Hakuna Matata - The Magical Miles of March

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  1. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    Team Members:
    Dave & Sally, Denise & Mark, Elizabeth, Emily, Eva, figment82, Gerry,
    Hope, Jack, Jennifer, Kim, Kimberly, Kipp, Kirstie, Lorelei528, Margie, Mary, Pam, Regina, Rick, Robert, Robbie, Saylan, Scott & Lynn, Shannan, Sue, Tandy, Taryn, Vicky, Nikki

    :simba: Hakuna Matata Team Bios :simba:

    Windwalker, aka Dave aka Panda- I'm 60 and live in a small town in Kentucky. I don't run I walk, race walk actually. I have qualified for another shot at the National Senior Olympics. Married to Sally.

    es45 aka Elizabeth- I'm 42 and married with 2 young daughters. I ran my first 13.1 in the 2011 Princess Half.

    Pudge The Fish, aka Emily- My DH and I will be doing the DL half in Sept. This will be our first half marathon. I still consider myself new to running, though I've done 2 5k (including the 2009 DL 5k) and one 10k.

    Villians_Rock, aka Eva – I am 33 years old, married to Jordan (proud WISH supporter). We have two doggies, one son (Gage) who is two and are expecting our second this coming January. We currently live near Cleveland, OH. I'm a full time staffing coordinator for United Airlines and my hubby sells Harley Davidsons. I ran my first race in 2007 and have since ran 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and two full marathons including the Goofy Challenge. My favorite distance is the half marathon and I hope that after the baby I can train to reach my goal of a sub 2 hour race. Another long distance goal of mine is to complete a 50K and eventually maybe a 50 miler.

    GirltheGecko aka Hope- I grew up in the Pittsburgh area. When I was a teenager, I was heavily into martial arts, unfortunately due to school and time, I had to quit. I met Nick, moved to NH, and I gained some weight. I watched my mother struggle with obesity all her life, so Nick's family and I decided to work at trying for a half marathon at WDW.

    flipflopmom, aka Taryn – I will be 35 on Sept. 5. I am a Kindergarten Teacher, working on my master's degree in my "spare” time. Married for 12 years, have 2 girls. Oldest is 10, and a competitive gymnast. Her gym is 45 minutes away, so I spend a lot of time on the road. Youngest is 3, and a tons of fun! I haven't run a race yet, but looking for a 5K.

    LynnG, aka Lynn, (of Lynn and Scott)- 60 years old, retired, we are both Disneyholics. We have been members of DVC since it started. I am a walker, I used to try to run, but knee surgery last August which I am still trying to recover from, I only walk now. I have done several half marathons, mostly Disney ones. I have 2 malamutes that are my walking companions at home.

    MaryJ aka Mary- I am 53 years old, and live in a small town in Southwestern Indiana. I will be married to DH (Ken) for 34 years in July. We have 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. I walk/run my races. I did my first big race (WDW Half) when I was 52. Before that I had done only a few 5K's, mostly walking.

    Nikkilala, aka Nikki- Married to Ryan at WDW in 2007. Currently a Physical Therapist Assistant student graduating in 2012. Is a wogger (walker with a little jogging mixed in) Lives in South West Michigan where she was born and raised! Loves Disney and will do anything for an excuse to travel there, including a half marathon

    Saylan – I'm from the frosty north of Canada. I'm very new to running (officially started October 14, 2010). I'm training for the Disney Princess 1/2 and it'll be my first official marathon of any length. I'm a Disney addict (been 16 times). I figured if anything can motivate me to run it would be Disney. I live with my partner (and Disney virgin) and a demon of a cat.

    piglet24, aka Regina- I grew up in Idaho and married my “birthday buddy”, Kyle, in 2006. I started running to help manage some stress about a year and a half ago, and have continued because I enjoy it. Of course, I love Disney and am always happy to have another reason to go!

    DisneyGerry, aka Gerry - Lives in Celebration, FL, transplant from MD after numerous vacations to visit central FLA. Trying to kick up my race schedule this year starting with the Disney Half in January. Play and work in the theme park corridor

    bunnyfoo, aka Vicky - My name is Vicky and I live in Toronto, Canada. I started running back in 2008 so I could lose weight become more active. I wasn't into low carb diets but it seemed like a lot of runners had great abs AND they ate carbs. I thought "Hey I can do that!" :goodvibes I started as an indoor treadmill runner and eventually worked my way outside and signed up for my first race - the Minnie 15K. As they say, the rest is history! I have had my share of bumps, bruises and sprains but have had a lot of fun along the way and have met a lot of great people including everyone on Hakuna Matada! Three years later, running, working out and healthy eating have all become a part of my lifestyle. My other interests are movies, reading, road trips and baking!

    rubato, aka Tandy - Hi. My name is Tandy and I’m the mother of a fabulous 12 year old preteen son. :lovestruc I’ve been married to Frank (a non runner) for 18 years. I’m a full time student, going back to school to become a nurse. I have always run for fitness, but it wasn’t until my impending
    40th birthday that I decided to become a distance runner. I love the miles and can’t wait to run my first ultra-marathon someday.

    RunRookie, aka Rick - My name is Rick and I live in Crystal Lake, IL. I am married with three children (one high school DS still at home). I am a 'senior athlete' at 52 years old and only started running in April 2011. My initial goals were to lose 160 pounds, improve my overall fitness, cure my Type 2 diabetes, and to live a healthier lifestyle. Since then, I have run over 32 races, logged over 1000 miles in 2012, lost 110 pounds, and am no longer diabetic! I am a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Sci-Fi in general, Disney, photography, music, movies, and technology/gadgets. And I keep a fitness blog at www.runs2live.com. Our team is fun, helpful, and I know I would not be having nearly as much fun if it weren't for all the great folks in Hakuna Matada!

    RadioFanatic, aka KimberlyI'm 39 mama of an almost 4 year old boy, will be 40 by the race; and was goaded into doing this past 1/2 by friends who knew I could do it although I hadn't run a minute in my life. I started training on May 1, 2011 by doing couch to 5k and the first day was miserable where even running that minute made me want to die. Since then, I've lost 70 pounds, ran the whole 1/2 and am looking forward to my new goal. I'm planning on doing a 1/2 in april and in september, my first full in october here locally and some other 10k and 15k runs in between and my second and most exciting full on the 20th anniversary at disney!

    KippWade, aka Kipp - I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana. My doctors visit in January of 2011 had me at my heaviest weight ever, 282 pounds. It was at this point that I told myself this has to stop. Before moving to Indianapolis in September 2010, I worked with a guy that ran. He told me a lot about it and I had mentioned that I'd had some Disney friends say that we should try a run at Disney World. He convinced me that even I could do it. It took me until March of 2011 to finally start in with the C25K plan. I registered for the 2012 WDW 1/2 in April and committed myself to running. I progressed to Bridge to 10K and then Novice 1/2 Marathon Training by Hal Higdon. Since that doctors visit, I've managed to loose 40 pounds of the 100 I want to loose.

    tink06, aka - Stacey - I'm from NY (originally Jersey, but moved to NY with hubby) and have one cool DD who will be 10 in August. I started my weightloss journey back in Dec '04, was doing great, and then started the C25K in '06. I then found Disney Races, and signed up for the Marathon in '08 (I think?) I got to mile 18 and was cut off. Then I did the Minnie 15k, and got my bling. Followed by the Half in '09, and the Princess. Completed the SpaceCoast half later that same year (time was awful, but it was done) and attempted the full in '10. Really undertrained, bad weather, and screaming hip pain - got just past the halfway point and found myself once again on the bus! So... made myself a promise that for the 20th anniversary, I would make the 3rd time a charm and get that Mickey Medal once and for all! So I'm on a mission to shed some unwanted pounds, and get back into shape, so that I can start Marathon training come August! I will succeed this time, and appreciate the kick in the pants and encouragement for you all!

    EMHDad, aka Tom - I am Tom, 32yo. My birthday is 2/24/80. I have been married 9 years, 2 kids (ds6, ds3). I live in northwestern IL (a town of 500ppl). I am a Pastor. I used to run in high school and college, but got out of the habit since. I have been running off and on over the past 2 years, but have been sidetracked by back issues, a move, and the winter cold. I have started back up recently. I am registered for a 10k Mud Run (35 obstacles) on 9/29/12. If that goes well, I am signing up for a half marathon(my first) on 11/03/12. I am confident I can do so, because I am already on a half marathon training schedule that the 10k fits into. During all of my previous training I never committed to a race (even a 5k). This time, I have put my money where my mouth is on the 10k mud run, and I have a partner entered in the run as well. That is very strong motivation!

    :bday: Hakuna Matata Team Birthday Calendar :bday:

    12 - Gerry

    24 - Tom
    25 - Kim (45)

    6 - Ryan & Honorary Member, Nikki’s 4th Anniversary (2007)
    9 - Mike (42)
    19 - Honorary Member, Nikki’s (26)

    5 - Robbie
    6 - Tandy (42)
    25 - Jennifer (22)

    8 - Robert (46)
    10 - Kipp (44)

    11 -Denise

    12 - Scott & Lynn's 31st Anniversary
    24 - Regina & DH, Kyle-Shared Birth Date!
    27 - Jon (Connie's DH)

    5 - Kim & DH, Mike's Anniversary
    9 - Rick (52)

    5 - Saylan's (26)
    5 - Taryn's (35)
    10 - Liz
    18 - Tandy & Frank's 18th Anniversary
    20 - Mike & Liz 2nd Anniversary

    4 - Jack’s (52)
    6 - Vicky
    7 - Dave’s (60)
    23 - Kimberly
    28 - Scott

    7 - Elizabeth (41)
    10 - Mary (54)
    12 - Hope

    1 - Kiristie
    1 - Lynn (60)
    20 - Emily
    31 - Eva (32)
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  3. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    Hakuna Matata Team 2013 Race Calendar

    3 - Little Rock Marathon, Little Rock, AR - Rick
    9-10 - Nike Women's Virtual 10K - Vicky, Hung
    17 - Georgia Marathon, Atlanta, GA - Hung
    23 - Penguin in the Park 5K, Chicago, IL - Rick

    7 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Washington DC - Beth, Rick
    14 - Run for Retina 10K, London, ON - Vicky
    20 - WR3, Charlottetown, PEI - Robbie
    27 - Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville, TN - Beth
    28 - Nike Women's Half Marathon, Washington, DC - Vicky, Elizabeth
    30 - Without Music Life Would Bb (be flat) Virtual 5K/10K - Vicky

    4 - Flying Pig Half 5K & 10K, Cincinnati, OH - Rick
    5 - Flying Pig Half Marathon, Cincinnati, OH - Kipp, Rick
    12 - Sporting Life 10K, Toronto, ON - Kim, Vicky
    19 - Bluenose Half Marathon, Halifax, NS - Robbie
    25 - Soldier Field 10 Miler - Rick

    1 - Lookout Capital 10k, Raleigh, NC - Elizabeth

    4 - Peachtree Road Race 10K, Atlanta, GA - Hung

    10 - Howl at the Moon 8hr Ultra, Danville IL - Rick

    DL 2013
    :dumbo: Dumbo Double Dare - Rick, Vicky, Hung

    22 - Fox Valley Half Marathon - Rick

    27 - Marine Corps Marathon - Rick


    1 - Space Coast Half Marathon, Cocoa, FL - Rick

    26 - princess: Disney's Princess Half Marathon - Elizabeth

    17 - Runnin of the Green Island 4 Mile, Green Island, NY - Kimberly
    24 - Penguin in the Park, 5K, Decatur, IL - Rick & DS
    31 - Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC 10k - Elizabeth

    7 - Source for Sports Bunny Hop 10K, Charlottetown, PEI - Robbie
    7 - Santa Anita Derby 5K - Emily
    14 - Cary Road Race, 10k - Elizabeth
    15 - Run Thru the Hills 10K, Lake in the Hills, IL - Rick
    21 - Wear Red Road Race - Robbie
    27 - Illinois iChallenge 5K - Rick
    28 - Illinois iChallenge Half Marathon - Rick
    29 - Rochester Flower City 1/2 Marathon, Rochester, NY - Kimberley

    6 - Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon, Toronto, ON - Saylan, Vicky
    13 - Sporting Life 10K, Toronto, ON - Kim, Vicky
    20 - Rock-n-Roll Portland 1/2 Marathon, Portland OR - Regina & DH
    20 - Myrtle Beach Diva Half, Myrtle Beach, SC - Elizabeth
    20 - Blue Nose Half Marathon, Halifax, NS - Robbie
    20 - Cohoes Founder's Day Inaugural 15K race - Kimberley
    26 - Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field, 10 Miler, Chicago, IL - Rick

    2-3 - AVON Walk for Breast Cancer, Chicago, IL (39.3 miles-marathon plus half marathon), Rick
    2 - Red Island Relay - Robbie
    3 - Inaugural Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon, Niagara Falls, ON - Saylan
    10 - North Shore Half Marathon, Chicago, IL - Rick
    23 - Toronto Pearson Runway Run 5K, Toronto ON - Vicky

    8 - 15K Boilmaker, Utica, NY - Kimberley
    8 - ECW Triennial 5K, Indianapolis, IN - Rick
    22 - :rockband: Rock-n-Roll Chicago Half Marathon, Chicago, IL - Rick
    28 - Run with Heart 5k - Elizabeth

    12 - RoadKill 5000, Johnsburg, IL - Rick
    18 - A Midsummer Night's Run - 30K, Toronto, ON - Vicky, Saylan

    1 - Disneyland Family 5k - Lynn & Scott
    2 - ::MickeyMo::MinnieMo Disneyland Half Marathon - Vicky, Emily, Regina & DH
    9 - Chicago Half Marathon, Rick
    16 - Fox Valley Fall Final 20 Miler, St. Charles, IL - Rick
    16 - The Saratoga Palio Half Marathon, Saratoga Springs, NY - Kimberley
    29 - :scared1: Tower of Terror 10 Miler - Elizabeth, Mary & DH
    29 - Gladiator Assault Challenge, Lake Geneva, WI - Tom

    7 - Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL - Rick (his first marathon!! :cheer2: )
    7 - Mohawk Hudson Marathon - Kimberley (her first marathon!! :cheer2: )
    14 - PEI Marathon - Robbie (his first marathon!! :cheer2: )
    20-21 - Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon and 5K, Myrtle Beach, SC - Elizabeth
    28 - Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC - Vicky

    3 - Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon, IN - Rick, Kipp
    3 - Galena Lead Rush Half Marathon, Galena, IL - Tom
    24 - Turkey Trot Half Marathon, Schaumburg, IL - Rick

    16 - Santa Hustle Half Marathon, Indianapolis IN - Rick
    31 - New Year's Eve 5K, Brooklyn, NY - Beth


    WDW 2013
    :simba: 5K - Rick, Kipp (7711)
    :donald: Donald - Elizabeth
    :mickeyjum Mickey - Dave, Kimberly (5800), Beth (10854)
    :goofy: Goofy - Rick (25275), Robbie (20747), Saylan, Hung (first-time Goofy'ers :cheer2: ), Kim, Sue, Vicky (24419), Regina & DH
    pluto: (5K + 1/2) - Kipp

    3 - Surf City Marathon, Huntington Beach CA - Rick
  4. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    Hakuna Matata Team 2013 Weight Loss Accomplishments!​




  5. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    What are your Favorite Shopping Sites for Run/
    Walk/Training Clothes, shoes, supplies, etc​

    WISH shirts, caps and visors are ordered on the Main Thread
    RaceReady Coolmax WISH Shirt Orders 2010
    chimera aka Mel

    Bright Shirts/sweatshirts
    wtpclc aka Carrie

    2010 Headsweats Hat/Visor order
    Disnfan21 aka Tracy

    the foam roller (your body rolls over it)
    available Target, WalMart, Amazon

    The Stick you hold and roll over the hurting muscles.

    www.runningwarehouse.com (Discount Code: WISHRACED)
    Favorite of Lynn

    (Important Road ID Tags)
    Favorite of Connie, Margie





    (very nice but expensive)

    Favorite of Lynn's



    (WISH buttons)

    (a Favorite of Beth's)

    (Favorites of Lynn, Nikki's)

    (Favorite Nikki's)

    Favorite of Lynn, Vicky

    Training links:

    Pace Calculator - Calculates your pace based on your race distance and time or vice versa (Vicky)

    Running Calculator - Predict future race finish times based on a current race (Vicky)

    Treadmill pace conversion - Converts your speed on the treadmill to running pace (Vicky)

    http://www.racewalk.com/HowTo/Introduction.asp (Dave)

    Hal Higdon's traning plans: (Vicky)

    Full Marathon

    Half Marathon
  6. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
  7. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    :cheer2: Team Meets :cheer2:
  8. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    Hakuna Matata Weight Loss Challenge

    Lose weight, eat healthy and get in shape for summer! Earn points for a prize draw! Starts February 1 until May 31. Weigh ins are every Friday :)

    ** Week 1 Workout Challenge = 1 minute of jumping jacks (Easy right? ;))**

    Weight loss (per week)
    Maintaining goal weight (+/- 2lbs) = 2 points
    Biggest Loser for the week (by percentage) = 3 points

    Completing a weekly workout challenge = 1 point/day
    1 hour of exercise = 1 point

    Healthy eating
    Drinking 8 glasses of water a day = 1 point/day
    Trying a new healthy food or recipe for the week = 1 point/week
    Taking a multivitamin daily = 1 point/day
    Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily = 1 point/day
    Eating two servings of dairy a daily = 1 point/day

    One time points
    3 points for every percentage of starting weight you lose (eg lose 5% of starting weight; get 15 points at end of contest)
    Reaching your goal weight = 10 points
    Achieving a race PB = 10 points
  9. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    :cheer2: Weekend Racers :cheer2:

    Safe travels and have a great race Rick! You'll be a Marathon Maniac on Sunday :)


    3 - Little Rock Marathon, Little Rock, AR - Rick
  10. RunRookie

    RunRookie DIS Veteran

    Jun 19, 2011
    Thanks Vicky! It's pretty exciting!

    I also have two more races to add to the calendar:

    August 10 -- Howl at the Moon 8hr Ultra, Danville IL (my first Ultra and first race as a 53yr old)
    Dec 1 -- Space Coast Half Marathon, Cocoa FL
  11. es45

    es45 DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2008
    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Lynn: Regarding the recipe, I used powdered ginger but was thinking the whole time that I wish I had fresh. The recipe needed "a little something" since I omitted the cranberries and that is why I tried the ginger. I'm going to make it again this weekend the way the recipe states. Your knee surgery is next week, right?

    Rick: You are already a marathon maniac in my book!

    Beth: When is your next Disney race?


    160 lbs for a gain/loss of 0.0 lbs

    Completing a weekly workout challenge = 4
    7 hours of exercise = 7 points

    Healthy eating
    Drinking 8 glasses of water a day = 7 points
    Trying a new healthy food or recipe for the week = 1 point (black bean salad)
    Taking a multivitamin daily = 7 points
    Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily = 7 points
    Eating two servings of dairy a daily = 7 points

    Total points:40
  12. Hockeychic

    Hockeychic Going for Dopey 2016

    Feb 2, 2003
    Good morning all!!!!! Subscribing before starting the day.
  13. RunRookie

    RunRookie DIS Veteran

    Jun 19, 2011
    Wow!! You kicked rear in points!!!!!
  14. LuzzBightyear

    LuzzBightyear Mouseketeer

    Nov 25, 2010
    Exercise Challenge: 4
    8 hours exercise: 8 points
    8 Glasses of Water a day: 7 points
    Try a healthy Recipe: 0
    Multivitamin: 0
    5 Fruits/Veggies: 6
    2 Servings Dairy: 7

    Points: 32

    Weight loss: Although I am eating clean (no junk food/beer at all) and am working out vigorously at least an hour a day, I gained a pound and am back up to 194...my stating point at the beginning of the contest!

    Usually, the weight comes flying off when I am in this clean eating/exercise mode, but apparently not this time. I guess I am just eating too much. On the plus side, I do feel my fitness is improving, and I do notice more definition in my arms due to weight training.

    On another note, I signed up for two half marathons, both of which I did last year: WR3 here on PEI on April 20, and the Bluenose in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 19.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  15. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Jan 23, 2008
    Good Afternoon Team!

    Vicky - Thanks for the new thread!

    Elizabeth - On your recipe, I did notice someone made the comment that they added orange juice to the dressing for a bit more flavor.

    Kim - Good Afternoon to you also!

    Rick - Have a great race!

    Robbie - Sounds like 2 good races (at least from their locations)!

    AFM - I am doing OK on exercise, but not on the eating, our house seems to have a lot of junk food in it right now, and if it is in the house, I will eat it! We got 2 “care boxes” from Scott’s mother and sister because of our surgeries. Easter candy keeps jumping in my cart when I go thru the grocery store! (By the way, the 60th anniversary peeps are really good!)

    It is really windy today (25 - 35 mph), and I am getting REALLY tired of it, I was out in it earlier doing shopping, and recycling (hauling cardboard and newspapers from car to big dumpsters), and I DO NOT want to go back out to walk the dogs. Guess I will force myself onto the spin bike to work off some of the junk food.

    Points for the week:
    Weight - gained a pound 151 pounds.
    Exercise - 7 hours - 7 pts
    weekly challenge - 3 pts
    Water - 7 pts
    vitamin - 5 pts (had to quit taking vitamins on Wednesday because of surgery - interferes with the Coumadin or something)
    fruits and veggies - 6 pts
    dairy - 7 pts
    Total: 35 pts

    Pixie dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!
  16. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    ** Exercise of the Week **​

    Bird Dog Exercise

    This exercise works your core, glutes and hip muscles. It also focuses on developing your balance and lower back.

    You're starting out on your exercise mat on your hands and knees. Keep your back straight, head in a neutral position and hands in line with your shoulders and your knees in line with your hips.

    Reach your right arm forward, keeping it parallel to your back. At the same time move your left leg backwards until it is also parallel to your back. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and return your arm and leg to the starting position. Repeat with the left arm and right leg.

    Try doing about 10 reps in 3 sets. Make sure to engage your core as you move your arm and leg out. This will help you maintain your balance.

    Here's a picture of what the exercise looks like.

  17. KippWade

    KippWade Mouseketeer

    Oct 28, 2011
    245 lbs for a gain of 1 lb, within maintaining guide = 2 points (This is where I'm unclear on the instructions, is maintaining for goal weight? If so then I'm zero here)

    Completing a weekly workout challenge = 2
    1 hours of exercise = 1 point

    Healthy eating
    Drinking 8 glasses of water a day = 2 points, EEK! Hard week at work this week and I've been hitting the Diet Dr Pepper. I think it shows.
    Trying a new healthy food or recipe for the week = 0
    Taking a multivitamin daily = 7 points
    Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily = 2 points
    Eating two servings of dairy a daily = 2 points

    It's going to be a muscle relaxer night. I've been on an install the past 3 days and my shoulder and back are not happy with me right now.

    I started my training week off good Tuesday night but haven't gotten back on the Treadmill-o-doom since. We've walked around on this job site a bunch and my legs are killing me; I wish I could wear my comfy runners on work sites!! Kept my legs up as I vegged out on the TV tonight and they're feeling less sore now. Sunday is my long run day and I hope to be back up to snuff then.
  18. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Jan 23, 2008
    Good Morning Team!

    Vicky - Sounds like a good exercise, I will try to get them in for a couple of days this week (before surgery).

    Kipp - Good luck with your Sunday run!

    AFM - Beautiful day so far, yes, wind is starting to pick up already, but it is 30 F at 7AM! I already feel more motivated than yesterday!

    Pixie dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!
  19. es45

    es45 DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2008
    Happy Saturday, everyone,

    Lynn: Will be thinking of you during Monday's surgery.

    AFM: I had a great trail run with a friend this morning. 8 miles in the book for today. Anyone know how to treat a persistent blister? I'm wearing blister pads and that helps but as soon as I go without one during a run or walk, the blister is back. Socks and shoes don't seem to be the problem. It is at the base of my big toe, at the top of my foot pad. :confused3

    Enjoy the weekend!
  20. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Jan 23, 2008
    Good Morning Team!

    Elizabeth - Thanks.

    AFM - Did get a good dog walk in yesterday, at least the wind was warm! Today will be the same, it will be the dogs last walk for quite a while, we just have to remember not to feed them so much so they do not put on weight during our recovery. We went to see "Women of Ireland" last night, it was a good show.

    Pixie Dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!
  21. RadioFanatic

    RadioFanatic Mouseketeer<br><font color=6d6b70>SO not a jewelry

    Jun 28, 2005
    Congrats Rick on your marathon today!

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