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Hakuna Matata - Jazzed for January

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by bunnyfoo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. RunRookie

    RunRookie Active Member

    This afternoon a bunch of the team formed an informal chat via FaceBook to discuss the upcoming weekend. One of the things we decided might work is that we would gather at the "A" baggage drop off area at 3:45am and hang around until 4:15am at which point we would begin our walk to the corrals. Many of us will have smartphones with us for texting/FB chat to help us all stay in touch and gather.

    For all who are interested, several of us will be doing this for both the Half and the Full, running together as a team in order to share the fun/experience, take photos, maybe do some pushups at Mile 10 of the Half (lol), and generally enjoy the races. I for one am not going to worry about my finish time (other than not to be swept) and just have fun with our team. All team members are invited to join in the fun. We will probably be running 3/1 intervals at a 11:30ish pace or whatever the group settles in to.

    Oh, and for those of us who are staying at the POP, we are planning on meeting at the buses at 3:15 to catch the 3:30am bus to Epcot.

    Gee, I hope I got all of this correct. Vicky, oh Captain, please fill in any gaps (or inaccuracies). :)
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  3. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Good Morning Team! Sounds like everyone is busy planning for the marathon! Hope you all have a great time!

    Kimberly - There are tents in the middle of the gathering area, they are marked with letters of the alphabet, it has been a WISH tradition to meet at the “W” tent in the past.

    AFM - Weather a bit warmer, wind chill was above 0! Got dogs for a walk, and got in 30 min of weights and 30 min on the spin bike. Looking forward to a warmer weekend.

    Pixie dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!
  4. es45

    es45 Active Member

    Lynn: I really hope to meet up with you sometime! I feel like I know you and Scott so well from fb and your posts here.

    I'm looking forward to meeting up at the Pop buses and then I'll head to my corral. Since the half is my only event, I'm going to see how well I can do. Plus, I'm not as fast as the group anyway :)

    For all running the full, about what time do you expect to arrive at mile 23 or 24? Gotta get my cowbells and poster ready! :thumbsup2
  5. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Thanks Rick for posting! Nope that's about right :) You got it all I think!

    Elizabeth - I or someone from the group will send you a text when we're close to mile 23 or 24.

    Sorry I haven't been around - just getting last minute details in place for next week and the FB chat has kept me busy. Phew!
  6. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    One of these days we will meet, we do many trips to Disney!
  7. es45

    es45 Active Member

    Happy Sunday, everyone,

    Doctor gave me permission to run a bit so I went out for 4 miles this afternoon. Feels good to be back to that. I have a checkup on Wednesday and should be cleared to run the half. :)
  8. RunRookie

    RunRookie Active Member

  9. RadioFanatic

    RadioFanatic Mouseketeer<br><font color=6d6b70>SO not a jewelry

  10. es45

    es45 Active Member

    Thanks, Rick and Kim. I'm pretty excited about it too!

    Kimberly and Robbie: will you be at the Pop meet?

    I know Vicky, Dave, Rick, Kipp, Kim, and I will be.

    Anyone else from this team?
  11. aaronv88

    aaronv88 Member

    I may meet you guys up at the pop if everything is plan accordingly.
  12. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Great to hear!!!!!

    Have a great day team!

    Pixie Dust to all who are in need!
  13. tink06

    tink06 Member

    Hi Everyone!!

    I know I've been MIA but I am very excited for this upcoming weekend (and very nervous)! Looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone!

    Safe travels!!
  14. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Welcome back Stacy!

    To all who are traveling early - Safe Travels! And have great races! Have fun at WDW!

    Pixie Dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!
  15. RadioFanatic

    RadioFanatic Mouseketeer<br><font color=6d6b70>SO not a jewelry

    thanks and can't wait to see y'all!
  16. RunRookie

    RunRookie Active Member

    Everything has been leading towards this point, this moment in time. I feel a convergence in The Force.
  17. es45

    es45 Active Member

    Oh yeah! Rick: You reminded me of my running mantra: "Do or do not. There is no try."

    Lynn: Where you are traveling this month? Is it London?

    Stacy and Hung: I hope to see you at the Pop meet.

    To everyone else: I know I'll see you at the POP meet!
  18. aaronv88

    aaronv88 Member

    I'll see you guys at the breakfast on Friday morning. Wont be in town till late Thursday night. Have a safe and wonderful trip everyone.
  19. Hello team and Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I've been keeping busy with work, travel, and various life stuff. Patrick and I took a trip to Australia in November. We had a fantastic time!

    I have the Tinkerbell Half coming up on Jan 20th. Training has not been going well. I've developed PF in my right foot. My doc prescribed several weeks of PT which did help, but my foot's been hurting more recently. I'm just hoping to get through the race and then I'm going to take a break from running/racing.

    Good luck and safe travels to everyone heading to WDW! I hope you have a great time!

  20. KippWade

    KippWade Member

    Tossing the last items into the travel bags. I'll be headed out to the airport in about 30 minutes!!!

    Walt Disney World, HERE! I! COME!

  21. Lynn G

    Lynn G Walker of Malamutes

    Good Morning Team! Again, safe travels to all who are traveling, and good luck and PD for the races!

    Elizabeth - Yes, we are headed to London for a week, planning the trip around the London Bike Show (cycling).

    Emily - Australia sound great, it has been on our list for quite a while, but have not made it there yet. With my PF, I spent about a year sleeping in a “boot”, and took a lot of NSAIDs. I still stretch regularly, but have not been bothered by it for several years now. I still have the “boot” somewhere under my bed in case of recurrence.

    AFM - Very windy yesterday, up to 60mph, did get out for dog walk but not on bike, have been spending time on spin bike in basement, hoping today will be calm enough to ride bike to mailbox for mail and newspaper. We are getting an arctic blast over the weekend, highs in the teens, lows below 0. Wish I could send some cooler air to WDW for marathon!

    Pixie dust to all who are in need!

    Have a great day team!

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