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    Mar 24, 2004
    We are here now, adjacent rooms (next to each other but no connecting door) in Barbados, building 11.

    We've stayed here a few times before. I would start by saying that the rooms are great, we love them. There is a bit of work that one of the rooms needs (obviously had a leak of some kind onto the drapery and some of the paint needs touched up) but they are by no means Motel 6 quality.

    The resort is great as we remembered. We don't have a bad walk to OPR, just walked over for lunch. I would say it took us about 7 minutes at a leisurely pace and we took the longer scenic route over the wood foot bridge between 11 and 12. Much faster to cut through the paved sidewalks.

    Lunch was good, nothing special really, same food and quality as any of the moderate food courts. We did get rapid refill mugs for length of stay. They have worked well for us for the one day we've had them. never really noticed anything different at the refill station.

    Any questions or requests?

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