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Food & Wine 2013: Almond Crusted Blue Cheese Souffle aka HEAVEN! Recipe wanted!!!

Discussion in 'Cooking' started by WalkingintheFog, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog Active Member

    lol! Enough said?

    Along with the dollop of Fig Jam, that was THE BEST THING I had the F&W show this year!
    (a man walking past me suggested I get a room..... lol!)
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  3. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog Active Member

    just a wee bump! Still hoping for this recipe!
  4. pamtaro

    pamtaro Member

    I'll try and help you find it, because that sounds amazing.
  5. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog Active Member

    That would be appreciated!
    Just sitting here with a sister going thru her collection of recipes, and was telling her how good this was!
  6. Nakkira

    Nakkira Active Member

    I wanted to like it. I just thought that the Blue Cheese was a little too overwhelming for the fig jam. I like both separately. Maybe if a recipe ever emerges I can so something Similar but use a slightly less strong variety of Blue Cheese. (or a little less)

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