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Halloween on the Magic 2013

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by hamm1207, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    My husband and I are cruising on the October 27th 5 night out of Miami. Who else is cruising with us?!
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  3. N365PA

    N365PA First rule of the bayou: never take directions fro


    DisBoards Meet:
    Please join us on Sail-a-way day in the Promenade Lounge at 3:00PM.

    Sail-a-way Party:
    Join your fellow DIS Members as we toast our cruise and join the party. Deck 10, Starboard Side (the right side of the ship facing forward).

    Fish Extender List

    ATTN: 10/20 Cancelled Cruisers joining us
    Please feel free to join our "late comers" (aka after deadline) fish extender list. We're calling it Group 3. We realize there are going to be a few of ya. I can't guarantee everyone of us has enough to give ya gifts (I think I do) but since you probably already have gifts made, we'll do the best we can! So sorry your cruise was cancelled but looking forward to welcoming you to the 10/27 sailing!


    2BoysMom - UNK - FE Group 1
    absolutkristee - UNK - FE Group 3
    Adowney - 6120 - FE Group 2
    aimeebabie - 7578 - FE Group 1 & 2
    BeccaBoo1021 - UNK -
    ChipperMerlin - UNK - FE Group 1 & 2
    cpc430 - UNK - FE Group 3
    Delrea - 7548 - FE Group 2
    discoverydepot - 5520 - FE Group 3
    disneybaby2004 - 6044/6046 - FE Group 1 & 2
    DisneyMouseHouse/EjeG - 7580/7582 - FE Group 1
    DynamicDisneyDuo - 5642 - FE Group 1
    Elle1024 - 6515 - FE Group 1
    egitana - UNK - FE Group 3
    gnfoster - 7067 - FE Group 2
    HalloweentwnPrincess - 6631 - FE Group 1 & 2
    hamm1207/N365PA - 5632 - FE Group 1 & 2
    Janis - 2078 - FE Group 3
    JAXPATELS - 6064 - FE Group 3
    Js1102ss - 6116 - FE Group 1
    ksinglet - 7500 - FE Group 3
    leahmichl/JCfromTB - 2575 - FE Group 2
    Lindylou2_2002 - UNK - FE Group 1
    Love2Plan4Disney - UNK - FE Group 1 & 2
    Love Disney 2 - 7538 - FE Group 3
    mcgcrew - UNK
    melaniesposa - 5020 - FE Group 1 & 2
    mmcxiiad - 8030 - FE Group 2
    mmouse37 - GTY -
    shanie17 - 8594 - FE Group 1
    seaulater / MickeyandJoshNut - 7567 - FE Group 3
    Silverfox97 - 5640 - FE Group 3
    Sparkypluto - UNK
    Spiiffy - 8078 - FE Group 1 & 2
    starlightprincess - 6004 - FE Group 2
    TheFloyds - 6112 - FE Group 3
    TheWescotts - 2622 - FE Group 3
    Thnlk - 7126 - FE Group 1 & 2
    tmcmorland - 5626 - FE Group 3
    TraditionAtSea - 5144 - FE Group 3
    Tropictammy - UNK - FE Group 1
    Verzie - 8100 - FE Group 1
    Yensidfan - 5638 - FE Group 3
    ZoneOrr - 5522 - FE Group 3

  4. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :cool1:

    Have a great cruise!
  5. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    We're booked on this cruise!! I'll be sailing with my husband and three kids. We are SO excited for Halloween aboard the Magic! I was on an October cruise in 2009 (without my husband and kids) and the Halloween festivities were so much fun -- and that was 2 weeks before Halloween!!
  6. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    Welcome to the cruise!!!!

    We've never cruised over Halloweeen before. What should we expect?
  7. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    When I was on board the Wonder in 2009, the ship was decorated for Halloween and almost all the characters were in "costumes", for example Chip and Dale were dressed as Cops and Robbers. They also had costume dance parties and Trick or Treating on the boat! They set up candy stations throughout the ship and gave out maps to find them. There was a children's costume parade and also a costume contest for adults later in the evening!
  8. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    Cool! Sounds like tons of fun to come!
  9. myxdvz

    myxdvz DVC - BLT

    Good to know! We're not sailing on this cruise, but have wondered. So, they do this not only on cruises that actually FALL on Halloween but around Halloween as well?

    Need to add book a DCL cruise / MNSSHP trip soon!
  10. melaniesposa

    melaniesposa New Member

    We had to modify a previous reservation, though excited nonetheless - Miami, Mexico, Halloween - Yahoooo!

    Anyway, myself, DH, Grammy, and DD (will be 5) are in for our second cruise (did the Magic out of NYC this past August and are now HOOKED!).

    Looking forward to meeting others. Also, anyone interested in doing an FE or starting a private/closed FB group?
  11. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    Welcome to the cruise!!
  12. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    Welcome!! My youngest DD will be 4 1/2 on the cruise! We also modified a reservation, but are actually more excited to be cruising on Halloween!
  13. N365PA

    N365PA First rule of the bayou: never take directions fro

    My wife and I will participate in a FE group, definitely! Welcome to the Cruise! Since going on DCL for the first time as an adult a few years back, I actually prefer the Cruise line to wdw!

  14. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    oh, we'd LOVE to start a closed Facebook group!!

    we typically don't do the FE as we try to pack just one suitcase for the 5 of us, but, if there aren't too many in this group then we just might participate this time!!

    Anyone going to do the Castaway Cay 5k? Going to do it for the first time this cruise and I cannot wait!!
  15. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    If anyone wishes to create a closed facebook group go for it. My only request is that we don't lose sight that this is a disboards meet.
  16. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    Just curious what everyone's travel plans are for the cruise. Are you flying into Miami or Fort Lauderdale? Are you arriving same day or coming down early?
    We know for sure we'll fly down a day early, and fairly certain we'll fly into Miami.
  17. N365PA

    N365PA First rule of the bayou: never take directions fro

    Were probably going to fly into FLL a couple days early and head over to Ft. Myers to visit my parents. Drive back to FLL the morning of the cruise, drop off the car and disney bus to the port.
  18. emtmom

    emtmom New Member

    Woo Hoo! booked our flights last night! Flying into Miami and found a hotel that offers both free airport and cruise port shuttles as well as free breakfast buffet (the way my kids eat this is a big deal). We're going to stay a few days in Miami after the cruise. So excited!!
  19. mmcxiiad

    mmcxiiad New Member

    After having a nightmare cruise in 2010 and getting a huge discount, We planned on going on an Alaska Cruise. Then another child came... and my wife and I decided to hold of on Alaska. Long story short (too late), we are booked on this cruise.

    It is going to be my wife and I, our 4 kids and my in-laws (and we are debating bringing a sitter along too).

    Because disney gave us such a huge discount, we decided to to book a larger room... 4 kids require some space. Initially, we had planned on getting 2 rooms, then we decided 2 veranda rooms.... before we knew it I had run the numbers and it wasn't that much more for the 2-bedroom suite (vs the 2 verandas). So we are all excited about the trip and the upgraded service.

    Of course, what none of the rest of my family knows is we aren't going on the 2-bedroom suite. I waitlisted the royal suite and last week the travel agent called and told me it was available. So I quickly jumped on it. Now I am going to try to keep it secret as long as possible. I almost let it slip the other day, though I played it off like I made a slip of the tongue (sorry honey I meant concierge suite, not royal suite).

    We are so excited about the trip. Although, my wife has been on three cruises (3 with me and 1 prior to us getting married) and half have been nightmares (one of them could easily rank up there as the top 5 worst cruise nightmares of all time). I am honestly surprised she is excited to do another one.

    Anyway, I think she wants to join in the FE, although neither one of us are on FB. We are going to drive to Miami as it is only 15 hours away.... and cheaper then flights for 6.
  20. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    Welcome to the cruise!! Sorry to hear you've had a rough cruise in the past, I hope this one will be great!

    If you wish to join the FE all you have to do is click the link in my signature and add your info to the list! There is no need for FB to participate.
  21. mmcxiiad

    mmcxiiad New Member

    Thanks, although I am not sure which link you are referring to - one is for FE for an April cruise. The other is lanyards for May.

    Rough cruise describes the last one - Caught norrovirus in nassau.... was kindly asked by the ship's higher ups that the entire family spend the cruise in our room for the remainder of the trip. My youngest daughter who was 2 wouldn't stop throwing up. It was awful.

    They tried to make things as comfortable as possible, but the other two kids didn't understand why they couldn't leave the room (since they weren't sick.... yet). Things really kicked into overdrive when we got to WDW. That is when the real "magic" happened. my wife, son, and other daughter had a 36 hour throw up spell... somehow, and I still don't know how, I dodged that bullet. So the whole thing took 7 days to go through the entire family.... all during a 9 day vacation.

    As bad as that sounds, my wife's first cruise is the winner. Her uncle took her as a High School graduation present. Midway during the trip, I think they were at Turkey, her uncle passed away. They were traveling with a tour group but it was a lot for her to take on at the time with all of the rest of the family at home. Yeah, that is the nightmare scenario.

    I keep telling her that lightening can only strike so many times before you are given a reprieve. So as excited as she is, there is still a bit of nervousness. In fact, one of the reasons she was excited about the larger room was incase we had to stay in our room again.

    Sorry if this is a downer for anyone as that is not my intention.In fact quite the opposite. Hopefully some special magic will be sprinkled our way. Which is why I am trying to come up with extra ways to make this as carefree and smooth as possible. I really don't want this to be our last cruise.

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