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    There is no need to read through all the posts on this thread. The information below is updated whenever necessary.

    Biggest negative: you must go on your birthday

    Other negatives: single-park only, can't go directly to gate, longer lines at ticket booths

    Positives: Can be upgraded, onsite registration to avoid paperwork at the park,
    alternate gifts are available if you would be admitted with a pass or hopper.
    IT'S FREE!

    shamelessly copied from the Disney site.

    Start your birthday off right with the most magical birthday present of all: free admission on your birthday during 2009 to one of the Theme Parks of the Disneyland® Resort*! It's our gift to you and it all begins right here.

    To get this wonderful birthday gift for yourself or your children, follow these simple steps:

    * Register yourself—and your children too, if you want.
    * Print the reminder email with its confirmation message that you will receive 2 weeks prior to your birthday to redeem free admission on your birthday in 2009.
    NOTE: Pre-registration is not mandatory

    !! * Bring proper ID and your confirmation message to the Main Entrance ticket booths outside the Disneyland® Resort Theme Parks.

    About two weeks before your birthday, you will be sent an email message from You are instructed to print a PDF file which will have a bar code. Their computers may not able to read it. So make sure that the number below the bar code is legible (or copy it by hand).

    If you do not receive a confirmation email before your birthday, you are still eligible to redeem your free admission to a Theme Park on your birthday. Please bring proper valid ID to the Disneyland® Resort Main Entrance ticket booths and inform the Cast Member that you registered online.

    * If you are an Annual Passholder or already have a Multi-Day ticket you will use on your birthday, go ahead and register and bring the free admission on your birthday confirmation and proper ID to the ticket booth ^^ so you can choose from one of our other exciting birthday gifts instead. (see FAQs for details).
    ~~ Visitors have reported that ID was not necessary to obtain a gift for an AP holder.


    Q: How long does the free admission on your birthday offer last?

    A: The offer is good from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009.

    Q: When does online registration begin and end?

    A: You can begin registering your birthday for free admission on your birthday in 2009 on September 18, 2008.

    Q: Is there any age requirement for online registration?

    A: Yes, you must be 13 years of age or older to register online. If you're under age 13, you need to have an adult in your household age 18 or older to register you online.

    Q: What kind of identification do I need to show at the gate? !!

    A: If you're age 18 or older, valid Date of Birth identification includes: Government-issued Passport, Driver's License, Government-issued Photo ID or Birth Certificate. If you are under age 18 and don't have any of the above mentioned ID, an original Birth Certificate or a notarized copy of a Birth Certificate is required.

    Q: I can't come on my birthday. Can I get free admission on another day?

    A: Unfortunately, no. The free admission on your birthday offer means just what it says. It's only valid for free admission on your birthday in 2009.

    Q: What ages are covered in this offer?

    A: This offer is good for anyone over age 3.

    Q: Why are children under 3 excluded from this offer?

    A: Children under 3 are not required to have an admission ticket to enter the Theme Parks.

    Q: My children don't live with me, but I'd like to sign them up for free admission on their birthday. Is that possible?

    Unfortunately, no. You can only sign up online those children under age 18 who live in your household. The other parent or guardian with whom your children are living at a different location can sign them up.

    Q: Do I have to be a resident of a particular state in order to be eligible for this offer?

    A: No. The offer is valid for all Guests, regardless of the place of residency.

    Q: What if my birthday falls during our visit, but it is not on the first day. Will I be able to pick up my ticket on the first day of my arrival?

    A: In order to make sure we have the opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday, we are asking our Guests to stop by on the actual date of their birth to receive their benefit, whether it's free admission on your birthday or one of the options available to Annual Passholders or Guests on travel packages that include multi-day tickets. Please use alternate ticket media to enter the Parks if you plan to begin your vacation prior to your birthday but also plan to stop by the ticket booth ^^ on the actual day to receive your benefit.

    Q: Can I upgrade my free admission?

    A: Yes, the free birthday ticket may be upgraded to another ticket type on your birthday. However the celebrant is responsible for the incremental cost and the new ticket may only be used by the celebrant. The 1-Day / 1-Park ticket good for 12 months (an option for certain passholders and multi-day ticket holders) may not be upgraded.
    NOTE: If you cannot pay cash for the difference in value between the free ticket and the upgraded ticket or pass, reports indicate that you will be directed to another ticket window to complete your transaction.

    Q: I am a Passholder (or have a valid Multi-Day Ticket or a Seasonal Pass that I will use for admission on my birthday in 2009), so I don't need to take advantage of this offer. If I register, is there anything else I could receive on my birthday?

    A: Yes, you have several options which are available for you to select once you arrive at the Park with your confirmation message and your proper ID ~~. You can receive:

    * A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day One Day/One Park base ticket ** for you to use on your birthday ## for merchandise, recreation or fun activities at select participating locations at Disneyland® Resort;
    * A special birthday FASTPASS® ticket+ for certain attractions %% at the Theme Park you visit on your birthday; or
    * A 1-day One Day/One Park base ticket for you to use any time until your next birthday.
    ^^ Visitors have reported that they got one of these gifts at Guest Relations / City Hall at DL / Guest Services at DCA.

    **Ticket price at gate, excluding tax. Adults receive card in the amount of an adult ticket; children (ages 3-9) receive card in the amount of a child ticket. For terms and conditions of the card and details on participating locations, click here.

    +The number of birthday FASTPASS tickets issued is limited and may not be available after 11am. Valid Theme Park admission required. FASTPASS for birthday celebrant and up to 5 members of his/her party.

    Q: What if I don't spend my entire birthday fun card on my birthday?

    A: [answer deleted - Disney changed policy] ##

    Q: What are you going to do with my birthday information?

    A: The information we are collecting will be used to expedite the process of validating your Date of Birth once you arrive at the Theme Park gate !! with valid ID.

    Q: What if I'm an Annual Passholder and my birthday falls on a day my Annual Pass is blocked out?

    A: If your birthday falls on a day that your Passport is blocked out, you will be able to enjoy your birthday in the park with a 1-Day/1-Park Ticket. You can also use that ticket to upgrade to a park hopper ticket, to renew your Annual Pass, or to upgrade your Annual Pass.

    "Birthday Fun Card" Terms and Conditions:

    Use of birthday fun card is acceptance of its terms and conditions.

    1. [deleted, incorrect]
    ## The policy has been confirmed to be changed - the card has no expiration date.

    2. You may use the Birthday Fun Card only towards the purchase of merchandise items at participating merchandise locations owned and operated by the owners of the Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resorts. The Birthday Fun Card may not be used towards the payment of Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® Resort Hotel room night folio charges, or a Disney Cruise Line® reservation aboard Disney Cruise Line®, or towards the purchase of any food and beverage items, alcohol, cigarettes, spa services and products, or personal services such as face painting, caricature drawings, hair braiding, and hair wrapping.

    CLARIFICATION: The fun card may be used toward ticket or annual pass purchases.

    3. The Birthday Fun Card is also not accepted at Walt Disney World® Resort Operating Participant locations, including but not limited to, China, Japan, and Morocco pavilions at World Showcase in Epcot®, Arribas Brothers, Basin, Basin White, Cirque du Soleil, Curl by Sammy Duval, Ghiradelli, House of Blues, Hoypoloi, LEGO Imagination Center, Magic Masters, Magnetron, Niki Bryan Spas, Orlando Harley Davidson Store, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Richard Petty Driving Experience, Rubio Balloon Arts, SD Watersports, Sosa Cigar, Starabillias, Sunglass Icon, Surrey Bike Rental, Virgin Megastore, Wyland Galleries and any other locations or kiosks that are not owned and operated by the owners of the Walt Disney World® Resort.

    4. The Birthday Fun Card is also not accepted at Disneyland® Resort Operating Participant locations or any other locations or kiosks that are not owned and operated by the owners of the Disneyland® Resort, including but not limited to, Midway Games, Names Unraveled, Silhouette Studio, Portrait Artists, Parasol Cart, Heraldry Shop, Crystal Shops (Crystal Arts & Crystal d'Orleans), Paradise Pier Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, Rubio Portrait Artist or at Downtown Disney® District locations except World of Disney® Store, Marceline's Confectionery, and the Downtown Disney® District Pin Cart. The Birthday Fun Card is also not accepted at Disneyland® Resort outdoor vending carts.

    5. No portion of the Birthday Fun Card balances will be redeemed for cash.

    6. The terms of acceptance of the Birthday Fun Card by participating Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® Resort locations may vary, check with individual locations for Birthday Fun Card program participation details.

    7. The Birthday Fun Card will not be replaced if lost or stolen, except as may be required by law.

    8. A damaged Birthday Fun Card will only be replaced if the original card is presented on the day such card was issued ## to the Guest Relations Lobby at Disney's California Adventure® Park or City Hall at Disneyland® Park.

    9. The Birthday Fun Card may not be resold in any manner whatsoever.

    10. The Birthday Fun Card may not be used towards the purchase of any Disney Dollars or gift certificates/cards.

    11. The Birthday Fun Card is issued by and represents an obligation of Disney Gift Card Services, Inc.

    12. The Birthday Fun Card is not a credit or debit card and carries no warranties, express or implied.

    13. Disney Gift Card Services, Inc. is not responsible for any unauthorized use of your birthday fun card.

    list of stores that accept the card, from glendalais

    * Disneyland Park
    o Main Street USA
    + Candy Palace
    + China Closet
    + City Hall
    + Disneyana
    + Disney Clothiers, Ltd.
    + Disney Showcase
    + Emporium
    + Guide I/II (These are the small stands on either side of the Train Station)
    + The Fortuosity Shop
    + The Mad Hatter
    + Main Street Magic Shop
    + Main Street Photo Supply, Co.
    + Market House
    + New Century Jewelry
    + Newsstand
    + Plaza Pavillion Pin Cart
    + Stroller Shop
    + 20th Century Music Company
    o Adventureland
    + Adventureland Bazaar
    + Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
    + South Seas Traders
    o Frontierland
    + Bonanza Outfitters
    + Pioneer Mercantile
    + Westward Ho Trading Co.
    o New Orleans Square
    + La Mascarade de Orléans
    + La Bat en Rouge
    + Port Royale
    + L'Ornement Magique
    + Pieces of Eight
    + Royal Street Sweets
    + Jewel of Orleans
    o Critter Country
    + Briar Patch
    + Pooh Corner
    + Professor Barnaby Owl's Photographic Art Studio
    o Fantasyland
    + Camera Kiosk
    + Fantasy Faire Gifts
    + The Royal Wardrobe
    + Fantasyland Merchandise Cart
    + "it's a small world" Toy Shop
    + Le Petite Chalet Gifts
    + Mad Hatter
    + UPDATE: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (unverified)
    + Enchanted Chamber
    + Stromboli's Wagon
    + Pixie Hollow Cart
    o Tomorrowland
    + Autopia's Winner Circle
    + Little Green Men Store Command
    + Space Mountain Photo Capture
    + The Star Trader
    + Tomorrowlanding
    o Mickey's Toontown
    + Gag Factory
    + Five & Dime
    * Disney's California Adventure Park
    o Sunshine Plaza
    + Guest Relations Lobby
    + Greetings from California
    + Engine-Ears Toys
    o Golden State
    + Fly 'n' Buy
    + Rushin River Outfitters
    o Hollywood Pictures Backlot
    + Gone Hollywood
    + Off the Page
    + Studio Store
    + Tower Hotel Gift Shop
    o "a bug's land"
    + P.T. Flea Market
    o Paradise Pier
    + California Scarem Cam
    + Laod Bhang Pin Cart
    + Midway Mercantile
    + Sideshow Shirts
    + Treasures in Paradise
    * Downtown Disney District/Hotels of the Disneyland Resort
    o Downtown Disney District
    + World of Disney
    + Marceline's Confectionary
    + Disney Vault 28
    + Disney's Pin Traders
    o Disneyland Hotel
    + Disney's Fantasia Shop
    + Euro's Gifts and Collectibles
    + Donald's Gift and Sundries
    o Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
    + Mickey in Paradise
    o Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
    + Acorns Gifts and Goods

    Ambiguities / Unanswered Questions:

    Suppose you have an AP that is not good for admission on your birthday.
    On another board, a poster suggested you buy a blockout ticket for $40 and then receive the $72 Birthday gift card free.
    CLARIFICATION: It is now confirmed that you can buy a blockout ticket, then request the fun card.

    This is unclear (from the FAQ) " can be upgraded to a ticket ..."
    CLARIFICATION: Reports indicate that the free birthday ticket can be upgraded to an annual pass

    new information, thanks to glendalais

    As far as I have been able to confirm, the Birthday Fun Card will be unlimited in usage. DLR Stores are treating them as gift cards for all intents and purposes. It may be used to purchase merchandise, as well as pay for Disney's PhotoPass items onsite (it will not be valid on their website) and selected Guided Tour experiences. It may not be used, among other things, to purchase tobacco or alcohol, or at Third-Party merchants operating on Disney property.

    Furthermore, if anyone is interested in the Celebration Fastpass that is being offered as an alternative gift, I also have some details on that one.

    There are two types of Fastpasses being issued, being named after Donald and Daisy Duck.
    Space Mountain
    Splash Mountain
    Rodger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
    Indiana Jones Adventure
    Soarin' Over California
    California Screamin'
    The Twillight Zone Tower of Terror

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    Grizzly River Run
    Mulloholland Madness

    clarification from Disney, again thanks to glendalais

    Main Entrance Vacation Planners will distribute both Donald and Daisy Fastpasses to the Birthday Guest, and up to five other members of their party.

    They will be valid for one use on one Attraction on Donald's list and one Attraction on Daisy's list, and will be collected as normal Fastpasses by the appropriate Cast Member at the Attraction upon redemption.
    Reports aren't consistent, but it appears the number of fastpasses handed out depends on the day's attendance at the parks.

    more information from glendalais

    Apparently, there has been a little misunderstandings of part of this offer, as a notice was posted to CMs clarifying this.

    The Alternative Gift offers are available to holders of non-blackout Disneyland Resort Annual Passports or to holders of Multi-Day ParkHopper Tickets.

    Holders of One-Day/One-Park Tickets and One-Day ParkHopper Tickets are not eligible to receive the Alternative Gifts. The only thing they can get is the Free Admission on Your Birthday offer, which allows them to postpone the use of their already purchased ticket to a future date.
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  3. dismom73

    dismom73 <font color=darkorchid>It's an illness, I know!<br

    Jun 19, 2007
    Wow! This is really good to know. We are planning a trip in March and will be there for my DD's birthday. Where do you go online to register?
  4. perlster

    perlster DIS Veteran

    May 20, 2008
  5. JadeDarkstar

    JadeDarkstar Dis Veteran Pirate dragon mom

    Jun 2, 2007
    hehe im happy were going wdw for my bday
  6. Disney Dreams

    Disney Dreams Proudly afflicted with TDMA!

    Mar 10, 2006
    The biggest "hitch" in the fine print is for those going for more than 1 day.

    You must pay for the ticket on your birthday for the free day. So... if you get a 3 day ticket and the LAST day is your birthday, you must pay for a 3 day ticket. (The substitution gifts are wonderful and equal value, but still, so so smart on Disney's side!)
  7. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo Techarita Moderator

    Dec 15, 1998
    Thanks for this great tip!

    Just go to the Disney site in perlster's link, and you'll see where you can sign up for the birthday entry.
  8. perlster

    perlster DIS Veteran

    May 20, 2008
  9. Disney Dreams

    Disney Dreams Proudly afflicted with TDMA!

    Mar 10, 2006
    Because it says, "5. No portion of the Birthday Fun Card balances will be redeemed for cash," I would take that to mean you can spend until it's empty. However, if you have $5 left on it, you can't cash out.

    It does not say specifically, but that is how I read it.
  10. jernysgirl

    jernysgirl <font color=darkorchid>I would say head to DL firs

    Feb 10, 2008
    I would think it would be just like a gift card, but with a 1-day expiration date.... :confused3

    I think I just might have to plan a trip next year over my birthday.... :thumbsup2
  11. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo Techarita Moderator

    Dec 15, 1998
    Just called Disneyland Info and was told by Angela & Karen that you can use the Birthday fun pass at multiple locations as long as all purchases are on the same day.

    Also, I like that you can use it towards purchasing a hopper if you do not already have one.

    cool beans
  12. perlster

    perlster DIS Veteran

    May 20, 2008
  13. bonita_babe232

    bonita_babe232 <font color=magenta>Someone tell me something cute

    Mar 13, 2008
    Maybe i will have to make a weekend trip... think it would be worth airfare and hotel for the offer ;) :lmao: ............ But i might just have to move my oct. trip to september and i might just have to go for my sons b-day in dec.... get to see x-mas and the promo sweet deal lol :yay: !!!
  14. camouseketeer

    camouseketeer DIS Veteran

    Jun 6, 2005
    Ok, so this is my plan

    arrive on my DD's b-day
    upgrade free ticket to a 3 day pass to get MM
    use MM
    upgrade 3 day pass to AP

    Here are my questions:

    When do the ticket booths open in the morning?

    My DD's birthday is on a Friday, a non-MM day.
    I have to go to the booths ahead of time to get the tix, right?
    And I can only get it on her actually b-day, right?
    So will the ticket booths be open early enough for me to get my tix and get a good spot in line for opening?

    Will I have to pay gate prices to upgrade my DD's free ticket to a 3 day pass?

    I'm assuming I will. That's why I figured I'll go ahead and upgrade to an AP when I'm done using the MM. That way I don't lose out on the advanced price of tickets.

    Does that plan sound like it will work?
  15. JaneJetson

    JaneJetson Disneyland - January 2009!

    Aug 5, 2008
    Man...I hope there aren't a lot of birthday January 21st - 26th. I don't want the park to be crowded while we're there.

    We will NOT be going on our birthdays.
  16. DizMe

    DizMe <font color=darkorchid>Here we gooooo...<br><font

    Jun 4, 2007
    MY birthday is during that time period and I just might be there, though I hadn't previously planned on it...;)
  17. Disney Dreams

    Disney Dreams Proudly afflicted with TDMA!

    Mar 10, 2006
    Okay, don't shoot me for saying it again, but....
    WOW are those marketing folks brilliant!

    So here's the real question:
    How much money will free admission to Disneyland on your birthday actually cost? :upsidedow
  18. JaneJetson

    JaneJetson Disneyland - January 2009!

    Aug 5, 2008
    Yeah...there will probably be no super slow season in 2009.
  19. prettyprincessbelle

    prettyprincessbelle <font color=green>I'm just excited for the BBQ! Yu

    Nov 28, 2007
    YAY!!! Birthday fun card for me!!! Yessss!!!!!!!! AND my birthday is on a Saturday!!!! WOO!

    :banana: :banana: :banana:

    :yay: :yay: :yay:

    :dance3: :dance3: :dance3:

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  20. nunzia

    nunzia You can't top pigs with pigs, but you CAN top Toys

    Oct 19, 2007
    We were kinda thinking of going next year for the half marathon (5K part for us, half marathon for friends) but since it's during my birthday that may tip the scales. Of course, my birthday is also Labor day, so crowds will be scary.
    I'd definately get a regular park hopper and use the Fun card..
  21. Jenn1116

    Jenn1116 <font color=coral>My goal in life is to visit DLP<

    Dec 20, 2007
    So if you already have an AP, you can still get one of the other gifts and you do that by going to a ticket booth correct?

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