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Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by Jozymouse, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Jozymouse

    Jozymouse Disney Character Fanatic

    May 19, 2006

    We are planning to stay onsite in may 2014 for 2 nights. Regular price at the HardRock is $661 for the 2 nights and through Sears Travel and some credits i can get it for $435 ($217 a night) is that a good deal for that hotel? Or, from now until May, we should be able to find something better? We dont have APs, are not Florida residents or AAA members.

    Thank you very much guys!

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  3. Bluer101

    Bluer101 Waiting till vacation comes!

    Jun 29, 2008
    It's is still extremely early for deals. You can book through the hotel directly at rack rate and can adjust when better rate come out. I'm don't know the policy with Sears so can't help you there.

    If you book now you will pay one night deposit. So look at it this way, if the rate changes and gets lower ( almost certain to happen) then the amount due will be lower since you already paid a bigger deposit.
  4. damo

    damo Proud Redhead

    Jan 1, 2001
    Hmmmm. There might be some good deals out by the time May 2014 rolls around since the new Harry Potter is supposed to open in the summer. The resorts might be pretty quiet because people are waiting for the opening.
  5. macraven

    macraven Proud Redhead

    Apr 21, 2003
    that's right.
    some deals can be made prior to openings of big new attractions.

    we all know the hotels will be close to full when the new add on of parry hotter will be opening.

    go before that period and enjoy the parks without the huge crowds and better deals for onsite hotels.

    make another visit after the new set up has been opened to explore that section then.

    i tend to make my longer stay vacations in the fall.

    lines die down eventually, hotels have more availability and promos.

    it works for me.

    you can always book now and pay rack rate.
    modify your rate once the promos become available.

  6. Jozymouse

    Jozymouse Disney Character Fanatic

    May 19, 2006

    when are the new Harry potter things opening? We will be going to Universal from May 10-12. Its already set in stone since we also have a disney cruise booked + doing a SWW. Thanks!
  7. Texaschick1104

    Texaschick1104 Earning My Ears

    Aug 4, 2006
    It is set to open in 2014. Most people seem to think sometime during the summer months (late June/ July) like the WWoHP. I bet it won't be open during the time you are going.

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