Free hallmark personalized card for mothers day or other

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    Free Customized 5x7 Mother's Day Card
    1. Go to
    you must create an account , enter your email address and select a password
    2. Choose and customize a card.
    3. Register & checkout. Enter promo code CARD4MOM .
    4. You're done!

    Note , it does not seem to work if you choose for them to mail it for you and add a postage stamp. I told them to send the card to me and I would send it , as the option. Then I entered mum's name / address instead of my own.

    You do not have to select a mum's day card , you can use the promo code for another type of personalized card that you design and save to be delivered within one year.
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    This was posted last week. There was another code APRILCARD but that expired on April 30.
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    I did this last week also.. great idea..

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