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Has anyone ever complained about your kids at the parks?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by aristocatz, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Seriously??? What a rude and condescending thing to say. So childfree women are unlucky? That women can't know love, happiness, personal satisfaction and fulfillment until they have a child? There are people who, either by choice or due to infertility, are childree and they live very fulfilling lives. Based on your statement, these people ought to stock up on Friskies unless they push out a kid. How dare speak about not judging others then write such a judgmental statement. People like you make me feel bad for society. In fact, statements like this make me not want to ever have children (if I am in fact able to) if they will have to share the planet with people as judgmental and narrow-minded as yourself.

    On topic, I agree with 99% of the posters here. Most of the meltdowns are handled just fine and I truly sympathize with the parents and help them if I can by offering a distraction. The couple of times I saw children misbehaving and the parents willfully ignoring it so as THEIR evening isn't ruined, I chalked it up to the decline of society.
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  3. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    Good call lets do it ! :rotfl:
  4. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    Hey! This is not very Mickeyish!
  5. luckyprincess

    luckyprincess Dis Lord

    This is so funny but I'm watching my parents dog so that they can go to Cape May in the same old motel we always went :lovestruc but now they get to go with my bro/his wife and their child and my sis and her new baby. It's exciting because we always went with my Grandma/Grandpa and now they get to do it, too. Sadly, my semester just started and its a doozy, so I can't go :sad1:

    Anyway, I was just talking to my Daddy and told him this and he laughed and said that they hated packing us up and leaving when we were behaving poorly but they made a pact when they got married (which they got to enjoy 3 days of because my Daddy was drafted to Viet Nam:headache:) that they would raise their kids how they were raised - one very Italian family and one second generation Irish family - so in a nutshell, pretty strict! He said he can still remember the looks on our faces at the very first place we ever left due to our behavior - it was apparently the Bronx Zoo (I don't remember this) and my brother and oldest sister were bothering each other and bickering the entire time from when we got out of the car until we paid and got in the Zoo. Mom laid down the law and told us all that if Cathy and Pat kept it up, we were going home. Well....they did...and we did. My Daddy said we were in such shock that they actually kept to their word that we didn't even cry til we got to the car!

    After that time, I recall it happening at Cape May the first year we were all out of strollers - packed up, got the deposit back from the motel and left. He just said for me to post that 'He's a man of his word and the best way to let children know that keeping your word is the most important thing is to actually do it while raising them'. I warned you that he is old school...lol!:laughing:
  6. luckyprincess

    luckyprincess Dis Lord

    They would be if they were mine!! Considering I don't want any I don't think they'd be very happy to have me as a Mom, lol! I didn't say a house full of kids for YOU is unlucky - I think everyone needs a cup of coffee or to read more closely and not take things personally!!! Geez!
    By the way - so sorry about your dog! 15 is a lot of fantastic years to be loved and have a wonderful family! Did she get to swim in the pool? Mine is scared...
  7. si-am

    si-am Mouseketeer

    I am starting to think Puffles might be a troll. Totally not mickeyish. :(
  8. stepdisney

    stepdisney <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I disagree. Not saying anything to a child that intentionally spits on another person or another person's property is totally inappropriate and if the parent doesn't know that it is wrong, then someone has to tell the child it is wrong. A child licked my husbands hand in line. His mother laughed, my husband said "don't do that anymore to the child." Too bad if the parent didn't like it. She made a choice to not say anything to the child. If the child is intimidated into do the right thing next time, so be it.
  9. We can only hope.
  10. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    Yes! of course you do !! pixiedust:
  11. Suellen

    Suellen DIS Veteran

    Saying don't do that to a child that understands is one thing. "nutting up" in a child's face is entirely another. Your problem is with parent not parenting as you see fit.... the child should NOT be approached in a physical manner.
  12. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    No i'm very Mickeyish and so is my family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool1:
  13. luckyprincess

    luckyprincess Dis Lord

  14. bwilcox

    bwilcox Mouseketeer

    I'm not sure insulting people who don't have kids is very "Mickeyish," so I would have to disagree.
  15. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    Never liked pools but always jumped in any lakes and rivers but she would scare the heck out of me because she had very limited swimming skills. :scared1: and i always had to jump in to save her and she was like 55 pounds of paw pounding victim!!!
  16. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    I still want to know which ADRs to cancel, since we were forewarned that it would not be a peaceful meal :lmao::confused3
  17. si-am

    si-am Mouseketeer

    Me and you both!
  18. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    David Wilcox is Mickeyish, you sir are not. Some people call me a bad apple, but I still taste sweet. I Maybe the sweetest apple on the tree.
  19. minniebride

    minniebride Mouseketeer

    Wow, what a disgusting & completely hypocritical comment :headache: & what's worse is you seem so proud of yourself with the :yay: you put at the end. I think the people who seem the most unlucky are the ones you are supposedly being a role model for. :(

    I agree that this person is either a troll or just feels like an idiot for that awful comments and is trying to salvage themselves with *trying* to be funny.....

    I think the point is, no matter how anyone chooses to parent their children, they do need to be mindful of other people when sharing a space with other people.

    Would you let your child tantrum in a movie theater or library? Would you let them remain there and ignore their behavior because you are trying to teach your child a lesson at that point in time??? I'm guessing none of you would feel comfortable with this behavior. I fail to see why the same rules would not apply in WDW :confused3 :confused3 :confused3

    I think most people are understanding of a child having a tough time.....as long as the parent is actively intervening on the situation. & if the child runs off, bumps into someone, spits on them, blows bubbles in their face, screams in their ear, please don't just brush it off as "kids will be kids" or "this is my trip of a lifetime"-you are still responsible for your childrens' actions and however you decide to deal with it, whatever your parenting style is, please just be mindful of those around you!! :flower3:

    I make a conscious effort in WDW (and in any public place where kids might be) to be mindful of my behavior & how it might affect other people. I would never smoke near a child. I would never get drunk around a child. I would never curse in line or talk about anything inappropriate while I'm in a line in WDW or anywhere near a child. I make a conscious effort to look away if I see a parent trying to manage a child having a difficult time. As an adult, I make a conscious effort to make sure I am being as respectful as possible around the children and people I am sharing my space with. I expect the grown ups, who are responsible for their children, to be mindful of me as well, by just being respectful that I am also sharing this line with you, following those simple social rules as a grown-up would, and taking that into consideration when you decide which route you are going to go with parenting that situation.
  20. bwilcox

    bwilcox Mouseketeer

    All right, I'm convinced-it's a troll. Let's all stop feeding it.:rolleyes1
  21. Puffles

    Puffles Earning My Ears

    I would not smoke or drink in front of my kids either. I think you have the wrong Puffle. My kids are great, just saying i got a two year old so there is gong to be a meltdown this year. 12 and 8 year old will be cool but little girl will go nuts on a few occasions no doubt.

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