Has Disney ever done that before??

Discussion in 'Disney Promotions and Celebrations--Current Promot' started by Blessedwithboys, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Blessedwithboys

    Blessedwithboys Mouseketeer

    Mar 4, 2012
    I know it is all still speculation at this point. But with the rumors of Free Dining only being for mods and deluxes I was thinking...has Disney ever offered a discount to only certain levels of resorts and nothing to another?? Do you think that if the rumors are true the values will get a % off code for dining or will they be left paying full rack rate with no promotion during hurricane season LOL:confused3 I just feel like the whole thing seems odd!!
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  3. skier_pete

    skier_pete DIsney-holics Anon

    Aug 17, 2006
    Rumor makes no sense. If there is no FD at values, it would be cheaper to stay at a mod with dining than at a value with dining. Mods also fill up the quickest, even faster than values. So, no I don't buy it at all.

    I would more believe the rumor that mods are going to now go the way of values and get the QSDP. That's more realistic.

    Overall, I've been watching the rumors on Free Dining for 7 years. There's only a few constants:
    1) The rumors are usually gloom and doom.
    2) The rumors are 99 % untrue.

    The fact is, almost no-one knows what Disney's promotion is actually going to be until shortly below it's released. Therefore, all rumors stem from speculation. Someone posts "Based on such-and-such, I wonder if they won't have FD at values this year." This then turns into "I'm hearing there won't be FD at values this year." It's all BS.
  4. rainynight

    rainynight Mouseketeer

    Jun 9, 2012
    Yep. I priced it and even if mods offered quick service its still a bit cheaper to upgrade to regular dining than to stay at a value with no free dining offered and purchase the regular dining plan.
  5. mm1971

    mm1971 DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2011
    They just extended the booking window for the current promotion to 3/31. I would expect the next promotion to come out mid April and it should be either a room only discount or FD about mid August if history is any indication.
  6. memster

    memster Mouseketeer

    Jan 17, 2010
    I've got my fingers crossed for FD;)Going August 25 and staying at a mod.

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