Fort Wilderness Cabins

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WellingtonR, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. articfox676

    articfox676 Mouseketeer

    Jul 12, 2011
    For more information about activities for your 7 and 3 year old check the camping thread. They can tell you about the movies, pool, golf carts, arts and crafts, etc. Can't go wrong with a quiet cabin. No one in the halls and no elevator. You can bike or bus over to the Lodge and they have CS which is quite good.
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  3. msp2mco

    msp2mco DIS Veteran

    Feb 16, 2009
    I second the suggestion to have a car and drive to the resorts. Waiting for the internal bus and the regular bus took a lot of extra time. However, we stayed there on our first visit, and we loved it! If we weren't DVC members, I am sure we would opt for it on other trips too.
  4. Sweettears

    Sweettears 50 years of Disney and counting

    Sep 17, 2010
    We ended up moving to CBR because we were losing some much time with transportation. The accommodations are fine but I wouldn't do it again unless I had a car.
  5. WellingtonR

    WellingtonR Earning My Ears

    Oct 19, 2012
    Thanks all!!! We are driving down so we will have our van. Excellent ideas on what to do to. I think the kids will love the chip and dale campfire and the lake light display. I was wondering how much did you leave tips for housekeeping?
  6. AntFarm

    AntFarm Mouseketeer

    Aug 21, 2012
    We were going to get a cabin for our spring trip but are now deciding between Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans because of the transportation stuff I've heard about. Our trip will be a shorter trip and we will be flying in, so no car and no time to waste! We are already traveling when things will be more expensive so I can't justify spending over $60 a day on a golf cart to get around the property. I love the appeal of the cabins and if time wasn't of the essence for this trip we would definitely give the cabins a try.
  7. turnlisa

    turnlisa DIS Veteran

    Jan 7, 2002
    Fort Wilderness is huge - but we loved it! We stayed at one of the very outer loops and you are quite isolated. Completely quiet for sleeping and completely relaxed.

    We drove so brought our bikes. We would bike each morning from the cabin to the marina to hop the boat to MK. It's about a 10 minute ride by bike. The PP is right - for the poster who walked around the marina, you only saw a small portion. It's a good idea to have bikes or take the internal bus. The buses seemed to run pretty regularly and we never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for one.

    There is tons to do. My husband did kayaking while my youngest took the archery class. The pool is nice and you can also do canoeing, horseback riding, petting zoo, etc. Make sure you check out the campfire sing-a-long with Chip and Dale!
  8. wdwloverz

    wdwloverz Tigger, is that you??

    Apr 10, 2012
    The very first time we stayed in the cabins, it was just for one night to see if we would like it. Upon checking in we were given one of the two cabins on loop 1. We said "WOW, we didn't expect to be there!!" and the CM said that those two cabins were VIP, for DIS mgmt and families etc., but since we were just staying the one night, it happened to be available. (Always love these little touches of Disney magic, you never know when they will pop up!!)
    Anyhow, we LOVED our stay and have stayed there many times since, but always rent a golf cart to get around the resort (expensive but necessary imho, also A LOT fun), I would have NO interest in staying at the FW cabins without a golf cart, UGH!!
    The resort is MASSIVE in size, and the cabin loops are far away from Pioneer hall. NOT walking distance, without a cart you will have to use the internal bus system, even if you have a car you are only allowed to drive it to and from your cabin. You cannot drive to the Pioneer Hall area.

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