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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by churchpilot, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Jul 2, 2008
    We were just at Disney from May 17th-28th and upgraded our regular tickets to annual passes on our 3rd day there. We were at Epcot's Guest Relations by the breezeway to the buses. My husband did the upgrading while we waited in the shade, and I didn't think anything was amiss when he handed me my annual pass and not my room key. He informed me that the guy kept the room keys. I just assumed that the new technology was on our AP. When we got back to the resort, my 8 YO was out of the elevator first and tried his AP on the room. It didn't open the door. Crud--I tried mine---------it opened the door. OK-good. So did my husbands and my 12 YOs. I take my 8 YO with me and we go back down to the check-in desk and ask them if they can fix his card or do we have to do it in a park. 2 managers later they are stumped why our AP can open a door! They called EPCOT and tried to figure how the guy programmed it, but couldn't figure it out. They gave us new room keys and said this would probably deprogram our AP to open the door---it didn't! Wonder if it will still work.........!!! Has this happened to anyone else? They said the technology is coming, but not being utilized yet.
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    I had the opposite .. I had a room key and they added my AP to it. They out it on the yellow club level card so I could use it for the year and not mix it up with a regular key. When I went to renew, the new system wouldn't let them put AP 's on room cards anymore.
  4. cvjw

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    Dec 22, 2005
    Was told on Sunday at BLT that AP's could not be put on room keys. CM said that they used to do it, but had so many problems with it that it is no longer done.

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