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greetings from las vegas!

Discussion in 'Gay and Lesbian at Disney' started by joanjett1976, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. joanjett1976

    joanjett1976 <font color=blue>Shane in the study with the candl

    Hidis friends
    Iam at thé mandalay breakfast buffet having some quick preconvention grub...mama misses boma!saw a great burlesque show at forty deuce (va va va voom)...val is joining me later in thé week for a weekend at disneyland! Aint no place like home :)
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  3. dkostel

    dkostel <font color=red>Future owner at CRV? VCR? I don't

    If you're a fan of thrill rides head to the Stratosphere & do the (forgot the name) ride that shoots you up & drops you down (TOT style) at the top. It's great at night, best view in town.

  4. rcostello1

    rcostello1 New Member

    I love thrill rides, but I would die on that ride. I don't like heights...creeps me out just being inside up that high, much less on some thing flinging you through the air. I suppose it's a fun way to die :).
  5. IlluminationsUK

    IlluminationsUK New Member

    Oooh, very jealous! Have a great time. :smooth:
  6. icebrat001

    icebrat001 <font color=teal>Foot flusher<br><font color=orang

    I went on that ride that was previously mentioned years ago. I don't think I could stomach that. If you are brave, I agree, go for it.
  7. Kevin&Randall

    Kevin&Randall New Member

    It is called, THE BIG SHOT! I made Kevin ride the "Big Shot" in 1999 which the Stratosphere states,

    "The Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower's mast to a height of 1,081 feet. :scared1: Traveling at 45 miles per hour, riders experience 4G's as they reach the very top, and feel negative G's on the way down." Once we got off the ride, and were able to change Kevin's underwear, he threatened me with an inch of my life.

    Since then they have added even more crazy rides that I will never, ever, ever go on. Oh, and Kevin will never, ever go back into the Stratosphere tower. :laughing:


  8. OrlandoMike

    OrlandoMike <font color=red>all I can say is beer hurts when i Moderator

    Not entirely sure, but I think the attractions may be currently closed, they are taking out the roller coaster.

    Let you know, I leave the 4th!

    "What happens in Vegas............ ;)
  9. Viki

    Viki <font color="green">Mid-town Manhattan, anyone?</f

    Have a great time, Gen, and keep us posted!
  10. OrlandoMike

    OrlandoMike <font color=red>all I can say is beer hurts when i Moderator

    Do me a favor, before you leave town swing by the jail amd pre-arrange bail for me, leaving on Feb 4th for Sin City! Just trying to save steps! :rotfl2:

    Hope your having a great time!
  11. bluedoggy

    bluedoggy New Member

    Have a great time in Vegas - Hope you win big!!! :teeth: Our DD is getting married in Vegas at TI Labor Day weekend and then is honeymooning at WDW (of course) Looking forward to going out there again, it has been 16 yrs since we were there - alot has changed. Enjoy! :sunny:
  12. MickeyDee

    MickeyDee New Member

    Ooooo, I'm SUPER jealous! I love Vegas so much and hope I get to go again in May! Tell Vegas that Deedee says Hi! hehe And have a great, great time!
  13. OrlandoMike

    OrlandoMike <font color=red>all I can say is beer hurts when i Moderator

    Just snagged awsome seats for "O". Couldn't figure out why I got such great seats on such short notice, then I noticed I'm going on Superbowl Sunday!


    For once being a gay guy with absolutly no interist in Football pays off!
  14. ANTSS2001

    ANTSS2001 <font color=deeppink>Talented Poet<br><font color=

    Hey!! Long time no hear!!! Hope everything is well!

  15. FigmentGuy

    FigmentGuy New Member

    Howdy ya'll! Couple of boys here taking a break from WDW and heading to vegas in '07(first time). Does anyone know of any good forums for vegas like the disboards? Any must do's? (There will be us 2 boys, and our 2 female friends) A happening gay hangout, or something for the 4 of us... any suggestions?
  16. OrlandoMike

    OrlandoMike <font color=red>all I can say is beer hurts when i Moderator

    www.gaylasvegas.com has listings of clubs and other things.

    You will want to go "Downtown" one evening, that is the old section of vegas and they have a pretty cool light show at night.

    If you want to see a great show, check out Hairsparay at the Luxor, excellent, Harvy Firestein is in the lead role of Edna.

    Take advantage of the bus system, "the duce". For $2.00 a trip, or $5.00 for a 24 hour pass it runs up and down the strip all the way to downtown 24 hours a day. Dont let the size of the strip fool you, a resort that looks within walking distance may actually be 2 miles away, and walking can wear you out!

    New York, New York has a pretty decent roller coaster, but a little on the expensive side.

    Lots of hotels have free shows that you may want to take advantage of. The Mirage has the volcano, Treasure Island has a pirate show, there is a foutain show, light shows, and lots of free lounge acts. You can do quite a bit for free out there if you do your homework.

    If you plan on returning to Vegas anytime in the future get a casino card for the slot machines. It keeps track of how much money you put in a machine, and if you spend enough the casino will send you offers in the mail for reduced rates in the future.

    If you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask!

    And for God's sake, leave room for those 99 cent shrimp cocktails!
  17. ANTSS2001

    ANTSS2001 <font color=deeppink>Talented Poet<br><font color=

  18. majortom

    majortom New Member

    Make sure you check out Krave, a relatively new gay club on the strip attached to Aladdin (soon to be the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino). Lots of great restaurants there: Delmonico at the Venetian, Emeril's New Orleans Fish House at MGM, Chef Michael Jordan's restaurant Rosemary's (off the strip), Hank's at Green Valley Ranch (Chef Sean Roe is the Exec Chef there and is amazing), and for sushi Nobu at the Hard Rock.


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