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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Moira222, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Thanks on the :thumbsup2 .... its a HUGE struggle for me right now. DD keeps going for big hugs...she thinks I don't know that she is checking if her arms go all the way around my so that they touch in the back. She made such a big fuss when she could finally clasp her hands around her dad's....but mom doesn't run an hour a night like dad does, I clean up after dinner dishes, check home work & put the girl to bed instead;)

    I thought I did have Festival of the Lion King on my list -- I really really want to see that one. We saw Finding Nemo in 2009 and just loved it! I am hoping to catch more shows this time --- I keep missing Beauty & the Beast and that is high on my list too.
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  3. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Oh didn't know about this. I will look into. I just learned about ordering the photo pass ahead of time and loved that idea. it would be awesome!

    I just saw how beautiful the Boardwalk area is - WOW! I am sure that DH will not be ok with a Kids Club for Katie..I have broached the subject before. He is a LEO and is far to aware of all the bad things in the world and would not let her out of his site unless he knew full background on the caregiver. Its great to be safe but it does make child care a bugger.
    oh you rock - I am totally heading there. I have the iron on sheets for my computer so that would be fantastic! thanks:thumbsup2
  4. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Touring Plans? Ok so now I am getting in to the tricky part of my planning. I want to make the most of our time at WDW, want to have some general touring plans but don't want to make myself crazy. So now I am working on sorting my favorites into areas of each park so that I can give myself the best route.

    so far,here is how our days are breaking down:

    5/13 - arrive pm @ WLR, so dinner (Maybe!) & crash

    Saturday 5/14: Morning at MK ; Dinner @ 1900 PF; After dinner: Epcot & Illuminations

    Sunday 5/15: EPCOT! Breakfast at Akershus, Dinner @ the Biergarten. We will leave the park after dinner & hit MK for EMH

    Monday 5/16: AK; lunch @ Rainforest; we will do something light for dinner after AK closes & hit DHS for Fantasmic & EMH

    Tuesday 5/17: DHS; dinner @ Chef Mickey's No set place for after dinner. maybe kick back & catch water parade from the beach at WLR or see if there's a beach movie at FWC

    Wednesday 5/18 DH'S Bday, so its Daddy's choice: Epcot, DHS; Dinner @ Poly for Spirit of Aloha dinner show.

    Thursday 5/19: Downtown for some shopping; Epcot & Coral Reef for dinner

    Friday 5/20 Kick of SWW; rope drop for FP's; 50's prime time cafe for dinner; head to epcot after DHS closes. No details yet I have heard the opening ceremony (?Parade??) for SWW is awesome so whatever time that is over to Epcot for EMH or just go swim. By now we will be really tired from running all week!

    Saturday 5/21 (last day at WDW) MK, Crystal Palace for Dinner; I'd like more time AK but not sure if I will get there -- not a fav of DH or DD

    Sunday 5/22 - 2:30 pm flight home, so just pack & swim a bit in the am
  5. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    OMG I am so addicited to this web site!:surfweb: I have spent most of the day reading trip reports, restaurant reviews, resort info, this is so bad.

    DH got his new safari vest [​IMG] in the mail for our trip. He has a black vest now that he has worn to death, and wanted something new, light weight, that will hold tons of stuff without weighing him down.

    I have had some great tips on birthday ideas and cannot wait to surprise him on his birthday with this: [​IMG]. He is a police officer, and this will just be the absolute best way to commemorate this trip for him.

    A few years back my sister and her family went to WDW on a "dream trip" and he was the only person she brought something back for. [​IMG] -- the LEO even looks like DH! My sister died a few months later, and this print just holds a very special place. when my TA Jen told me about the hero gift, I just knew it was perfect. i just hope i can keep it secret till May!!

    More trip planning soon...
  6. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    I am so hooked on our upcoming WDW trip.... its very distracting. i have SO much other stuff to be doing at home but instead have spent the last two hours really planning out our first two days, making notes on how to make the most of our time so that we can be happy and not just sleepy and grumpy.

    I welcome comments, suggestions as I go along!!

    Saturday May 14:

    Morning: Magic Kingdom Aim to be there before park opens at 9am
    • Start out by checking out the Main St Barber shop
    • Take the train over to Frontier Land
    • Explore Frontier Land: Big Thunder Mountain; FP for Splash Mountain; Tom Sawyer Island
    • Head over to Liberty Square: Visit the Hall of Presidents, Liberty Square River boat; haunted Mansion; Try lunch at Columbia Harbour House or salads at the Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland.
    • Highlights of Fantasyland: FP for Peter Pan’s flight (try for one before lunch so can ride after) It’s a Small World; Golden Carousel; Mickey’s Philharmonic; Dumbo
    • head to hotel for pool time then early dinner 4:30 at Grand Floridian
    After Dinner: Epcot
    • head back & right in Future World– check out wait time for Soarin! (can't hurt!)
    • Take the boat ride through Living with the Land; View the Circle of Life;
    • Hit the KidKot stop in the Land
    • The Seas -- visit Nemo, Turtle talk with Crush, chill out a bit watching the dolphins, catch the Kidcot Stop here
    • Head out by 8 pm to find a good viewing spot for Illuminations.
    • Stay for Illuminations tonight & skip them tomorrow to do EMH @ MK

    Sunday May 15 -- EPCOT, EMH at MK

    Epcot opens at 9 am. get to park a 9, skip entry craziness,
    • Get a KimPossible mission ticket and then get the mission at the kiosk between Mexico and Norway.
    • 9:35 Princess Storybook-Akershus Norway
    • After breakfast, head right over to Maelstrom! Check out the shops, skip the snacks.
    • Back track to Mexico; Gran Fiesta Tour inside, and some time for shopping in the Mayan temple.
    • continue back tracking and head over to Canada. KidCot top & O Canada attraction.
    • head over to UK --Be sure to check out the garden maze and kid cot stop there. Photo opp at book store??
    • wander up to France, stopping for character greeting along the lake. cool off at the Impressions de France attraction. Kidcot stop in back of France
    • Find the Fairies!!!:tinker:
    • Lunch options: Chefs de France; Morroco Tangierine Café, or Yakitori house in Japan
    • Kidcot stop in Morrocco, character greetings on lake on way to Japan. Kidcot stop in front of Japan. Time in Japan to visit the gardens
    • Lots of time? take the ferry back across & start heading up the world from Norway/Mexico toward German. Running close? keep going around the world in order. Dinner Res at 6 pm.
    • US – American Adventure; American heritage gallery
    • Italy – Kid cot, leave time for street performance if there is one.
    • Outpost – easy for Katie to kill good half hour here playin on the drums!
    • China – Mushu!
    • Germany: check out the wines, kiosks, shopping. Kidcot stop at Germany, character greeting just outside (Snow White and Dopey?)
    • 6 pm reservations in Germany; leave park around 8 and head to MK for EMH
    **consider heading to MK at 8 pm for EMH as folks are getting ready for Illumations

    Magic Kingdom -- make sure to do Jungle cruise after dark; Katie's choice for rides after that.

    **I don't plan to get in all the countries this day but figured I'd put the highlights here so that I would miss things at whatever country I go to.
  7. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    I took a look at the suggestions on TouringPlans web site but they don't hit any of my own list items, so I checked out the map and made my own list up. DH popped over as I was writing it out so I had to share the plans thus far.

    Monday May 16
    Animal Kingdom, EMH from 8 to 9 am, park open till 5

    • Arrive at the entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom 25 minutes prior to opening. Skip Discovery Island and cut through DinoLand, past Nemo & get a fast pass for Expedition Everest, unless the line is short.
    • Ride Kali River Rapids;
    • dry off while watching Flights of Wonder
    • Walk back (toward Africa) to the Wildlife Express & take the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Conservation Station and Affection The Station includes a rehabilitation area for injured animals and a nursery for recently born (or hatched) critters. Vets and other experts are on hand to answer questions.
    • Affection Section (petting zoo) There are Kids Discovery Club and Character greetings back here.
    • Head down to Discovery Island via the Discovery Island Trail. Visit Tree of Life, etc on way to entrance and Rainforest Cafe. Check for a fastpass for Tough To Be a Bug.
    • 12:45 lunch at Rainforest Café
    • After Lunch Explore the Camp Minnie-Mickey Character Trails in Camp Minnie-Mickey.
    • See the Festival of the Lion King.
    • It's Tough to Be a Bug! ; head to Dinoland.
    • Check the next performance time of Finding Nemo: The Musical at the Theater in the Wild in Dinoland. If the next show is within 25 minutes, see Nemo now. Otherwise, see The Boneyard in Dinoland.
    • Primeval whirl coaster in Dino land.
    • Dinosaur!
    • If it's near 4 pm parade time, find a good viewing spot on Discovery Island for the Afternoon Parade from Discovery Island.
    • ** Can catch after dinner park hours at HS till 10, Fantasmic Fireworks at 7
  8. laashley

    laashley DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2010
    Such a wonderful idea. I know you are so excited. It's great when you find that perfect gift.

    If you can get at MK by 8:40, that way you can see the opening show. It is where some characters ride in on the train and a special family is chosen to open the park. They also have people singing and dancing. It is a great way to start your MK day!

    I could be wrong, but I think that at Epcot the Kidcot stations are now only in world showcase.

    Here is how the Kim Possible missions work- grab a pass for it when you get into the parks, you can get them at either innoventions. That ticket will give you a time and place to get your KP pager (you can get the pager later, but the earliest time would be for 11am because that is when WS opens).

    Also, on the performers I have always had a hard time being in the right place at the right time. The day before I would make sure to grab a times guide that way you could map more of when the performers will be out. That goes for the characters as well. With the characters, I don't think Mushu is greeting anymore but Mulan will be there. As for Dopey I never saw him at Epcot as well. Hopefully, you will have better luck.

    Your plans look like lots of fun. Especially the Jungle Cruise at night. I was so pleasantly surprised by our last cruise.:thumbsup2

    One more thing, if you like frozen drinks they have the best slushes in France. I prefer the grey goose limon citron one, but they also have a grand mariner one (blood orange) that some love more. Either way if you like slushes I would try one or the other.
  9. laashley

    laashley DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2010
    Touringplans will not usually list a park as best that has EMH's. They don't because it wouldn't be beneficial for anyone staying off property to go on those days. I use the per park calendar and that helps on how busy they expect the park to be. They aren't always right though and sometimes I find that it is better to ignore their suggestions.

    Rafikis Planet Watch and Conservation station is a great place to go, but make sure you have the time. When we went in October we waited in line for awhile to catch the train. In December there was no wait, so the wait can really vary, but I would make sure I had about 2 hours to enjoy the area, that accounts for travel time back and forth. Give yourself enough time to make it all the way back to the front of the park for your Rainforest reservation as well (this will be quite a trek).

    We found a great spot for the parade. It was in discovery island on the way to Asia (right side of the tree). It was close to the exit to Tough to be a Bug on the right side of the walkway. There was a ball balloon (can't think of what they are called) stand there and the kids had a blast while waiting.

    Watch your time here. I always find a day at AK can fly by. I would also decide between FoTLK or FN, I doubt you will be able to see both after lunch. Or plan to do one after the parade. The crowds really thin out after the parade is over so a great time to do alot is after the parade. Plus, if you get to see the park at dark it is beautiful and a little scary.:upsidedow
  10. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Oh I didnt know there was a nopening show! great tip we will be there!!

    Cool, Kim Possible had just started when we were there last so I didn't know just how it worked.

    We saw Snow White & Dopey signing autographs in the general area of Norway once but DD, 3 1 /2 at the time, was napping and we didn't want to wake her up so we just watched from a distance

    Yeah I read about them on these boards and was just looking at the menu for chefs de france. I think i will prefer to drink my calories instead of eat them ....and anyway calories don't count when youre on vacation, right?:laughing::laughing:

    Thanks Ashley -- your comments are appreciated!
  11. gallmcduck

    gallmcduck Gallmcduck

    Aug 5, 2009
    Wow you have been busy with your touring plans and purchases :thumbsup2

    Great suggestions about portraits :thumbsup2

    Unfortunatley I am not the creative type, more that I just never have the time, always a desire but work, school, kids activities, housework just seem to always get in the way :sad2: The boards have great design areas with lots of info, your idea sound really fun. I do love seeing everyone with matching t-shirts. I go as far as coordinating colours on days and my two DD's wearing matching outfits but that's about it.

    Shoes are really important when at WDW, they need to be comfy at the same time a bit of glam too :goodvibes I tried out trimsoles and crocs this year which were really great for park days. I also purchased fit flops which come in all sorts of colours and sparkly great for evening wear and comfy.

    The DIS is so addictive so I am right with you on that :yay: I do need to make sure that my time is in the evening when kids are in bed as I know that once I am on I will not get off again :rotfl:

    The opening show at MK is great, we always go to MK early for this and fantasyland, we follow the unofficial guide touring plans for younger kids, so always get that out of the way before the crowds, it is amazing what you fit in the space of a few hours. That will soon have to change as DS will be 9 on our next trip. Another suggestion which we think works is booking a character breakfast for early, not if there is morning EMH, but on days when there is not, you get into the park earlier have breakfast out of the way before opening and get to your first place full of energy and ready for the crowds.

    I would recommemnd getting your KP pass early on, my DD and DS done two countries China and UK, I have read that some are better than others, those two worked fine. We found early was better for the heat also as not all the showcase has indoor exhibits.

    I agree on the frozen drinks in france yummy :thumbsup2 calories don't count when you are on vacation :laughing: Fluid one's especially :rotfl:
  12. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    I have LOTS of great ideas.... but ahem I am still working on my scrap book of our first WDW trip, January 2007. so, yeah, finding the time to work on them is the real problem:guilty:. Even ditching the housework doesn't help -- I've tried and all it does is frustrate you even more because then there's no room to work on your special projects!

    We have never done the matching tee's before -- I just saw a few folks who did it here and it looks like a fab idea. I am only planning on making 2 for each of us, maybe a special 3rd for the birthday boy. One benefit will be the safety issue -- it will easy to identify each other. When we travel to crowded places--parks, zoos, etc -- we take a picture of Katie as soon as we arrive (or as soon as we know she is not changing her clothes ....:lmao:again). Then if (G-D forbid) we lose sight of her, we have a photo of exactly what she is wearing that day. plus its great for those scrapbooks that I never get to work on.
  13. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    Joining in!!!

    First, thanks for posting on my TR! :goodvibes Second, a HUGE CONGRATS on your, and your DHs weight loss!!!! :dance3: I am on WW as well and I'd LOVE your info that you discovered while going through the CS. I know of a few good options off the top of my head, but I'd love to see the results of your research. We do mostly CS, so this would be very, very handy!

    I love the gift that you are getting your DH. Just thinking about how wonderful that is going to be brought tears to my eyes. The print from your sister is beautiful as well, what an incredible keepsake.

    You are busy with your park planning, wow! Such detail! We have never really done a park plan-even during our NYE stay when I intended to use one...we didn't. :rolleyes: The one thing I saw, that someone might have already commented on, was that getting on Dumbo in the afternoon CAN be a long wait-but isn't always. If that's a must, it's best to go their first after rope drop since the ride is popular and veryyyyyy slow loading. Plus, it's a very short ride, like 30 seconds short, so waiting in line for 20 minutes for 30 seconds isn't exactly everyone's idea of fun! :laughing:

    Does AK have PM EMH when you are there at all? It's pretty neat! There isn't a lot to do, but usually there is one more showing of FOTLK and EE is open, which is incredible at night! :scared1:
  14. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Welcome & thanks for joining in!

    The first trip we took, I did a loose plan, and it was awesome. we got to see and do a lot, and never had to wonder "what's next". The second trip we took my SIL traveled with us and I didn't plan as much of the days because I didn't want her to feel pressured. As a result, we didn't get to do as much and spent more time than we preferred with the "what's next" game. DH is actually very happy that I have not only a basic plan for the day but also alternative options for if a park is too crowded or we are just tired or whatever.

    Good to know about the Dumbo ride -- is it just cuz its inthe heart of little kid central? i may just pass on that if I see a big line, Katie is not keen on long lines anyway so she won't mind missing it.

    Sadly at this point there are no PM EMH at AK .... I've read others reports about being there late and when we are there it closes by 5 at the latest.
  15. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    DH & I have been following weight watchers for almost a year now, and so while we want to indulge here and there at the world (can't wait to try those grey goose slushies!!) we don't want to sink a ferry, either!:lmao:

    In the past we found that the counter service places killed us - burgers, fried and breaded foods, etc. So we sat down & looked at the menus of all the CS locations at all of the parks and a few of the resorts. We looked on allears.net -- their restaurant menus list more items than we found on this site. We counted up how many "good choices" we could make for lunch at these places and gave it a point for each good choices. So, the more good choices (like salads, grilled foods over fried, foods not smothered in fat or cheese (even though we love cheese)

    Here is our list

    park/location CS Restaurant name rating
    Animal Kingdom Flame Tree BBQ 3
    Animal Kingdom Yak & Yeti 2
    Animal Kingdom Tamu Tamu Refreshments 2
    Animal Kingdom Restarantosaurus 1
    Animal Kingdom Pizzafari 0
    Beach Club BC Marketplace 5
    Beach Club Hurricane Hannah's 4
    Boardwalk Villa Boardwalk Bakery 5
    DHS Studio Catering Co 5
    DHS Backlot Express 3
    DHS ABC Commisary 2
    DHS Catalina Eddies 1
    DHS Rosie's All American Café 0
    DHS Toy Story Pizza Planet 0
    DHS Starring Rolls Café 0
    Downtown Disney Wolfgang Puck Express 15
    Downtown Disney FoodQuest 3
    Downtown Disney COOKE'S OF DUBLIN
    Downtown Disney Earl of Sandwich
    Epcot Sunshine Seasons 10
    Epcot Yakitori House 9
    Epcot Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe 5
    Epcot Tangierene Café 3
    Epcot Lotus Blossom Café 3
    Epcot Electric Umbrella Restaurant 2
    Epcot Cantina de San Angel 1
    Epcot Liberty Inn 1
    Epcot Yorkshire Co Fish Shop 1
    Epcot Boulangerie Patisserie 0
    Epcot Fountain View 0
    Epcot sommerfest 0
    Epcot Fie and Drum 0
    Epcot Promenade 0
    Magic Kingdom Cosmic Rays no (there were some good choices here but DH said he didn't want to go back so we didn't rate this one)
    Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station 1 Lunch/ 3 dinner
    Magic Kingdom Columbia Harbour House 5
    Magic Kingdom El Pirata Y El Perico Restaurant 3
    Magic Kingdom Main Street Bakery 3
    Magic Kingdom Pecos Bill Tall Tale2 2
    Magic Kingdom Pinocchio Village Haus 2
    Magic Kingdom Casey's Corner 0
    Magic Kingdom Lunching Pad 0
    Wilderness Lodge Roaring Forks 6

    hope this helps!!
  16. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    I have been having so much reading everyone else's PTRs and TRs that I haven't updated mine. Plus I have been working on a freelance web project every night... all work and no play makes Mary Ellen very crabby (and sleepy too)

    HS had me a little stumped...for most of the parks I could start in an area where we hadn't done a lot and then take it from there. but we had sort of bounced all over HS in the past with no clue as to everything there is to see. I was so amazed to see how much we had NOT done at this park! :eek: So, I turned to touring plans to see their recommendations, and then of course tweaked it to follow my own path. Probably not the most effective /fastest way to see everything but I know my family and traipsing back and forth from one end of the park to the other and back again just for shorter lines just won't work.

    I also know that while I have pretty good plans set up for our first few days, the last few days are a bit looser -- more time to return to favorites and do the things we didn't squeeze in the first go round.

    Tuesday May 17: Hollywood Studios Hollywood Studios 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Get there 8:30
    In DHS: Studio Catering (5); Backlot Express (3); ABC Commisary (2); Catalina Eddies (1); Rosies, ToyStory Pizza, Starring Rolls (0)

    Obtain a park map and daily entertainment schedule when you enter the park. Note times for Beauty & Beast & Lights! Motors!
    My dh just told me that he found somewhere on line where the entertainment schedule is posted a week or two ahead of time -- anyone know where that is? that would be great to know!!
    Toy Story Mania! obtain FASTPASSes for Toy Story Mania.
    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (FP)
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror :scared1:Unless the wait time exceeds 30 minutes, do not use FASTPASS.
    See Beauty and the Beast. Check the daily entertainment schedule for show times.
    The Great Movie Ride (Hollywood Blvd)
    Muppet*Vision 3-D (streets of America):3dglasses -- I can't believe we never did this!
    Studio Catering Co. Flatbread Grill
    Ride Toy Story Mania! using the FASTPASSes obtained earlier
    Take the Backlot Tour.
    **Check the time for the Block Party Bash @3
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground
    Lights! Motors! Action! is within 30 minutes, get in line to see the show otherwise get FP for next show (maybe wait in line while Katie plays)

    Contemporary for 5pm dinner @ Chef Mickey's

    Take the Magic of Disney Animation Tour.
    Journey into Narnia
    See the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.
  17. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    Thank you for posting about the Counter Services!!! That is very helpful to me. :goodvibes The site with the entertainment schedules is http://pages.prodigy.net/stevesoares/ I think it's updated weekly.

    We always seem to bounce around a bit at DHS too, I think because the layout is so different...:confused3
  18. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Three months to go....can I make it go faster somehow? Well, it is when I keep reading everyone else's TR's:surfweb:....its just living the dream vicariously. :thumbsup2

    Last night we watched a Disney World program on the Travel Channel. :happytv: It just added to the anticipation as we watched others doing all the awesome rides and dinners that we have booked.

    Katie is home with strep this weekend,[​IMG] so I am home too and it has given me time to catch up on trip reports and add to my own.

    Do you like her "self portrait"? she looks AWFUL but to be fair she has strep and probably had a temp of about 101.5 when she took this. but here is one that she posed for: [​IMG]

    This week's mail was full of fun Disney Stuff. yippee!:lovestruc First we got our Disney maps. [​IMG] [​IMG] so now we have something to pour over when we start talking rides and attractions.

    I printed & glued my mousekeeping envelopes, and so will slowly start adding $ now so that I won't have to worry about it in May.[​IMG]

    I received (and returned) the second pair of sandals that I won't be wearing to Disney :confused3 [​IMG]. Bummer. But I did then find a nice pair for DD [​IMG] (apparently the IN color is no longer pink & purple, but light blue) and yet a third go round for me: [​IMG]. Here's hoping the third time is the charm!!

    FInally on Friday I got my ebay pins!. :cool1: We had a blast looking through them [​IMG] and picking our own personal fav's and then the ones we will be trading first. DH's are on the top, DD's are on the left, mine are upper right & the pile at the lower right are for immediate trading.

    Of course DH picked only three pins because he really doesn't trade. though of course if we see one he likes, I will trade for him. In '07, he humored my trading. barely. In '09, Katie & I were both trading, and it was bugging him. :mad: and he was complaining about how one minute we'd be with him and the next we'd be 20 feet back trading pins with someone:guilty:. UNTIL..... we were at the Kodak place in Epcot, having his very full memory card copied over to a CD so he could take more pictures. And WHAT do you think he spied on a CM's lanyard?
    [​IMG] Did I mention that DH IS Mr. Incredible? So, once I, his beautiful:cutie:, thoughtful, ever wonderful :laughing: and charming wife:bride: traded a pin for him, he was shut down. No more griping about pin trading:laughing: because he had been looking all over for Mr. Incredible, and now he had one. :hug:

    So it was with his blessing :lmao: that I ordered a lot of pins on e-bay so that we would come prepared with trades. The man knows when the battle is lost, what can I tell you? :rotfl2:
  19. Moira222

    Moira222 Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!

    Jan 30, 2008
    Thanks Brooke! I checked this out, and its very helpful. I also didn't realize how much they'd changed the Play House Disney -- now its the dance party. cool. Katie insisted last time that she was "too big" for PHD but I think the dance party bit will convince her and I've added it to our trip plans.
  20. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    Poor Katie! I hope she feels better soon. Strep is no fun at all.

    Sorry to hear your shoes didn't work! I hope your new order is a go. I might buy a new pair before our trip too--thankfully I have Amazon Prime (2 day shipping) and a DSW near by. :laughing:

    Hilarious story about the pin trading! DH has no room to talk now!!!!

    As for PHD, it's currently closed for a refurb. They are changing it over to Disney Junior, so they only thing they have going is the dance party during PM EMH. On March 6 it reopens with the new "Jake and the Pirates" show added and as Disney Junior (rebrand), the dance party will continue during PM EMH's. I hope that helps! I've heard GREAT things about the dance party, we plan to go this trip! :hyper:
  21. laashley

    laashley DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2010
    Your DHS plans look good. I do have a question about the point system for weight watchers- what does it mean? Are the higher points better or worse?

    Can't believe you have all your tip envelopes all ready, you are on the ball! I am always up till odd hours the night before getting everything together.

    Hope Katie is feeling all better!:goodvibes

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