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GKTW Meet: Tennessee, February 18, 2012

Discussion in 'Power of 10 - DIS Events to Benefit GKTW' started by Minnie_Mom, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in having a meet in Tennessee to benefit GKTW. I noticed that Disney on Ice is coming to Memphis in September... that might be a nice time to get something together. I might be able to get a box at the Forum donated for us to use.

    Anyone interested?
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  3. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Let me know what you guys decide so I can add you to our event list and map on the top of the forum. :)
  4. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Thanks, Nikki. I will let you know if anything develops.
  5. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Ok, Tennessee, let's get going! We live in a state that is full of entertainment opportunities... from the Blues melodies in Memphis to Country music in Nashville to the beautiful Mountains of East Tennessee... Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
  6. JenniBugInPink

    JenniBugInPink <font color=red>Nobody has seen them since 1984<br

    Memphis is on the wrong end of the state for me. ;) The Virginia meet is too far away as well. I'd be up for a SW VA/Upper East TN meet! :thumbsup2
  7. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Yes, Bristol is a long way from Memphis. Hopefully, we can get something worked out... either a central location for everyone or a couple of different meets based on location...
  8. maroo

    maroo New Member

    I am interested in this!! :)

    I am from central MS - so this would not be too far at all! :)
  9. djblu883

    djblu883 New Member

    If you do it on a weekend other than labor day I could do it!!! And I have things I could donate for auction!! Let me know if this gets going! I work in central Ms. but usually go home on weekends but would gladly do this! I would like to do Alabama but my being away from home prevents me from getting this done.:surfweb:
  10. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Great! Glad to have more people interested! :cool1:

    Any thoughts of the when/where? I had thought about Disney on Ice (Sept 23-25?). I am fairly certain that I could get a box donated for us to use, but we might be limited on the number of people because the boxes at the Forum are on the smaller side.

    Also, any ideas on how we can spread the word?
  11. maroo

    maroo New Member

    This sounds like a lot of fun!!! :)

    I think the 24th would be best...so that we can travel on Friday and Sunday, if we need to. :) I am so excited about this! I don't know if it is possible to get a handicapped accessible box? Lauren might be interested in coming...but she would have NO idea until that week before because she is starting college and probably has no idea of her schedule yet... And Rachel may be interested in coming, too. But both of those ladies would need a place that will hold a wheelchair. I can only "handle" one of them at a time...so we would only need one wheelchair spot...and if you can't get it, then that is totally fine...I just think they might be interested in coming. :)

    This sounds fun!! :)
  12. Yeti77

    Yeti77 New Member

    My wife and I would be interested, as we're in Memphis, too.
  13. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    I'm in N. AL and would be interested in attending if we could come up with a meet more around the Nashville area.
  14. heatherwillmom

    heatherwillmom New Member

    Me too! I used to live in Memphis. It's about a 8 hr drive for us. Tennessee is a loooong state.
  15. lttlmc3

    lttlmc3 <font color=darkorchid>You can ship it. I'll still

    Am I the only one in Nashville? We could car pool!
  16. katcarter

    katcarter New Member

    I am in Southeast Mo ---so either Nashville or Memphis works for me. I am excited for a event close to home!!
  17. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    I'm just a bit south of you, but in Nashville quite a bit especially during hockey season!
  18. Pooh's Hunny

    Pooh's Hunny New Member

    I might be able to meet up as I live in Nashville. It would depend on when since I work Titans games on Sundays and I know there is a game on Sept 25.
  19. lodgelady

    lodgelady New Member

    I would be very excited for a TN Dismeet! :goodvibes I live in the center of TN, so let me know what I can do to help make this happen.
  20. lttlmc3

    lttlmc3 <font color=darkorchid>You can ship it. I'll still

    just curious, how do you get to work the Titans games? Maybe we should have a Nashville Mini meet!
  21. Yeti77

    Yeti77 New Member

    We are too! We're Preds partial season ticket holders and we drive into Nashville from Memphis a couple of dozen times throughout the season. So a Nashville meetup wouldn't be a stretch for us.

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