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For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only! (II)

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by BC1836, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. BC1836

    BC1836 Mouseketeer

    Welcome to "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only! (II)", a continuation of the original thread which debuted on Dec. 6, 2007 and closed (with 251 pages of 3,755 posts and 210,793 views!) on July 14, 2010.

    All the best. :thumbsup2
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  3. mamaprincess

    mamaprincess Mouseketeer DVC Gold

    Hi drivers!!! I'm still so excited about our first road trip to WDW coming up in December. The last thread was so encouraging and informative. Happy driving everyone and keep sharing all the awesome tips!:drive: OOPS I was so excited to see this new thread that I posted to it before reading your statement. I'll go post to the old thread to help complete it.
  4. Riverhill

    Riverhill Mouseketeer

    Driving from Michigan to WDW. Road trip begins August 20th at 10 pm. For us the ride is half the fun. We drive all the way through till Lake City and then stop for the night.
  5. blondietink

    blondietink Mouseketeer

    Subscribing to the new thread! :thumbsup2 Leaving in 28 or 29 days to be at WDW in 30 days from today! :cool1: 2800 miles round trip from door to door!
  6. monymony3471

    monymony3471 <font color=CC6633>Finally got a chance to come ba

    I guess its official, since BC and I turned the page at the same time:thumbsup2, on to the new thread.

    :wave: More I-75 drivers! I made my mickey mouse silhouette for the back window. Honk if you see us!
  7. BC1836

    BC1836 Mouseketeer

    ...but we first have to complete the posts on page 250 of the original thread before this one becomes official! ;)
  8. monymony3471

    monymony3471 <font color=CC6633>Finally got a chance to come ba

    Oops, a little too excited and got ahead of myself.
  9. bdoyledimou

    bdoyledimou Pop Road Warrior -Travelling they way they did in

    5100 KM's round trip for me ( toronto, to disney, to boston, to toronto!)

    thank goodness we are staying for 2 weeks!!!!
  10. nytimez

    nytimez Nihilist

    What's a KM? ;)
  11. bdoyledimou

    bdoyledimou Pop Road Warrior -Travelling they way they did in

    3200 MILES round trip for me :) I must practice my American better before i leave! :lmao:
  12. caitlinsdad

    caitlinsdad Mouseketeer

    I posted a link at the end of the last thread to direct any lost drivers to here

    Let the road trip continue
  13. loveysbydesign

    loveysbydesign I can pinch a penny so hard you can hear it scream

    woo-hoo thread #2!
  14. Riverhill

    Riverhill Mouseketeer

    You need to stay at least 10 days to recover from the drive and be willing to get back into a car to go back home.
  15. sharadoc

    sharadoc Visiting Disney World since 1986, happily driving

    Not True! We can do a week driving and not need recovery time at all! We're veterans, though.

    Made it to the new thread - woo hoo :woohoo:
  16. sharadoc

    sharadoc Visiting Disney World since 1986, happily driving

    Uh, BC, I think we are allowed to post past 250 pages, apparently! I just posted after you on the old thread.
  17. goofy4tink

    goofy4tink <font color=blue>Likes little devils<br><font colo Moderator

    Carry on people....good job!!!
  18. arizonacolbys

    arizonacolbys Owner of 2 Crazy Labs!

    We're planning our first drive down with our girls the first week of Dec. They will be 27 months & 8 months at that time. Before stops, it's about a 16 drive from here. We're still trying to work out all the details - I'm thinking it will be best to drive overnight so that they sleep, LOL We also haven't figured out a good stopping point yet - trying to decide if we should just push straight thru, or stop in GA or somewhere like Jacksonville for a night to recover from the drive and let the girls see the beach.

    Does anyone have any tips on travelling with kids these ages? :goodvibes
  19. BC1836

    BC1836 Mouseketeer

    "Here we go!"

    Thanks, goofy4tink.

    Just to bring all up to date (especially newcomers): The original thread, which began on Dec. 6, 2007, has been closed since we reached the 250 page mark of comments -- 3,755 of 'em. And 210,583 views.

    The original thread began with a question: "We were wondering how many of you good folks drive at least 2,000 round trip miles to WDW?"


    Ladies and gentlemen: Start your engines! :drive:
  20. Riverhill

    Riverhill Mouseketeer

    You are braver than we are.:thumbsup2 We have been driving down since 1973, but still the thought of getting back in the car seems rather daunting. I think it would help if the drivers seat of my car was more comfortable. Last year 18 hours straight almost killed my back.
  21. sharadoc

    sharadoc Visiting Disney World since 1986, happily driving

    Yes, the vehicle will make a difference. We drive a Grand Caravan SXT with leather seats and lots of good comfort options. The seats are great - heated for the winter, and a lumbar support that adjusts for each of us. The seat also adjusts six ways. Sitting up high in a chair, rather than on the floor of a car makes a huge difference for me.

    We bought this van specifically because we knew we'd be driving to Disney World once or twice every year.
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