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hair and make up.....

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by dawne98, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. dawne98

    dawne98 New Member

    we have a photo shoot in AK at 8am and I would love to get my hair and make up done for this.... any info on who to call would be great thanks :)
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  3. tric8783

    tric8783 New Member

    we used Beaute Speciale- they will come right to your hotel room and make you gorgeous :goodvibes They charge an early morning fee, but I think that's for 4am or so wake up calls so you should be good.
  4. dawne98

    dawne98 New Member

    thank you and how much is it?
  5. 2010_Bride

    2010_Bride New Member

    Another vote for Beauty Speciale! They were fantastic to work with. They even came a bit early and we had lots of time to try out different makeup looks for my wedding 2 years ago :)
  6. Osjah&Landon'sMom

    Osjah&Landon'sMom Yes that WAS my DD8 you saw at Walmart in the tutu

    I am a Hair and Make-up Artist with 30+ years of experience and would love to help make your magical day... Feel free to contact me through PM :)
  7. clareyfairymouse

    clareyfairymouse New Member

    I used Beaute Speciale as well and the girls are so lovely and they really listened to what I wanted.
    They also mentioned they regularly do hair and make up for early morning photo shoots and weddings.

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