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Fulton Crab house reviews!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Jessij25, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Jessij25

    Jessij25 New Member

    Fulton Crab House is on my to do list but I am seeing a lot people saying its not worth the money. I will be using DDP but I still don't want to waste a credit on a bad meal. What is another good seafood restaurant on Disney that I could try??? Or is there any good reviews out there for Fulton Crab?
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  3. AmyLand98

    AmyLand98 New Member

    I can't give you a review on Fultons because we haven't been there and we are trying to decide if we are going to try it on our next trip. But you said you didn't want to waste a credit if it isn't that good...as a reminder, Fultons is 2 credits on the dining plan :(
  4. 4HppyCamprs

    4HppyCamprs New Member

    We went to Fultons in March and we had a delicious meal! We ordered the Grand Feast for the 3 adults and added a side of seven cheese mac and cheese for the children. We were NOT on the dining plan so I am not sure if that had some unknown impact. We will be booking it again.
  5. AdventureIsOutThere

    AdventureIsOutThere Just a girl, boy and their dog.

    I have been twice and have been very pleased both times. Both times we went for lunch and paid OOP and thought the service, ambiance and food quality were great. The first time we went was in Dec 2010 and were seated upstairs; the view was excellent! We last went in May 2012 and were seated downstairs which was not as nice. The service this time, however, was beyond great. He was very attentive and helpful with his suggestions.

    Despite new management and a changing of the menus from the first time to the second (no jalepeno ice for the oysters, bummer) the quality was still high.

    I have read many negative reviews of Fultons but I cannot say a bad thing about the place. Maybe it helps that we go during lunch when the prices and crowds are lower so the comparable value is higher? I think this is a great "first day" restaurant where you can get a nice meal, look at DTD and then head off to the parks!
  6. bookbunny

    bookbunny New Member

    My boyfriend and I went there on our last night in Disney. We enjoyed the food. He has the Rib Eye and I had the Rhode Island Lobster. The lobster dish you received a full lobster split and filled with bay scallops, shrimp, spinach, and mushrooms. A lobster tail and the claws as well as a side of red potato's. It was really delicious. The rib eye came with a pesto like sauce on top with two fried peppers with potato's. We will do it again next year.:cheer2::thumbsup2
  7. Jessij25

    Jessij25 New Member

    Thank you for the review!!! I think I will give it a try on our trip April 2013!!!

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  8. cceandme

    cceandme New Member

    Yay for the good reviews. Trying it for the first time in July and it's one of the places I'm most excited about trying this time around.

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