ok, the guilt has gotten to me.
    I will do an update.
    But I must warn you, this part is a little fuzzy to me.
    I will double check with Disneygirl,
    who still retains most of her brain cells because she has not yet had seven children...I still am not positive if I am forgetting something.

    When we last left those kooky hicks, they had found Nemo, talked with a turtle, and generally had a fishy time.

    But, onward and upward, they left in search of unconquered Epcot attractions.

    I THINK they headed to the Imagination Pavillion.

    I personally like the imagination ride.
    It's lighthearted and fun, the AC is nice, you get to sit down--what's not to like?
    The kids have varying opinions on this.
    Some of them don't like the part where you are in the dark, and others don't like the smell lab.
    I won't give anything away, for those of you who haven't tried it yet.
    We manage to hit this ride every time, because it is a classic.

    It was around this time I was beginning to realize that Mom was going to be just fine on this trip.
    She didn't care to go on big rides, but other than that, she was game for just about anything. :thumbsup2

    This made me very happy.
    I had worried that she was not going to enjoy being dragged around all day.
    Let me tell you what, farm raised girls have some stamina!
    I left the farm at 18, and I didn't have as much work to do as a child as she had growing up.
    This woman, almost mmm-mmm years old, was keeping up with us just fine.
    Better than me, actually.
    And without complaining.

    And, let me just add, considering what Bionic SIL has been through the last few years, she kept up great also.
    We tried to find seats for her periodically, because standing can be really painful for her.

    After the ride, the kids were really enjoying the interactive play area.

    But we had ADRs to keep, and miles to go before we sleep.

    [Apologies to Mr. Frost.]

    So we started our way over to Canada for our big 4:10 pm dinner at Le Cellier.
    (This has already been covered in my food report, see link below.)

    May I just say that the walk from Future World to the World Showcase is extremely, unnecessarily long?!?
    We were all voting for alternate transportation to the back of the park, OR moving sidewalks.
    The friendships are nice, but they seem to take a while.
    And we have several who don’t like boats due to a bad memory involving stomach flu and WDW. I won’t mention any–Disneygirl–names.

    I, for some odd reason, did not take many more pics that day, but here are some that Disneygirl took:




    Back to Le Cellier...

    We LOVE Le Cellier!
    Especially when it’s free.

    After our 2 hour dinner (be prepared to spend some time, especially if you are getting appetizers AND dessert) we were trying to decide if we would go back to the hotel or stay in the park.

    [Side note – it’s not that the service at Le Cellier is slow, though it can be.
    It just is a time consuming meal. But well worth it.]

    Anyway, I was tired.
    I think the relief of accomplishing one of our well planned days just drained me.

    I was voting for going back to the hotel, or some of us taking the small children back (namely mom and I.)
    But, that being said, I was dreading mom and I trying to wrestle small children and a stroller.

    John felt we should all stick together, and that since we were already there, we should continue touring.

    We decided to go with that plan, and I reluctantly dragged my over-full bottom out of the nice comfy Le Cellier chair and headed out.

    Let me just tell you, once the sun starts going down, WDW in September is a whole different animal.
    If I didn’t have small children who were on their own schedule, I would do all night time adventures in the hot summer months.

    So we head out into the balmy night in search of FUN!

    First up, Mexico.
    I know, I know, the ride was hokey before, and hokier now that they messed with it.

    But, again, we consider it a classic. And being able to sit for a few minutes isn’t bad either.

    I, for one, just LOVE the fireworks at the end.
    I wish I could install those somewhere in my house. LOL

    We looked a little bit at the wares for sale, then decided to continue on to Norway.

    Maelstrom is one of our favorite rides. We only wish it was longer.
    And we have perfected the “Norwegian Dash” which is the sprint you have to make across the theater to avoid having to watch the Norway travel film.

    One of these days we might watch it. But for now...things to do, things to do....

    We were about tuckered out. I paused to take some pics of the sunset across the World Showcase Lake.

    Looking toward Canada:


    Looking toward the Swolphin:


    We decided to take advantage of those super special Dream Fast Passes and ride Test Track one more time without waiting.

    May I just say, Test Track at night...ROCKS!!!

    It feels so much faster in the dark. Who knows why?

    Bionic SIL, Disneygirl, Stitch jr., Poch Jr.


    John and I and Princess K. I made this one brighter and left off the border so you could play:
    Find the Hidden Mickeys!


    The nice lady in the rainbow shirt introduced herself to me when she saw the lime green tag on my bag.
    She is a Disser too! LabDogs something something.

    Then it was that absolutely unbearably long, tedious walk back to the bus stop. Sigh.
    Carry me???

    When we got to the big stones with peoples pics on them, we saw that there were photopass photogs taking pics of people in front of the ball.
    I had pre-paid for a photopass cd, so I knew we needed to start getting some pics taken.

    Weirdly enough, the photopass guy was the same one that had taken our pic 2 years before when we were family of the day and MGM and got to open the park.


    Yes, I have my eyes closed.
    Perhaps if you are an eye-closer too, you might skip the $100 for a photopass CD and spend it on something else. Sigh.

    Back to the bus stop, and the ever so swift ride to Pop Century.
    [I mean it, Epcot wasn't even a hop skip and a jump from Pop.]

    It was a little late to swim, so we decided just to hit the hay.

    Last trip we spent almost every evening in the pool.
    But we came back at suppertime, and not later evening.
    This trip, between staying later and wacky weather, the pool was not to be, at least not very much.

    Once the little ones head’s hit the pillows, they were out!

    Next up: Is that a castle I see before me?
  14. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    Hey everybody, I posted an update and you haven't read it yet!!!!

    That chicken sounds good. You could put it in tortillas. Mmmmm....

    I do try to buy large quantities. I still am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I have to cook for 9 people. I hope I have it down by the time they are teenagers and REALLY hungry. LOL

    I love figuring out movie titles that come from Shakespeare.
    What Dreams May Come
    Undiscovered Country
    I know there are a ton more, but I'm foggy headed this morning.

    Yup, we have pavement. I was trying to think of something to top you with, but again, I have a foggy head this morning. I'll let you have that one! LOL
  15. SlightlyGoofy

    SlightlyGoofy <font color=green>I shall be forced to take you on

    May 5, 2001
    DM5, I plumb forgot to tell you that you could make tortillas etc out of that meat mixture. It is also a diet dish as it only has 3 WW points per serving. It is one of those very few magical foods that satisfies every want and need and at a bargain price. It is a staple around this house. Even my ten year old grandson knows how to make it but then he also knows how to make quiche and creme brulee too. :thumbsup2

    Ever notice how sitting in a different location or riding something after dark gives you a whole new perspective on even the most ridden attraction?? I love checking out the details, like is the car going to go off the rails and why not?:confused3

    Some of my favorite moments at DW were in line waiting for the Friendship boats. I have met the most amazing folks in line. I still remember the family from Raleigh who invited to come and stay with them. IN their house. I remember the details and may one day take them up on it even though I told them that inviting strangers into their home was not the best idea in the world. :hug:

    MS_mom_1965, I done got our 1990 pickup loaded to go to the dump. I can outhick almost everyone. :laughing:

  16. peanut1967

    peanut1967 DIS Veteran

    May 5, 2007
    Well done, fab installment...

    just one little biddy question...

    Wheres the next installment:rotfl2:
  17. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    Us too, we always have to do Figment just to keep me happy :rotfl2:

    Tell her great photos :thumbsup2

    Us too :rotfl2:

    Oh I've heard it's great, must try that next time!

    What a beautiful photo, the colour of the ball is gorgeous :goodvibes


    May 29, 2007
    WHHHHHHEEEEEWWWWW!!! I am all caught up!!! Now heading over to the food porn!!!But before that I must switch over the laundry since it has been done now for hhhmmm about three hours... I hate doing laundry:laundy: god bless you for doing laundry:laundy: for 9! there are only five here in this house and I HATE HATE doing laundry! Did I mention I HATE DOING:mad: LAUNDRY:laundy: :rotfl2:
  19. MS_mom_1965

    MS_mom_1965 Mouseketeer

    Jul 13, 2007
    Okay, so I DO wear shoes most of the times. We have horses, dogs and cats, and it's just too gross to go out barefooted in our yard.

    By the way, our "dump" truck is a 1984 Chevrolet.

    I am impressed you folks are trying to "out-hick" me. Normally when people find out I'm from Mississippi, I end up trying to convince them that we have indoor plumbing and electricity now. Hey - even computers!
  20. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    Agreed! :thumbsup2

  21. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2007
    Love the update Sarah! The photopass pic is great! With that many people in 1 photo someone was bound to blink - too bad it was you! :rotfl:

    Thanks for the hidden mickey hint in the test track photo - I have never noticed! Now I have to go back and look at mine!

    Glad you enjoyed dinner in 'my' Canada! :thumbsup2

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