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For those folks driving!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Trekker, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. DJFan88

    DJFan88 New Member

    We come from the MA/CT border and if we leave at 7 pm we totally clear everything busy and can hit Disney by 4:30 pm straight thru. So, the dilemma begins - We think we can stop overnight in Savannah, but when we are hitting there at 11:30 am, guess we'll just keep going -- for the lousiest 5 hrs. ever!
    So, putting you maybe 3 hours closer than us? just guessing - by our theory we could leave at 10 pm. But you're much better off staying over 1 night - so don't do that. So, the question becomes, how early must you leave to clear the traffic ---- and you must clear the traffic. I think you probably need a solid 5 hours to clear. So, I think I'd knock that 3 am guess to an earlier 1:30 am. That would probably get you into Savannah by 5:30 which is a great time. The Best Western there also has a Denny's attached which will give you a free breakfast, which you can then turn in for supper (24 hr. breakfast) -- then, may I suggest what we do, when we have stayed there is leave very early (I'm talking 2-3 am here----remember, you got there early enough to turn in around 7:30 or so), that way you can get into Orlando around 7:30 before it gets crazy in Jacksonville and then Orlando -- although that will already be getting crazy!

    Good luck -- we are trying the auto train for our first time this time.
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  3. prlady13

    prlady13 New Member

    Thanks DJFan! I appreciate your help!
  4. ctl

    ctl New Member

    I'm trying to decide whether to drive or to fly (chiefly because a rental car for 10 days over the Christmas period is crazy expensive) and flights are really expensive at that time too. I was wondering if anyone has driven this and what is the realistic cost of gas (I'm thinking about $370 R/T) and time to drive ,2 and 1/2 days. Considering leaving on a Friday night after work (8pm) stopping in Shreveport, LA around 12pm. (Motel).Starting out next morning leaving by 9.30am getting into Tallahasse,FL about 10.30pm (with stops to eat, bathroom etc). Stay over Saturday night in a motel then leave around 9am Sunday morning, hit WDW around 4pm. Is this even realistic? My DH and I will split the driving (I don't drive at night, poor night vision) and I have lead-foot syndrome, so he won't let me drive unless I completely adhere to the speed limit in every little town etc. So I will only drive maybe 1/3 of the time and he will have to do the rest. (He gets grumpy driving too). Also, have 2 teenagers who will absolutely not want to drive (spoiled them too much with flying every time). Am I going to save money this way,and is the time driving just extra torture, or will I just think I'm saving money and drive my family nuts? Thoughts?:scratchin
  5. ctl

    ctl New Member

    Well, I started to run the numbers and I may end up flying, depending on how airfares pan out. Gas and motel room would cost me upwards of $900, so the rental car would pretty much be a wash, if I can use miles for flights. If I can't use miles for flights then it's back to the original drive plan. I have a long time to figure it out.:)
  6. Q-man

    Q-man New Member

    Driving from Houston what is a realistic amount of actual behind the wheel driving time? 13-14 hours? I'm not familiar with those Interstates. Is the speed limit 75mph all the way there or just the TX and LA part? Stopping in Mobile on the return trip with the family but driving out solo as the kids had school obligations come up and are flying out with mom. Can I do it in a 15 hour day solo?
  7. BelleBeautyandtheBeast

    BelleBeautyandtheBeast <font color=red>Disney Dreamer<br><font color=blue

    Hey, how's it going? I honestly know nothing about the road(s) you will be taking.

    Here is an interesting map that shows maximum possible speed limits of interstates. http://www.iihs.org/laws/mapmaxspeedonruralinterstates.aspx

    It is possible to drive there in a day. According to the map I pulled up you are looking at 950ish miles and 13.5 hours of driving (also allow time for gas ups, bathroom breaks and food).
    Do you WANT to do all that driving in one day? It will be one long day if you do, but it can be done.

  8. Q-man

    Q-man New Member

    For 950 miles I'll only need one gas stop if I start on full. I'll have plenty of food in the car and some audio books too.

    As for the second part, I'm making no room ressies for that night but have a few hotels along the way's numbers plugged in my phone in case I get road dazed and need to stop but energy usually isn't an issue for me.

    DW is wondering why she never thought to send me a couple days early before so I can get my pace, and the things I like, out of my system w/o the family so she doesn't have to watch me start crawling the walls with the family's pace. :hyper:
  9. Luvamouse

    Luvamouse New Member

    950 miles in 13 hours is an average of 70 . I know we routinely get about 830 miles in 13 hours, avoiding 99% of traffic by our route out of the Northeast. Couple of bathroom breaks and inevitable slowdowns in traffic. We bring sandwiches, make more from the cooler at rest stops and average no more than 10 minute stops. We still cover a lot of ground efficiently, but unless you are on faster highways, you'll probably be looking at 15 hours at least. Depends on a lot, but I'd say that is a fair guess.
  10. Q-man

    Q-man New Member

    Good to know. I'm a set the cruise control at 80mph person as that is what traffic moves at here on Texas' highways(75 is the speed limit here). The first 350 miles of the trip are 75mph limits.
  11. Luvamouse

    Luvamouse New Member

    I find that I am running 75 or better through much of VA south to FL-- some is 75 (I think?) and some is 65-70. No matter what I do I am never the fastest car, I think it is the angle my ankle prefers, lol... Even heading through the cities keeps us over 60 unless it is really crowded. We take 81 rather than 95 and avoid a ton of traffic. I do enjoy driving, but I have to say, I can't manage anything over 10 hours or so as the sole driver any longer! 14 when we swap off is great. I am way too ADD and need to get my fix of snooping at the scenery or adjacent vehicles...
  12. MacFranke

    MacFranke New Member

    We will be going to WDW on Nov.9 for checkin on Nov.10 from Trussville.

    2 adults but 1 driver

    There are a few different ways to get there from here and wanted to get opinions of which way people think is the best. Over to Atlanta, down 280??? We are used to leaving early to miss traffic but this is our first trip to WDW from Trussville and are not sure which way makes sense. :confused3

    We would like to be a few hours from WDW for Saturday AM checkin and figure to stop near Ocala.

    Any suggestions,

  13. TPR

    TPR New Member

    As an Orlando local, the best part about driving to and from the parks are all the alternative routes from I-4. Turkey Lake and Apopka Vineland are your best options if there is traffic on the interstate.
  14. musketmickey

    musketmickey New Member


    I have been driving to disney since the first year I was born, day and a half drive from trontro to florida soooo worth it


  15. ffugitive

    ffugitive New Member

    Driving from Long Island - leaving right after Thanksgiving dinner. Plan is my wife and I will power through the night (so kids can sleep through a good portion of the drive), and we will stop in the afternoon Friday and stay somewhere in Florida a short drive from Disney. We will get much needed rest and relaxation at the hotel and then get an early start to WDW Saturday morning.

    Any thoughts where to stay in Florida on Friday? I was looking at St. Augustine. I doubt we will be doing much beyond hitting the hotel pool as we will be faily exhausted, but open to suggestions.
  16. byejou

    byejou New Member

    LaQuinta in Lake Mary $69 & is 30 min from WDW. We just made the trip this past week with our camper. Doing what you plan, we left at 6pm from NJ, DH drove til 1130 just past DC and I took over til 5am while everyone slept til right around mid GA. Not a bad ride. But we had a few stops with kids an pups after breakfast. We arrived around noon after stopping for lunch. Ride home we left at 11am and stopped at Kings Dominion LaQuinta for $59, nice room & arriving around 12mn due to potty breaks. We will leave sooner next trip. Have a nice trip!!!!
  17. Q-man

    Q-man New Member

    As a follow up- I left at 5am and pulled into Pop Century at 6:40pm making it in 13 hours and 40mins. I clocked 995 miles. I stopped 3 times for a combined amount of less than 25 minutes.

    The return trip in holiday traffic took 2.5 hours more behind the wheel driving time. Orlando to the I-75 and I-10 split was a nightmare and was most of that extra travel time.
  18. Luvamouse

    Luvamouse New Member

    You made great time! I imagine there are clearer runs than we start with here in the NE, and if you can miss traffic- unlike your return trip- it makes all the difference! Hope it was a great trip!
  19. hljoo8

    hljoo8 New Member

    You can do it! When we've done the drive (from Eastern Mass...about the same distance as you) we've done the same thing: short to medium drive the first day depending on when we can leave, then a long day in the middle, and a short day to finish up. It's not bad.
    What happened to the Direct Air flights?[​IMG]
  20. OmegaWife5

    OmegaWife5 New Member

    This thread has been very informative. This will by my family's first trip and it makes more since for us to drive from Memphis to Orlando. Since DH doesn't do too well driving at night and works during the day, while I sleep since I stay home with DD, I'll be doing the night driving and he will take over in the morning. Our plan is to leave on Sat. May 18th no later than 11pm. DH will take over in the morning once we stop and get something for breakfast. Since we are an hour behind, I figure we should arrive at POR no later than 2pm. I used the mapquest like a previous poster recommended and it had us there in 12 hrs 45 mins. My goal is to bypass Atlanta all together if we can.
  21. BeBeCee

    BeBeCee New Member

    RVer question. Stop suggestions for Texas to Orlando seem to be a little light here, but wanted to ask if anyone has some favorite stops to recommend for this route? We did this trek last Jan 12 in our Winnebago and it was great. We left late afternoon from Houston on a Fri pm, overnighted in Breaux Bridge, LA, drove through on Sat, stopped outside of Lake City, FL, and then drove on to FW that Sun AM. Nice pace, but looking for any insight or better ideas to use for our upcoming trip. It's us and our 5YO daughter. :)
    Leaving Fri, 2/1, Arriving late FW, Sat, 2/2.

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