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GKTW Meet: Delaware DIS Meet, Nov. 1-3, 2013 - OCT. 18 last day for Registration!!!

Discussion in 'Power of 10 - DIS Events to Benefit GKTW' started by dcayz, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Just bumping this up!

    Registration closes on October 1st!
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  3. twob4him

    twob4him New Member

    Ok all registered!
  4. dcayz

    dcayz New Member

    I am looking for anything for the Chinese auction or for the swap meet. If you find anything let me know. Have fun this weekend! :)
  5. wdwscout

    wdwscout <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    We are registered!! :yay:

    John and I have registered for Friday evening and Saturday's Big Event.
    We will also be at the Embassy Suites both nights.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!! :cool1:
  6. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Woohoo!!!! :woohoo:
  7. Ravens girl

    Ravens girl New Member

    This Maryland girl will be there. dragging DH with me.
  8. cayz

    cayz New Member


    In case you didn't hear, we've extended the registration until Oct 11.
    Tell your friends, your neighbors, your postman (or postperson!).

    Also, I've updated the www.powerof10de.org (powerof10de.us) website. I've made it more inviting, and later this weekend I will add maps as well.

    The Auction Website charityauctionorganizer.com/auction/dedismeet has also undergone a re-organization! We have 3 types of Auctions, with over 150 lots of items, including some that have NOT YET BEEN ADDED.

    Keep An Eye Out (just one, like Mike's) for the latest additions.
  9. ShesAPirate

    ShesAPirate New Member

    All registered, finally! My friend Dominique will be joining me. We will be at Embassy Suites, too. Can't wait! :thumbsup2
  10. wdwscout

    wdwscout <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Just want to make sure I have the correct Newark Senior Center in my Trip-it file. I can't seem to find the address for the senior center anywhere in these posts or links (but I certainly may have missed it ;)).

    I found 200 Whitechapel Rd, Newark.
    Is that the right place?
  11. UConnFan

    UConnFan New Member

    We're officially registered. I get a Podcast recording and a dismeet for my birthday this year :thumbsup2 Can't wait!!!
  12. wdwscout

    wdwscout <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    :cheer2: Welcome to the Boards! You're gonna love coming to a Meet too! See you there.

    :yay: Yay!

    :yay: Yay! When's your birthday? It's my birthday week too (10/29). And Kathy W's too! We can have a big party! :woohoo:
  13. UConnFan

    UConnFan New Member

    Mine is November 2nd! We should have a big party after the main event :cool1:
  14. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Woohoo for another party!
  15. DVC Kathy

    DVC Kathy New Member

    DH and I just registered. We'll be at the Embassy Suites as well. :cool1:

  16. Aburns8

    Aburns8 New Member

    I have a one year old, is he allowed to come?
  17. dcayz

    dcayz New Member

    He is more than welcome to come!
  18. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    :thumbsup2 Woohoo!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the little one!
  19. Aburns8

    Aburns8 New Member

    Just hoping my husband's new work schedule will let us go. I made the reservations at the hotel, will sign up this week once he gets confirmation.
  20. ShesAPirate

    ShesAPirate New Member

    Pretty sure my friend Dominique and I are planning to visit this brewery about 2 miles from Embassy Suites on Saturday night. Anyone is welcomed to join! The more, the merrier! :)

  21. wdwscout

    wdwscout <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    We like Iron Hill. We have 2 near us and it's a great place. Good food, nice atmosphere- and lots of beer! :drinking1
    A very good possibility! :thumbsup2

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