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FP+ is Live! Magic Bands in the park!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by PrettyFlower2, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Squidgyness

    Squidgyness New Member

    Planning one for June next year. First trip since 09 (which was kind of a disaster in itself but I digress again) and probably our last as a family.

    Do NOT want it interrupted by technical glitches. A dysfunctional family moment can't be helped, but I will not be pleased if the system either

    A) screws me over (yeah yeah selfish I know ;):lmao:
    B) Helps me (or just doesn't hinder me) but goes down and causes chaos.

    I really can forsee the headline "Disney sufferes cyber attack!" or "Disney apologises to customers for IT failure" and I'd bet on the second one. With actual money. In my minds eye i'm picturing one of the IT guys getting strangled by a PR guru. :rotfl2:


    Riley, I think the majority of people who want to go to universal are already swayed before they get around to buying tickets. I doubt Disney will be able to shake that hold with a few fastpasses. Don't get me wrong I think it will be neat if it works out, and people will be pleased at the promise of free rides (however worthy that promise turns out to be) but I can't see it changing their minds enough to forgo a day at Universal if they really wanted to.

    It's very popular amongst UK guests. I have a harry potter key ring from there that I got off my mothers friend. The first thing they decided was... yup. They wanted to go to universal. I might ask my mother to see if fastpasses in advance would have changed her freinds mind. Just an example, but you can see how these people might be out of reach for Disney to persuade, at least with this idea. It just doesn't seem sparkly enough, weirdly.

    Normally these ideas have the problem of being TOO superficial and sparkly without the underlying 'meat' but in this case I think it might be the opposite. It just doesn't seem all that attractive on the surface compared to HARRY POTTER!TM, even if people realise it will or it did help them, it doesn't seem enough to get them not go to universal. I just can't see this occuring anyway.
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  3. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    It already has in some cases or so I've been told a few times.
  4. Rileygirl

    Rileygirl New Member

    Was not BOG lunch counter service just recently 'trialed' on the fp option as a test?
  5. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    Not likely since they've survived for this long. ;)
  6. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it

    More to ponder.

    Disney keeps historical files on everyone who has been an on-site guest.

    I mean they retain EV-ERY - THING about the when, how and WHO of those coming a WDW resort on a trip or trips.
    They have done this for years and years and years.
    Why do they do that if they don't care about their returning guests?

    Or, maybe, as of the commencement of FP+ ...

    they don't.
  7. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc

    But that's not what Rileygirl said-she wanted them in different tiers to obtain both. My question was why, and who cares?

    There will be folks (maybe older, mobility, queezy, pregnant, babies, small children) that just want to settle in for Illumnations and will never select Soarin or TT), actually that number may very well be 50% of the park.
  8. Squidgyness

    Squidgyness New Member

    Aaaand suddenly they know how off-site guests sometimes feel :rolleyes1

    I kid of course. Wow, they must have some server capacity. They'll need it if they want to store where all these people have gone, what they have rode and what they spent. Wow. They'll suck the power grid dry! :p

    Rileygirl, I replied to you in an earlier post btw. :)
  9. bcrook

    bcrook DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    In the terms and conditions CS fastpass plus is mentioned often. It does say select locations. I also remember reading in one of the many newscasts in January that CS fastpass plus was highlighted. BOG was doing a trial. I would never use this service.
  10. Squidgyness

    Squidgyness New Member

    The people who would are people who

    1) Like to plan meals in advance
    2) Don't want to go into other more upscale places that actually need reservations right now
    3) Worry they won't get served unless they prebook counter service places

    Seems like one heck of a venn diagram if you ask me.
  11. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc

    Who knows, maybe they keep track of the negative "no FP, long wait" comments as well.
  12. Rileygirl

    Rileygirl New Member


    In my opinion, it will be a little bit better, perhaps, to have the firework shows and parades considered as tier 2, no matter what park. I always want to manipulate the system to the absolute max, and if this is the sytem I have to work with, then I care.

    I comprehend why you dont care. Others may feel differently. I do. fwiw.
  13. Squidgyness

    Squidgyness New Member

    That would be a HUGE climb down, and pretty embarrassing if they did pull or change this a lot after introduction.

    Given the lack of detail currently, it seems this would be the best point to mysteriously and as quietly as possible ditch most of this system, or modify it significantly.

    Do it when it has been introduced, and you risk a firestorm of confusion, bad publicity and anger or confusion from guests at what they have lost or gained.

    I think we are approaching the point of sensible return. After that... abandon at ye peril.

    How much of this 1BN have they spent already is the question, and how much would it cost to change it in any meaningful way...

    I just still can't believe they signed off on a billion investment for prebooking rides. The return needs to be a fortune. They can't get this without massively changing spending habits or more likely imo increasing ticket prices slightly faster as a stealth charge as opposed to a more obvious charge like paying for more FP+.
  14. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    I will never, ever get fast passes for a counter service meal. The great advantage of CS to me is being to go when ready to eat without being tied down to a specific time. That just seems weird and I won't do it!!!

    (Unless it's ever necessary for the Columbia Harbour House or Kringla. )
  15. doconeill

    doconeill <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I want to say that there was a test of sorts at Pecos Bills as well.

    Resort concierge guests are already doing this at BOG - kind of a "free FP" for them.

    Almost certainly these would be Tier 2 (except maybe BOG), and if so, I might throw one that way if we were planning to eat there anyways, depending on what it actually does in the end.

    If a parade/etc FP+ was tier 2, and it was actually GOOD without having to still show up early, I'd probably do it - but I bet the competition for them would be fierce. Tier 2 FP+ is likely throwaways anyways.

    If it's like F!/Candlelight Processional packages, where you still have to show up at least an hour before for a decent seat, then no.
  16. redmomof4

    redmomof4 I love TIM without a hat!

    I can see how those who purchase their tickets through WDW will have that noted in their My Disney Experience site, but what about those of us who are using up older non expiry tickets, or those who purchase from other avenues such as Undercover Tourist?
  17. doconeill

    doconeill <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    There will supposedly be a method by which you can enter the ticket ID into your profile. It doesn't exist yet.
  18. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it

    I'd put the probability of it being EXACTLY like that in the high 80's.

    (Although it's closer to, say, 40-45 minutes early.)
  19. Squidgyness

    Squidgyness New Member

    Someone was talking about FP's for Lights Motors Action (possibly the silliest and most risky fp idea yet. "We didn't need FP, all the seats are pretty good!" "What do you mean I need a fastpass to get in early now? I'm here now and I want to go in!"

    Doesn't seem like the benefit is worth it to either party. Why not just show up early and get to the front of the standby queue? You'd still get a decent seat and save a fastpass to boot.

    Exactly why fastpasses should NOT have been extended beyond rides. It's getting more and more complicated. The premutations are insane, there must be hundreds of possible fastpass reservation arrangements.
  20. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc

    I'm sure we all do, but having headliners in different tiers would be better yet IMO. I'm just saying for me-I would pick a headliner over Illuminations, and yet never miss a thing about Illuminations, and likely have a better view at game time anyway, even with Granny and toddlers.

    These tiers will change over time and by season IMO. If there is plenty to go around, I think they will open more options up.

    They may say pick from the same tier if you buy VGF or stay deluxe down the road-who knows. And nobody "in the park" would know.
  21. amandals2007

    amandals2007 New Member

    Guess I'm pretty behind in this thread, what are the tiers about?

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