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Grand Slam - Annual

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Justacruiser, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    Well, got the PIF conformation today. When we sail on the Dream in December 2013 (DCL #17), that will make our 1st Annual Grand Slam. That will make our 6th cruise this year with DCL. Love the Galveston port and all of the discount fairs.

    Going to have to really slow down after this, need to start fixing some things around our house.

    Anybody complete the Annual Grand Slam before? Anyone expecting to in the near future? I do wish they did do something for folks that completed the Grand Slam or the Grand Slam - Annual!!!
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  3. dsnydaddy

    dsnydaddy New Member

    Nope. doing four cruises in one year from the west coast would bankrupt me. Congrats though. I'll not get my Grand Slam until 2015 when I do a Fantasy 7 night.
  4. IBelieveInTheMagic

    IBelieveInTheMagic New Member

    Congrats!! :cool1:

    I'm close :) First cruise on the Dream 6/2012 and in 1/2014 (so a year and a half) it will be my 6th cruise and Grand Slam on the Magic! :banana: My DH and DS are close behind but I took my Mom on the Fantasy in December and did a girls cruise on the Dream last month.

    I always tell my family since I don't have a car payment my other car is a DCL ship! :rotfl:

  5. darkwing818

    darkwing818 New Member

    Congratulations way to Go :flower3:. We've completed 2 Grand Slams, but not in the same year. We bought the t-shirts in the gift shop that show the bow of all 4 ships (same as the framed image in the staterooms Dream & Fantasy), for us that our Grand Slam souvenir. ::yes::
  6. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 New Member

    We did a Grand Slam last year. I agree with OP though. Time to slow down and return to home maintenance. :(
    We got a new roof 2 days before we left for Barcelona and though it looks nice it's not nearly as exciting as a cruise.
  7. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 New Member

    :thumbsup2 :rotfl:
    That would make a great bumper sticker!
  8. Keggy

    Keggy <font color=blue>So this is a first for us<br><fon

    This is a great idea! We completed our GS last Sept on the Fantasy and would have loved some GS merch!
  9. IBelieveInTheMagic

    IBelieveInTheMagic New Member

    I've seriously thought about this! :woohoo:

  10. super mike b

    super mike b New Member

    We did all four ships last year! We also did all three the year before!!
  11. E ticket rider

    E ticket rider Ferb's Best Friend

    There should be two separate distinctions:

    DCL Home Run Club - Cruising all 4 ships, but the timing is irrelevant


    DCL Grand Slam Club - Cruising all 4 ships within a 12 month period
  12. mikehn

    mikehn New Member

    how about a grand slam, back to back to back......is that even possible?
  13. cruisecrasher

    cruisecrasher New Member

    Yes...if you line it up right I think when they all cruise from Florida next spring it might be possible though one of your back to backs would involve cutting across to Miami.
  14. JLDSMD

    JLDSMD Platinum Castaway Club

    You could do this in Feb 2014 in a total of 22 days (19 ship days and 3 land days - one day between each cruise).

    There are a couple different options to do it:

    2/2/14 Wonder (5 nights)
    2/8/14 Fantasy (7 nights)
    2/16/14 Dream (4 nights)
    2/21/14 Magic (3 nights)


    2/7/14 Wonder (5 nights)
    2/13/14 Dream (3 nights)
    2/17/14 Magic (4 nights)
    2/22/14 Fantasy (7 nights)​

    There was another option for one day longer (23 days) that would get you 4 nights on both the Magic and the Dream.
  15. sweetlovin'

    sweetlovin' New Member

    2014 - I am on the Wonder in April, Magic in Oct, Fantasy in Oct and Dream Nov. It was more spread out before, but my kids kept changing cruises. I take my kids on individual trips, so each kid picked a cruise. I am the only one in the family completing the Grand Slam.;)
  16. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 New Member

    This sounds heavenly! :cloud9:
  17. super mike b

    super mike b New Member

    That is a pretty cool idea......:cool2:

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