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Galveston 04/06/13 Caribbean Cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by ryleigh'smom2004, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. ronniegintx

    ronniegintx New Member

    We are in the same boat as Mary ( pun intended). GTY on deck 8. We too shall see. 😃
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  3. mkymselover

    mkymselover New Member

    We are on deck 8 in room 8044. :cool1:
  4. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    You're a 4a - maybe you'll get bumped up to concierge! We had a concierge room last trip, but I just couldn't justify it this time!
  5. Taysmimi

    Taysmimi Finished Cruise of a Lifetime on Magic now ready f

    I am so excited just talked to the rest of the family and they are all in on the FE!

    Room 7216:
    Sue (Mimi). First Disney Experience
    David (Papa). First Disney Experience
    Douglas(20) (Uncle Uggie)
    All three first cruise

    Room 7214:
    David Jr. (Dad) First Cruise
    Sam (Mom)

    Room 7212:
    Sandy (Umma)
    Amanda (Nana)
    Princess Taylor (4). First cruise

    Both bottom rooms are seasoned Disney

    So please add the rest of my traveling crew to the FE.
  6. texfinn

    texfinn New Member

    Do they have concierge on the Magic? I know they had an entire deck on the Fantasy, wasn't sure how that worked.

    We are on deck 7 - will look up rooms and post later.

    I am still on the fence about the FE just because not sure if my husband's friends will be interested and think their kids may not be happy to not be included if they see us included. What is the cutoff date?

    For our cruise last year on the Fantasy - got to be a HUGE FE group and we split into two. It was a lot of fun!

    We will book excursions hopefully this week.

    Looking forward to it!!
  7. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    We stayed in a 1 bdrm concierge on deck 8 last year on the Magic. They don't have the concierge lounge, but instead bring snacks to the room every afternoon. We got reservations to the sold out gingerbread house making event. Having the separate bedroom was great for me with dh, but not worth the extra couple thousand dollars for just me and the grandkids. With the kids sail free, it's actually more than double the cost for concierge!! It would be a nice upgrade, though!
  8. Mageemommy

    Mageemommy New Member

    Glad to have you with us!! I have put everyone down! See ya soon!
  9. Mageemommy

    Mageemommy New Member

    I am going to make the cut off 1 month before we sail. And this group is getting pretty large so we will be splitting in some way once I have all the numbers. We would love for y'all to join!
  10. texfinn

    texfinn New Member

    GREAT! I'll let you know. I know the kids want in but have to consider the other cabin.

    Last cruise I think we had 40 cabins participate - we separated by location (20 cabins on lower decks, 20 on upper). Some folks still gave to all. It was so much fun. The first cruise the FE exchange was big too but not quite that large.

    Any tips on park and cruise hotels in Galveston?

  11. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    Sam, if you go to the zoo, make sure to see the shoebill storks! They have two of them, male and female, and they are amazing birds! They look almost prehistoric. Very cool and HUGE!! Also, the two red pandas are worth seeing. The Houston zoo has come a long way in the past 10 years or so. Go early if you can, or go in the late afternoon to beat the crowds.

    Another fun thing to do is the Downtown Aquarium. It's actually a restaurant built around an aquarium, and they also have some white tigers on display. You have to pay extra for the white tigers, but it's well worth it. You can do one or the other or both. You don't have to eat at the restaurant to do the tigers.
  12. Mageemommy

    Mageemommy New Member

    This is something that I haven't yet figured out myself:confused:
    I need to very soon. I would like a hotel that we can stay Friday night and leave our car park at the hotel till return for our start Saturday night. To be honest, I haven't been doing a great job finding out this part! If I hear anything, I will let you know! :cool1:
  13. texfinn

    texfinn New Member

    That's exactly what I am looking for too. I'll let you know what I found out. I know the Wyndham is usually an option but they are sold out that night :(.
  14. texfinn

    texfinn New Member

    For the FE - is there a count already of cabins with kids? I am leaning towards doing this but want to get an idea on how many cabins we are talking about before I ask our friends from Finland.

    How about excursions? Has anyone booked something non-DCL in Cozumel? Am tempted to book Nachi Cocum or one of those but not sure.
  15. Mageemommy

    Mageemommy New Member

    So I have a few concerns, you guys know I am going on this trip with just myself and 7 year old son. I am trying to schedule things for him while maintaining family time at dinner every night. I think that meeting and speaking with you guys is going to help me a lot. Does disney schedule me and my son with other single parents at dinner. I don't want to fill lie the third wheel on a Party of 5. I am jut extremely nervous about doing it all.
    So for now. I am sinking me mind into the fish extender :rotfl:
  16. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    you can call them and request that you sit with other moms with kids without their husbands. I don't know if they can always do that, but I think they try. If you know someone else who you'd like to sit with, they can link your reservations too. Maybe look over the FE list and see if someone fits your family, and pm them to see if they want to join you for dinner? Just a thought! You're welcome to sit with us, but I'm a grandmom, not a mom (well, at least not to these kids!) and there will be 3 kiddoes with me, not just 1.

    Don't be nervous, you have lots of options! If you end up letting them surprise you, and for some reason it doesn't work out, you can request to be moved.

    then there's always room service...:rotfl: just kidding, of course!
  17. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    If you read through the posts in this thread there are several ideas for Coz. We're hopping a cab and going to Chankannab National Park. We did the dolphin excursion through DCL last time, but this time we're just going on our own and snorkeling, watching the sea lion/manatee shows, etc. There's a lot to do there for not much $$.

    I'm still trying to decide on Grand Cayman. I want to do the stingray city, but not sure the 4-yr old will be up for it. I might just go for it, and if she gets scared, she and I can hang out and watch the other two handling the rays! We used Capt. Marvin last time, but I've heard Moby Dick is really good.
  18. Sam Carre

    Sam Carre New Member

    Hi Mary, thanks for the info, would love to do something, I have never been to Houston before.

    Can I ask some advice, we are currently booked in an inside stateroom, I am thinking about changing reservation to a deluxe oceanview stateroom with navigator's verandah, is it worth the extra money? Is it safe with a 3.5 year old? It's our 1st ever cruise not sure what to do for the best. :confused3
  19. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    personally, I love sitting outside in the morning/evening so a verandah is important to me, but some people love the inside rooms because they don't spend time on the verandah, and depending on the cost (not sure how much more it would be for you) it might or might not be worth it. I think it's subjective :). I haven't seen the navigator verandahs, but the regular ones have plexiglass that comes up pretty high. My grandkids have strict instructions not to stand on the furniture so I think it's very safe. I will have my almost 4-yr old granddaughter with me, and I'm not worried at all.
  20. mawhite424

    mawhite424 New Member

    Sam, I just looked at the pictures of the navigator verandah - so cute!! It looks pretty high. I'm sure DCL put a lot of thought into the safety concerns.

    Regarding the zoo, maybe judge it by the weather. If it's hot, go to the aquarium! There's quite a bit to do/see for little ones. There's a big ferris wheel that overlooks Houston, and some other rides that aren't too crazy. Also, there's an area where you can put your hands in the water and touch some sea life. FUN!!!!
  21. mkymselover

    mkymselover New Member

    I too was looking into Chankannab National Park...seemed like a fun place for kiddos! And I am also going to do the stingray with my family and my kiddos are 6, 4, and 2 (almost 3) My kids have no idea that we are doing this trip, but I have asked them, if they could swim with dolphins or stingrays would they do it? And my two oldest said yes! So we will see. All 3 of my kids are "fish" so I am hoping that they will enjoy it. I am thinking of going and getting them water wings just to be on the safe side.

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