Give Kids the World WDW Marathon Weekend Team

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    I know there was a post about this in the 2014 WDW Marathon weekend thread, but in case anyone didn't see it in the fast moving pages, I'm posting the link here:

    Basically, Give Kids the World has an official charity running team for the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend. All sorts of cool stuff is included with your fundraising commitment, so if you haven't already signed up for a race, check out their information! :cool1:
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    Just started running and signed up for #RunGKTW as my daughter spent a week there and I thought no better way to give back. Running a half is nothing to what these kids go through and I can't wait to raise awareness and financial support in this challenge.

    If you want to see more info about Give Kids The World or help support these amazing families, here is a link:
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    This is great info and something to think about. Thanks for sharing!

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