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Free! HOP on POP 2009 FD Fridge SWAP - 07/18/10 - 08/13/2010 Avail!

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by JeMarie6, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    Welcome to the NEW There's No Stopping the HOP on POP 2009 Free Dining Now Free Fridge Swap!

    04/19/09 See below for the updated rules as we're going free to comply with the new policy

    Below is our current list of swappers. We bought a black larger 4.5 cubic foot fridge & a 2-slice toaster from Walmart and Marge from Wegoshop delivered it to resort for us (in the pouring rain, thank you!). See photos of fridge, toaster and box below in post 6...

    Completed Swaps (41!)
    05/24/09-06/03/09 JaydaNicole :lovestruc :lovestruc
    06/03/09-06/12/09 Trish5768
    06/13/09-06/19/09 Tracy
    06/19/09-06/26/09 ValinVW
    06/27/09-07/05/09 mommyarewegoingback
    07/06/09-07/10/09 bellasmami1107
    07/11/09-07/16/09 Amy/luvbeinamom :flower3:
    07/16/09-07/30/09 MissMo
    08/08/09-08/15/09 bkhuntsman
    08/15/09-08/22/09 KelleyD
    08/22/09-08/26/09 AshM373 :flower3:
    08/26/09-09/05/09 PoohDRMR
    09/04/09–09/13/09 Karensokool
    09/13/09-09/16/09 mizzoumom :flower3:
    09/19/09-09/26/09 JeMarie6
    09/27/09–10/03/09 abc999
    10/03/09-10/10/09 Clupaczyk
    10/14/09-10/19/09 Skatingmom
    10/19/09-10/25/09 amelia777:flower3:
    11/08/09-11/18/09 afeld111781:flower3:
    11/18/09-11/22/09 mom2aaprincess :flower3:
    11/28/09-12/06/09 CruiseBoundnKY :flower3:
    12/06/09-12/10/09 Critty:flower3:
    12/12/09-12/19/09 sah95
    01/07/10-01/15/10 Keirwin
    01/20/10-01/27/10 Kim R
    01/29/10-02/6/10 SarahD
    02/06/10-02/10/10 Sparklin
    02/13/10 - 2/21/10 mzak
    02/22/10-02/24/10 Kindra
    02/24/10-03/01/10 ljb9539
    03/01/10-03/08/10 Monique
    03/09/10-03/17/10 DeniseinNS
    3/19/10-03/25/10 GraceLuvsWDW
    3/26/10 to 3/30/10 LuckyGirl539
    04/10/10-04/17/10 mb12345
    04/21/10-04/24/10 Karalea
    04/30/10-05/07/10 Luvbeinamom
    05/08/10-05/14/10 Madisonsmom926
    05/15/10-05/20/10 Lisha1979
    05/23/10-06/06/10 Webb-rileys6-60

    -06/25/10 Fridge Still Missing! No new names being added at this time-

    06/04/10-06/12/10 piperpizazz - Missing
    06/12/10-06/19/10 kkhworth - Missing
    06/23/10-06/30/10 LuckyGirl539 - Confirmed
    06/30/10-07/10/10 jiminyfan - Confirmed
    07/10/10 - 07/17/10 Renmusical - Confirmed

    Aug/Sept 2010
    08/14/10-08/21/10 jcanary - Confirmed
    08/22/10-08/25/10 Mama Steph ?
    08/25/10-09/03/10 SerinaEmily
    09/04/10-09/14/10 Mickeymaker2003
    09/14/10-09/25/10 Eeyore's Wife (Arriving 09/11/10)
    09/25/10-10/02/10 JollyHolly - Confirmed
    10/09/10-10/16/10 jiminyfan - Confirmed
    10/16/10-10/21/10 3darlings ?
    10/22/10-10/27/10 ddstratton ?
    10/24/10*-11/05/10 - OandA?

    11/04/10*-11/12/10* dassjs Confirmed
    11/10/10-11/17/10 IdreamofMickey Confirmed
    11/28/10-12/03/10 kteesmumma Confirmed
    12/04/10-12/10/10 Jennytmitch - Confirmed
    12/10/10-12/15/10 - Letsbgoofy
    12/18/10-12/24/10 - mom2aaprincess - Confirmed

    Overlaps/back up ?
    06/12/10-06/22/10 Mel6241
    06/19/10-06/27/10 littlezar
    8/14/10-08/22/10 maricakaz
    08/19/10-08/29/10 wolf29
    09/02/10-09/06/10 msufan
    09/25/10-10/02/10 myneverland
    10/02-10-10/16/10 Hunzi
    Want to know what you're getting yourself in for? Read the 'rules' below:

    Are my dates available?
    Check the list above and if your dates are available, send me (JeMarie6) a PM with your desired dates. If you can't PM yet because you haven't hit your 10 posts, post to the list and send me an email at my home email JeMarie6@mchsi.com. Assuming your dates are available and you are staying at the POP, I’ll pencil you in and then PM you with a request for your information. You’ll need to provide me with your name/contact information/reservation number and your travel/swap dates. If you’re not sure of your dates, please wait until you are to sign up for this fridge swap! Once I have your information, I'll update you to confirmed .

    Is there a cost?
    Due to new Disboard rules as of 04/19/09, there is no longer a cost to join the swap. However, signing up for the swap is a commitment and we need everyone to do their part to keep this Swap going. (If you need to check with your spouse/fellow travelers, as a courtesy I recommend you do it before you post/PM me!) (Thank you to our original swappers who contributed to the fridge!!), Hopefully all goes well with the fridge swap, and the fridge is successfuly passed on to the next person. Since we can't collect funds if the fridge gets lost, they'll be no fridge to swap if we can't keep track of it.

    What are my responsibilities?
    After you've been added to the list and been confirmed, check with the swapper before you and after you to make arrangements for the SWAP. Although I’m currently leading this SWAP, each of you is ultimately responsible for the fridge and making sure it gets to the next party. To that end make sure you are communicating with both the parties before and after you so we don’t lose the fridge! I recommend making initial contact fairly soon and then reconfirming arrangements before your previous party is scheduled to leave for Disney. If a face-to-face SWAP isn’t being arranged, insist on a claim ticket when you leave the fridge at luggage services. (You can get a luggage cart to transport it or often the CM may help transport it for you. You will likely have to accompany the CM to luggage services to get the claim ticket if you are leaving it at luggage services for the next swapper. Please plan accordingly as it can take some time to get the luggage cart and drop off the fridge during busy check out times. Don't forget to tip the CM if he takes the time to transport it for you!) Contact the swapper after you and advise them of the claim ticket number. Make sure the box is labeled with the information on the name/reservation number/arrival date of the next swapper. When picking up the fridge, it may help to know that the box is (or at least was at one time) labeled on all 4 sides with the Hop on Pop Fridge Swap and red duct tape).

    Anything else?
    Keep watching here for updates and PM me if there are any questions or issues with plans changing, etc. I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed and help out in anyway possible. Make sure the fridge is clean and dry before putting it into storage for the next swapper. It can take a little time to defrost if the ice has built up in the freezer so plan accordingly. Please do not leave food in the fridge even if you expect it to be picked up right away. Take good care of the box as well it will make things a lot easier in the long run to keep the box intact and in good condition. Also please do not sign up for multiple swaps unless you have multiple rooms. One more thing, if you can, check in after you get home and let us know how things went!
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    POOHDRMR New Member

    I am with you-I need Aug 26-Sept 5 and I couldn't find an opening either.It would be great if someone started a new one-I would be in.Good luck maybe a new one will be started.
  4. PuNkEe1299

    PuNkEe1299 New Member

    Man, I need September 19-26th also! :confused3 Can we please get two more swaps started!! :rotfl:
  5. delmar411

    delmar411 New Member

    holy crud Pop is juggling 15 fridges just from this board!?!?!?!?!?! :eek::eek::eek:
  6. liv luvs disney

    liv luvs disney New Member

    Too, too funny. Could this possibly be from the FD offer?
  7. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    Here's a picture of the box...

    Here's a picture of the fridge and toaster...
  8. etoiles

    etoiles New Member

    I have searched for a fridge too for a while now for June 13-19 but that date is all filled up too.
  9. kmcrews

    kmcrews New Member

    I'm desperately seeking June 14-21. Hopefully another swap will pop up.....
  10. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    Anyone have any idea how much a fridge is to buy IF I were thinking of doing a SWAP. Do they just order it on-line and send it down to the first swapper? What size fridge would people want? The little one or the bigger one?

    Found one at Sam's Club...
    Danby 3.2 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator - White 151554 $122.72 $122.72

    Shipping Estimate

    So just over $150.00...that's $15 a person if we can get 10 people?...
  11. kmcrews

    kmcrews New Member

    I would DEFINATELY be in if you decide to do this. I would need June 14-21 and could send you paypal immediately. Please PM me if you decide to do it.
  12. etoiles

    etoiles New Member

    I'm sure you would not have trouble finding people. :) There are many people just on this thread already and I have heard of wait lists on other ones. Let me know if you decide to go with it!
  13. 61292cna

    61292cna New Member

    We may have to change our dates & new dates are all full then, so i might be interrested!
  14. mickeymaker2003

    mickeymaker2003 New Member

  15. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    Yeah, that probably won't help me then since your going for my 09/19/09- 09/26/09 dates! Anyone that is driving down or who'll have a car interested in getting us started on a new swap? I'm thinking someone going down in Late May or early June would give us plenty of time to get thing started and hit the busy season! I'm happy to do some of the organizing. I was reviewing some of the other posts and see there's been issues sometimes with having the fridge delivered on time. With the free dining going out to the general public tomorrow, I bet there will be a ton of people finally confirming their dates. Let me know if there's an interest!
  16. UKVermonter

    UKVermonter New Member

    I need one for 9-11-09 to 9-27-09
  17. Avonlady1001

    Avonlady1001 New Member

    If anyone does start a new one, I need 9/28-10/5! :goodvibes
  18. ValinWV

    ValinWV New Member

    I need June 19 - June 26
  19. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    It looks like we're getting enough interest to start a swap. Got a tentative list and trying to work out some details. Will likely be looking for confirmations by the end of the week!
  20. JeMarie6

    JeMarie6 JeMarie6

    Ok, I updated this post to include the tentative list. I'll be posting the rules hopefully today and will then be PMing everyone to see who is really still in....
  21. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    Yippee! Hop on POP is cute. I love Dr Seuss. :yay:

    I'm still in. Keep me updated on details and whatever else I can do to help out.

    How much do we want to spend total? I looked over a few store websites today and found some decent looking ones at bestbuy, homedepot and Sears. They're all around 170 though! They all have 'home delivery' in the posts. Don't know if they'll deliver to the resort or not.

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