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Gay Days DATW

Discussion in 'Gay and Lesbian at Disney' started by RedsDrew, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    Every year for gay days at WDW, on the EPCOT touring day (which is always the first Sunday in June), a group of us here on the DIS Drink Around the World (DATW). If you're new to the DIS or gay days, that means we drink our way through all the World Showcase countries sipping alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) libations. The festivities start at Noon in Mexico, and continue until we have visited every country.

    In the past, some of us wore matching shirts that had a list of the countries on the back, so we could check off each country as we visit it. Some people even put a check mark for every drink they had in each country (I had a large number haha). For this year's event, I created a DATW tshirt on spreadshirt. If anyone is interested, the price on spreadshirt for the DATW design is either $16.00 for a standard tee or $22.70 for an American Apparel tee (better quality). These are both cheaper than the $25.00 shirts we had made from previous years, since there's no large picture. These shirts always get us a lot of attention. :cool1:

    If you want to buy one, just go to the 2nd page of products at the following link to order from spreadshirt directly: http://drewzdesignz.spreadshirt.com/ Can't wait to see everyone that attends Drink Around the World this year!
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  3. Brrrendon

    Brrrendon New Member

    DATW is sooo much fun
  4. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    DATW is amazing, and I can already taste the Jalapeno Margarita in Mexico, the Tangerine Daquiri in Morocco, and the Grand Marnier slush in France!
  5. SullySpears

    SullySpears New Member

    OMG... this sounds amazing! I am SO in! Sounds like so much fun too.
  6. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    Let's get a head count... who's planning on joining in on the festivities for DATW at EPCOT? I've got 2 other people joining me :thumbsup2
  7. bigbro501

    bigbro501 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Gay_Dayz_Disney/

    You can count on me being there. I have a red shirt from New Orleans that has DRUNK1 on front. ;-)
  8. Brrrendon

    Brrrendon New Member

    I am def there
  9. disney4rfamily

    disney4rfamily New Member

    Wish I could make it to this as it sounds like a lot of fun. I'll definitely have to plan to be there for it next year!
  10. JamesSellDE

    JamesSellDE Hey from Delaware

    Just ordered my T-shirt!
  11. future84

    future84 New Member

    I'm in!
  12. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    I just ordered our DATW t-shirts. Now I'm trying to decide if I'm having beer or wine in Germany. The flights are really good. :cool1:
  13. fmelchor88

    fmelchor88 New Member

    You can us in.. Frank & JUlio:banana:
  14. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    Woohoo! :woohoo: More drinking shenangians to follow last year's!!!! :banana:
  15. sab53085

    sab53085 New Member

    The BF and I will definitely be joining!
  16. BuddyThomas

    BuddyThomas New Member

    This sounds like a loot of fun. Does anyone know anything about this party in the Odyssey at EPCOT that day?
  17. Wolf359

    Wolf359 New Member

  18. BuddyThomas

    BuddyThomas New Member

    Thanks but was wondering if anyone had been to this party in the past and if it's worth the money. Thanks! I like the tee-shirts, by the way!
  19. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew New Member

    Glad you like the tees. I've included a direct link to the $15.00 DATW tshirt if anyone is interested in getting one that hasn't yet. Order sooner than later if you want one because I believe Spreadshirt's estimated ship date when ordering today is May 8th. We already received ours and I'm really pleased with spreadshirt's quality. The shirt is a decent weight without being too heavy, so it's a good value imho.

  20. mrunn0080

    mrunn0080 New Member

  21. BuddyThomas

    BuddyThomas New Member

    Hmm after drinking around the world I don't know if we need a loud dance club. Will definitely but a couple of shirts! Can't wait! Thanks for the responses.

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