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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by bobert7, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. bobert7

    bobert7 New Member

    I've been trying to read as much as possible on these two resorts and as many vs threads as i can but i'm still undecided.

    I booked AsMu for 9 nights starting 10-29 but when i called in earlier to speak to a CM about something else, he suggested i stay at POP and the price difference ws marginal...like really marginal. Up to that point i was 80% sure i chose the right resort and then he blew my mind.

    Things that are important to me are that the rooms are:
    • closeness to dining areas
    • closeness to parking areas
    • quality and variety of food
    • likelyness of getting a KING bed
    • Disney feel

    Buses are not an issue as we'll have a car.
    So i've looked at either the Jazz Inn or 80s and 90s. (I know prefered would be closer, but id rather spend as little as possible on the hotels and spend more on food, gifts, parks and stuff.

    Thank you.
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  3. bobert7

    bobert7 New Member

  4. mitchsfan

    mitchsfan New Member

    I have never stayed at Music. I have stayed the last 2 times at Pop. My family loves Pop. When we go in August that is where we will be staying.

    Food: If I remember correctly there are 4 counters. One has pizza/spaghetti/ chicken parm, another has your typical burger/hot dog so on and so on. The other two have sandwiches and Mexican food. If you like Reuben sandwiches, try the Reuben flatbread it is out of this world. Each night at the food court one of the counters have Mom's Night Out. It is a "tv dinner" but the menu rotates each night.

    Parking lot- the last time we had a car and our room was in the 70s building. The 90s parking lot was a very short walk to the car and to our room.

    Disneyfeel - Pop has Disney character statues like Mickey, Lady and the Tramp, the Jungle Book throughout the resort. I don't think music does.

    In short, I think it is 6 or a half dozen either way. You can't make a bad choice. Remember - go with the Reuben!
  5. ADisneyQueen

    ADisneyQueen New Member

    I have never been to ASMU ( but have been to ASMovies). I like POP b/c of the lakeview rooms and there is no extra charge for it.. It feels more like a resort to me. Walking over to AOA is fun too, and you can also go to their food court.
  6. We prefer the All Stars to POP - mainly because they're smaller. POP to us felt "too big". I can see what the CM means about the theming - POP is very cool. I do think that parking-wise the 2 are comparable. I can't remember how far the food court was from POP buildings but honestly it will depend on where your room is - you can ask for Jazz or the closer buildings in POP but there's no guarantee.
  7. Pixiedust34

    Pixiedust34 <font color=blue>It's like I'm stuck in a music ti

    I've stayed at both. I prefer Music because it's a bit quieter and less chaotic in the food court and common areas. My teens like both, but prefer Pop for theme.
  8. bobert7

    bobert7 New Member

    how far would you say the 80s/90s are from the food court?
    Like if i want to go get a drink is it a "long" walk (after a day of walking around a theme park) or fairly close?
  9. lovesdumbo

    lovesdumbo New Member

    The furthest room at ASMu would be a longer walk than the 80s/90s at Pop.

    I've stayed ASMu once, ASMo twice and Pop 7 times. I like the setup of Pop better. I would stay at Pop so I could walk over to AoA.
  10. PreciousPluto

    PreciousPluto Disney Dreaming

    I have stayed at both of these resorts, so I thought I would add my two cents. I stayed in a room with a King bed at All Stars Music in the preferred section. This was two years ago, and at that time, I felt the room could use a refurb. It was a nice stay, and I was upgraded to the King w/out being charged.

    Last summer I stayed in the 60s section with a lake view. This was not a preferred room, and it was very close to the pool/food court area. These rooms had been recently re-done, and POP was definiately my favorite of the two resorts. I would stay at POP again. I spend very little time at the resort, so take that into account--I am comando at the parks.

    Enjoy your stay--either resort will be great.:)
  11. mitchsfan

    mitchsfan New Member

    Not long at all. Maybe 4-6 minutes at the most. If you look at the map, I stayed at the upper lefthand corner of the 70s building. It probably took 5 minutes to walk to Classic Hall.

    It looks like you can cut through the 90s parking lot to get to Classic Hall too. It might be a shorter walk.

  12. bobert7

    bobert7 New Member

    ok i think i'm going to change to POP....now which decade lol
  13. mitchsfan

    mitchsfan New Member

    I dont know what they consider preferred or standard. But the the 70s building was a standard room when we stayed there in 2011. If you can get that it is close enough to the pool and to the food court but far enough away from all the noise.

  14. zandorian

    zandorian New Member

    You post did not say how many people are in the room, We are going to WDW for are first time in 2 weeks and have booked at ASMU Family suite. We are 5 people and wanted each of the kids to have their own "bed"
  15. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    ASMu is my FAVORITE value resort. Love the theming, never had an issue with CMs, has 1,000 fewer rooms than Pop so more quiet and less chaotic, especially at the food court.

    As much emphasis as you are putting on location, you may want to consider a preferred room. Remember that a room request is just that-- a request. You could be put in any building--anywhere--unless paying for a preferred room.
  16. Lu Ann

    Lu Ann Afternoon Tea Hostess

    We prefer Pop. The 50s are preferred rooms, preferred because they are closer to the busses and food court. But since we also drive our car, we prefer Pop because it is a closer drive to all the parks, except. AK. All Stars is out past AK, and the other three parks seem like such a long drive from there.
  17. ghoweywilson

    ghoweywilson New Member

    Music has a quieter feel that I like but I looooove POP. I stayed in the 90's building this past July and it's a 5 minute walk but you can cut through the 90's parking lot so it's really no big deal.

    Plus the walk around the lake to AoA and the choice of quieter pools is a definite plus!
  18. ghoweywilson

    ghoweywilson New Member

  19. RedHeadedFairy

    RedHeadedFairy New Member

    I'd take the Pop over any of the AS resorts, any day. I love that the Pop rooms have a small fridge without requesting it.

    We just stayed inthe 90's building & found the walk to the food court area very easy (we cut across the parking lot in front instead of winding around the paths between buildings.) The food quality is the same that you'll find at any of the value resorts. We really loved the theme & got a kick out of sharing the pop culture with DD8. (Like Pac-Man, Rubik's cube, etc.)

    I especially love that it doens't share the bus line with any other resort. I know you said you'll be using your own vehicle, but for us this was a key point. We always felt like the bus rides to/from all the AS resorts unbearably long & overcrowded, no matter what time of year.
  20. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    Just to be acccurate, all of the resorts on property have a fridges in the rooms. Even the AS resorts.:thumbsup2
  21. bobert7

    bobert7 New Member

    I just had the worst experience with a CM to the point where i just said FORGET IT, i'm staying at AsMu cause I was so affraid this woman would cancel my reservations by mistake.

    She started by telling me that Pop Century is way smaller than AsMu followed by telling me that no Value hotel has king size beds and i should look into a moderate resort for a king sized bed. I asked if she mean availability, and she said no they just dont have king sized beds.

    Then told me that Jazz/Rock/Broadway and Country are all one hotel and Calypso another. When i asked if she meant prefered vs standard she said no, one building. :sad2:

    She said there are no buses from AsMu so Pop would be better for that.
    Throughout the conversation kept asking me to repeat which resort i'm reserved at right now which i had told her several times.

    Also when she was looking for the front desk number for AsMu told me its a secret number not available online. I asked her if it was online cause it was taking her 10 mins to find it. Finally i found it online after tired of waiting and when i told her i got it, she seemed kinda upset at me for finding me telling me i could not have gotten it. When i told her what the number was she said "NO thats not the number, this is the number and gave me the exact same number i gave her"

    I'm in the call center industry, and have never witnessed (or i should say heard) anything like this. Is friday casual service day at Disney:headache:

    sorry for the rant.
    Thanks for the advice guys and gals. I will try my hand once i'm there on monday cause i honestly thought if i asked her to do anything she might wind up cancelling and banning me from disney by pressing a wrong button (joking but you get the gist lol)

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