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Hello! Newbie from the UK/Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by lolainkent, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. lolainkent

    lolainkent Member

    Hi everyone! I've only just found this site as I've been researching info for a huge family Disney Dream cruise next February and quick stop at WDW right after. My husband and I live in the UK with our 3 kids and we will be meeting up with my dad, step-mom, sister, my two older brothers and their wives and their kids - 16 of us in total!

    My dad wanted to get all of us together and I have to say when the suggestion to do a Disney cruise came up, we all jumped.

    Quick question: we get off the Dream on Thursday Feb 20th, planning to stop the Kennedy Space Centre en route to a Disney Resort (no chosen yet, will be sorted soon!). Everyone is thinking of spending the Friday at one of the Parks, but will likely be going in different directions. As we've never been to WDW (DH and I have each been to Disneyland a few times as kids), is it smart to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom because it's the big one or will our kids maybe not get as much out of it? My boys will be 8 and 6 1/2, while our daughter a couple months shy of 2. We go to safari type zoos near where we live a lot so the Animal Kingdom would likely be our last choice unless anyone knows a good reason it should jump to the top? Any feedback more than welcome!
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  3. mistyfountain

    mistyfountain Earning My Ears

    Having been many times I would say that MK will be the one to go for. It is truly magical for small kids and has a good selection of shows and rides for the two younger ones. The 8 year old will probably enjoy the "mountains" . None of the other parks have such a good selection for smaller kids and also there many more opportunities to meet mickey and friends!
  4. Sphinx610

    Sphinx610 Mouseketeer

    Absolutely Magic Kingdom. 8&6 are perfect ages for it. Any age is perfect for MK but honestly if I could only pick one for someone who had never been it'd be mK. The only thing that would make me say anything else would be the fact that you have been to DL a few times. The second choice would be Hollywood Studios. Very different experience, good restaurant, good shows and a few rides and character m&g's. still kinda think MK though...
  5. lolainkent

    lolainkent Member

    That's what I was thinking, thanks Sphinx610 and mistyfountain. My older son is fairly tall and I assume he'll be able to go on all rides, but I worry my younger son (small for 6 at the moment) might miss out. I still think MK is the best choice, can't wait to take them there!
  6. jesswindsor

    jesswindsor Mouseketeer

  7. lolainkent

    lolainkent Member

    Thank you!!

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